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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 420

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 420

Chen Qing shouted at Zong Jinghao, but he ignored him completely and walked away.

Wen Qing should’ve expected for this to be the end of our relationship the moment he decided to come here. This outcome is simply inevitable. I cannot accept someone who keeps trying to tear me and Lin Xinyan apart as my uncle!

I may have had my suspicions towards Lin Xinyan and Cheng Yuxiu at some point, but it’s like what Lin Xinyan said. Cheng Yuxiu might be partly to blame, but she isn’t a bad person. All I can do is to not accept her and to keep my distance from her. That’s the least I can do for his dead mother, Wen Xian.

The door to the elevator opened right as he entered his office, and a group of paramedics came rushing out. “Where’s the patient?”

Chen Qing called out to them upon hearing their voices. “Here! Over here!”

Zong Jinghao shut the door behind him, blocking out the noises outside.

Wen Qing was brought downstairs on a stretcher with Chen Qing following closely beside him.

The ambulance was parked right outside the office building.

Meanwhile, Li Zhan was standing outside the Wen family house. Images of his first encounter with Lin Xichen kept running through his mind. Lin Xichen had asked him if he was a student there too.

Li Zhan was puzzled by that question and wondered what a young child like him was doing in a university instead of a kindergarten.

He then knelt down beside Lin Xichen and asked. “You talk like you’re a student here. Do you still wear diapers?”

“You’re the one wearing diapers!” Lin Xichen retorted, his cheeks puffed up with anger.

Li Zhan found out later that the principal had allowed him into the university in view of him being a talented genius.

That made him wonder who Lin Xichen’s parents were, considering how gifted he was. Imagine the shock when he discovered that Lin Xichen was from a single-parent household. His mother and her sister were the only girls in the family, with one being in charge of looking after them while the other puts food on the table.

He was impressed at how smart and mature Lin Xichen was despite his family background and felt bad for him not having a father figure in life.

He also admired Lin Xinyan for being able to raise her kids well while supporting the family all by herself.

His curiosity and sympathy for their family was what led to him spending more time with Lin Xichen and getting closer to him.

However, the fact that Lin Xichen was Zong Jinghao’s son caught him completely off guard.

The world seemed to be so large and yet so small at the same time.

After snapping out of his train of thoughts, he made up his mind and was determined to put a stop to Wen Qing’s irrational plans.

It wasn’t easy for this family to finally be complete. I’m not going to let anyone tear it apart like that, regardless of their reasons!

He knocked on the door, and Li Jing opened it shortly after.

She hugged him the moment she saw him. “How could you just leave like that? You didn’t even bother to give me a call! Do you know how worried I was?”

Li Jing almost cried when she finally saw her son again.

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore since you fell out with your father!” She exclaimed in a hoarse voice.

Li Zhan hugged her and gave her a pat on the back. “I would never do that! You’re my mother! I’d rather stay single for the rest of my life than to lose you!”

“What are you saying, silly boy! Oh, speaking of which, have you gotten yourself a girlfriend yet?” Li Jing laughed and gave him a gentle slap on the cheeks.

Li Zhan froze for a brief moment before smiling again. “Well… I do have someone I like, but I’m not sure if she feels the same about me.”

“Who is she? Do I know her?” Li Jing was a little excited as that was the first time he had mentioned his girlfriend in front of her.

All parents care deeply about their children’s relationships, and Li Jing was no different.

Li Zhan deliberately held her in suspense. “Hey, is that all you care about? Aren’t you going to let me in? Besides, I don’t think she likes me.”

That came as a surprise to Li Jing, considering how practically all of his fans dreamed of dating him. “Who wouldn’t like such a handsome guy like you?”

Like every other parent out there, Li Jing felt that her son was the most handsome man in the world and would make too good a match for any woman.

Li Zhan went into the house with Li Jing and began glancing around. “Relax, he’s not here right now. Chen Qing came to see him earlier, and they left the house together after spending about half an hour in the study.”

“Where did they go?” Li Zhan asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask.” She hadn’t been talking to Wen Qing ever since they had a fight the other day.

She didn’t bother to ask where he and Chen Qing were going, but she knew it had something to do with Zong Jinghao.

After all, that was the only thing that he seemed to care about these days.

Although she couldn’t interfere with Wen Qing’s plans, she did have a say in helping her son get a girlfriend. “Come on, be honest with me. Who do you like?”

Li Jing had a feeling that the girl was probably troubled when she saw how hesitant he was being. “You’ve already gone against your father’s wishes and became a star. But you mustn’t get yourself a girlfriend from the entertainment industry, you hear?”

Female celebrities nowadays would do anything to gain views! They’d wear revealing clothing and even have no issues with showing their cleavage! I’d object to it even if Wen Qing didn’t! There’s no way I’d accept a daughter-in-law whose body has been seen by everyone! That’d be too humiliating! Even someone from a normal background would be a lot better than a shameless celebrity who makes a living by selling her body!

Li Zhan saw how agitated she was and said calmly. “She’s not a celebrity, nor is she someone from the entertainment industry. Her family background is decent too.”

Li Jing got even more curious after hearing that and pressed him for answers. “Who is it then? Come on, tell me!”

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