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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 421

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 421

Li Zhan curled himself up on the couch embarrassedly and didn’t utter a word.

As such, Li Jing couldn’t help but get nervous. Is he deliberately keeping me in suspense?

“Can you spit it out?” Li Jing almost wanted to lash out at him.

Li Zhan dragged her gently to sit beside him. Then, he put his arms around her shoulder and said, “Mom, do you know why I never got a girlfriend?”

“Why?” She scolded him deep in her heart. I wouldn’t have to say you if I have known it all along.

However, Li Zhan said embarrassedly, “Never mind.”

“Hey, how can you behave like this?” Li Jing almost stood up because she was irritated. After calming herself down, she stared at him and continued, “Why are you hesitating? You are a man, but why are you behaving like a woman instead? Are you still my son?”

Once she finished, Li Zhan couldn’t help but blink his eyes. Why did she sound like Wen Qing?

Will a husband and a wife have similar behaviors after they live together for a long time?

“Spit it out. Tell me who she is,” Li Jing said impatiently, apparently irritated by Li Zhan.

Meanwhile, Li Zhan decided to stop keeping her in suspense because she was getting increasingly annoyed. He lowered his head, touched his nose, and began to say, “She’s not a stranger because you know her too. Besides, she is close to our family and a little younger than me…”

After pondering over it for a while, Li Jing thought of Chen Shihan from the Chen family because she matched all the information he provided.

The next moment, she stared at him as she was stunned and nervously asked, “Are you referring to Chen Shihan?”

She couldn’t help but feel anxious because Wen Qing always wanted Chen Shihan to marry Zong Jinghao.

Since Li Zhan could clearly see that she was stunned, he asked, “Why can’t I like her?”

However, she turned around to avoid his gaze and replied, “It’s not that you two are not a good match.”

“In that case, what troubles you?” Li Zhan deliberately looked stone-faced as if he were hurt by her. After pausing for a while, he continued, “I mean, we grew up together as buddies, and our families are close to each other. Besides, she matches all of the criteria you preferred because she is from a prominent family like ours. What more, you know Shihan since she was a kid. So, isn’t it wonderful if I can marry her?”

When Li Zhan was on the way home, he made up his mind to stop Wen Qing from separating Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan.

Although he couldn’t sway Wen Qing, he was confident about persuading Li Jing. He could turn the tide once Li Jing had a fallout with Wen Qing to fight for his happiness.

Even though it was probably not the best way to solve the problem, it was the best he could do.

Meanwhile, Li Jing never thought that Li Zhan didn’t get a girlfriend for a long time because he loved Chen Shihan.

“Why don’t you tell me earlier?” Li Jing asked helplessly.

“Is it too late to say it now?” Li Zhan pretended that he wasn’t aware of Li Jing’s doubts and continued, “Do you think we are not a good match?”

Li Jing immediately explained, “It is not what you think?”

“In that case, what troubles you? I have investigated it and know that Chen Shihan doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. So, I think now is the best chance for me to confess my love to her. So, mom, are you going to help me?” Li Zhan pretended to look disappointed as he asked.

As a matter of fact, she wished for her son to be with his loved one. However, Chen Qing and Wen Qing wanted to let Chen Shihan marry Zong Jinghao.

Since he suddenly said that he loves Chen Shihan, what should I do now?

“Ji, this is rather complicated. Shihan is engaged.” At this moment, Li Jing felt that she got into a difficult position because she always prioritized her son’s happiness.

Hence, she was racking her brain to think of a way to stop Wen Qing and Chen Qing so that her son could be with Chen Shihan instead.

On the other hand, Li Zhan frowned slightly as he thought to himself.

Well, why is she engaged to Zong Jinghao in the first place? Isn’t it because they deliberately broke up Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan in order to make this happen?

He sneered quietly and disdained the despicable act.

Li Zhan looked increasingly upset in front of her. He lowered his head, covered his face, and said in a deep voice as if he was depressed, “I know she doesn’t have a boyfriend because I have done some investigation. How is she engaged to someone else? Besides, I met her first…”

As an actor in many TV dramas, it was as easy as ABC for him to act and deceive Li Jing.

After a while, she comforted her son, “Let Mom will think of a solution.”

The next moment, Li Zhan suddenly looked up at her and asked, “Who is she engaged to? Why didn’t I know it?”

She lowered her eyes and replied, “I don’t know. I only heard it from Mrs. Chen.”

Given that Li Zhan was close to Zong Jinghao, she could foresee that he would be shocked to know the truth. Besides, she had the selfish idea of giving the best to her own son. She didn’t want him to give up merely because Wen Qing wanted Chen Sihan to marry Zong Jinghao.

Considering that Li Zhan would really sacrifice his feelings for Zong Jinghao, she decided to keep it from him.

On the other hand, Li Zhan stared at her squarely. He wished to know her stand on Wen Qing’s wish to marry Chen Shihan to Zong Jinghao. He hoped that she would be frank with him, but she didn’t tell him the truth.

Hence, he was somewhat disappointed. Li Jing and Wen Qing always taught him that Jing Hao and he had to love and respect each other as brothers despite coming from different families. Besides, the two families had always regard each other as one family.

Unfortunately, those who planted the idea deep in my mind have changed. Are we still a family?

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