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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 418

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 418

“But sir, they’re most likely here to threaten you.” Guan Jing said cautiously.

There would be no backing out once we meet them, and we haven’t even caught Chen Shihan!

Zong Jinghao didn’t bother to explain and simply replied. “Get back to work.”

Guan Jing stopped in his tracks and returned to his desk as he wasn’t able to help out anyway.

The sunlight from the window shone on Zong Jinghao as he opened the door to the reception room.

Wen Qing and Chen Qing were chatting on the leather sofa and turned to look at him when they heard the door open. They couldn’t see his face clearly, but it was clear from his figure that he was none other than Zong Jinghao himself.

The two went silent as he made his way towards them.

Wen Qing was the first to speak up. “Well? Have you made up your mind?”

He was here because Chen Qing had gone to him and urged him to take care of things as soon as possible.

He was the first one to suggest having Chen Shihan marry Zong Jinghao, after all.

As Chen Qing had agreed to it, he had no choice but to go through with it.

It was like what Chen Qing had said, he had no way out of it now.

After getting a call about Zong Jinghao suing those responsible for the spread of Lin Xinyan’s video, Chen Qing didn’t dare get involved in the matter any further for fear of Wen Qing noticing anything amiss. As such, he had no choice but to have Wen Qing settle things with Zong Jinghao.

In other words, he wanted Wen Qing to force Zong Jinghao into agreeing to their terms.

Zong Jinghao sat on the sofa with his legs crossed elegantly and stared at them with a cold look in his eyes.

Wen Qing found his gaze unsettling and tried to distract himself by breaking the silence. “I’m doing this for your own good. Why would she be in cahoots with Cheng Yuxiu anyway? You’re her husband! She wouldn’t be causing so you much trouble if she truly cared about you! Wouldn’t you agree?”

Zong Jinghao kept quiet as he listened to him.

Thinking that he had managed to persuade Zong Jinghao, Wen Qing took it a step further. “Come on, you’ve known me for so many years now. I would never hurt you, especially when you’re a part of the Wen family too! Chen Shihan is young, pretty, and her family background makes her a great match for you…”

“Lin Xinyan.” Zong Jinghao interrupted Wen Qing suddenly. “Did you know that my wife, Lin Xinyan is pregnant?” He asked while staring straight into his eyes.

That had Wen Qing at a loss for words. Captain Chen had already told him about it over the phone the other day.

He was surprised too when he heard the news and had actually started to waver as he understood the importance of a child to his or her parents.

Despite being at loggerheads with Li Zhan all the time, he still loved him deep down inside.

It was Chen Qing who reminded him that the timing of Lin Xinyan’s pregnancy seemed a little too convenient.

He believed that it was either Lin Xinyan’s excuse to avoid being brought to justice or a part of her scheme with Cheng Yuxiu in order to keep Zong Jinghao by her side.

Chen Qing’s accusations combined with how close Lin Xinyan and Cheng Yuxiu were had Wen Qing convinced that her pregnancy was a part of her scheme.

“Yes, but don’t you think that’s too much of a coincidence? What, she just happens to get pregnant right when I wanted you to marry Chen Shihan?”

Chen Qing kept quiet and simply observed from the side as he was in no position to talk.

Zong Jinghao stared at Wen Qing for quite a while before leaning against the sofa. “Well, thank you for thinking so highly of me.”

Not wanting to get on his bad side, Chen Qing chuckled and said. “That’s not up to me to decide. Your uncle was the one who suggested it.”

It was indeed Wen Qing who suggested it in the first place.

Zong Jinghao simply smiled at them in response. As if he would send his daughter to me like this without any ulterior motives of his own!

Wen Qing quickly explained. “That’s right. He only agreed to it because of me.”

Zong Jinghao leaned his head back against the sofa and ran his tongue over his teeth. “In that case, it’d be rude of me not to accept your kind offer!”

Both Chen Qing and Wen Qing frowned upon hearing that.

It was obvious that he was being sarcastic and insulting Chen Shihan for offering herself up to him.

Wen Qing said solemnly. “Shihan is a member of the Chen family, so I know her very well. You can’t compare her to other women…”

Zong Jinghao wasn’t in the mood for that and cut him off. “I promise to marry Chen Shihan. However…”

The tone of his voice grew cold as he stared intensely at Wen Qing. “I want this matter taken care of. Make it seem as if it had never happened.”

Wen Qing had never expected Zong Jinghao to say yes that easily and was actually trying to think of a way to persuade him. “Of course. As long as you marry Shihan, the police will declare that this has nothing to do with Lin Xinyan and provide evidence to prove her innocence,” he said with a smile.

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