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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 412

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 412

Aunt Yu paused to think for a while before replying, “Around 6 I think. “

Lin Xinyan wasn’t keeping track of time for the whole day. She only remembered Zong Jinghao calling to tell her to get to the hospital at 5 a.m. Then, she spent around 30 minutes packing her belongings. Before she left home, Zong Jinghao also called her again to inform her about some matters.

Lin Xinyan looked out of the windows. She figured that things were getting too tough to settle, as Zong Jinghao had not shown up the entire day. Also, she knew it was impossible for her to help him in any way given her current situation.

In truth, she was kind of worried. Everything was uncertain at the moment.

“What’s on your mind? Why do you look unhappy?” Aunt Yu was concerned about Lin Xinyan’s emotional well-being. She added, “It’s not good for you to be in low spirits now that you are pregnant.”

Lin Xinyan was also aware of that fact. She also knew that her worries were not going to get her anywhere. The only thing she could do at the moment to not add to Zong Jinghao’s burdens was to take good care of herself.

Lin Xinyan closed her eyes. “Aunt Yu, could you please turn the lights off? I want to take a short nap.”

The lights were too glaring. It made it hard for her to calm her thoughts down.

Aunt Yu nodded and went to where the switches were located. Very soon, the lights in the room were dimmed to a low level.

Aunt Yu sat on the chair next to the bed. “You sleep on. Just call me if you need anything. I’ll be here with you.”

“Aunt Yu, I am fine by myself. You should get some rest too.”

The whole level had been booked just for Lin Xinyan. Thus, there were many rooms Aunt Yu could rest in if she wanted to.

However, Aunt Yu did not feel safe leaving Lin Xinyan alone in her room. “It’s fine. You just take me off your mind and rest well. I’ll nap on the couch if I’m too sleepy.”

Lin Xinyan knew Aunt Yu only meant well and stopped asking her to leave her side. With that in mind, Lin Xinyan slowly closed her eyes as she sank her body further into the bed.

Lin Xinyan was not feeling sleepy as she had slept in the afternoon. Still, after laying in the bed for a long time, she still fell asleep unknowingly.

By the time Zong Jinghao came, it was already close to midnight. He switched off the lights near the door to illuminate the pitch dark room. As Aunt Yu was only in light sleep, she was stirred awake by the sudden movement.

She got to her feet right away. “You’re back.”

Zong Jinghao murmured a simple reply. He walked straight to the bed where Lin Xinyan was still deep in slumber.

He unbuttoned the first button on his shirt, and immediately he could breathe better. His eyes were still fixated on Lin Xinyan as he asked Aunt Yu, “Was she feeling okay just now?”

“She vomited a lot and didn’t eat much in the afternoon. The doctor prescribed her a nutrient injection and gave me some recipes custom made for her. At dinner, she was able to eat something, and she didn’t vomit too.”

Zong Jinghao nodded. He extended one hand to caress her smooth and petite face lightly. Perhaps because Zong Jinghao’s touch had itched Lin Xinyan, her brows twitched slightly out of the blue. She slowly opened her eyes. In her blurry vision, she could recognize the man standing next to her and immediately sat upright. Zong Jinghao held on to her arms and propped a pillow behind her back to support her body. He then asked gently, “Did I wake you up?”

Lin Xinyan shook her head. “I’m just a bit thirsty.”

Zong Jinghao grabbed her by the shoulders and put her into a more comfortable position against the headboard before replying, “Okay. I’ll get you some water.”

As Zong Jinghao walked to the night table, he noticed the vivid roses. He glanced at it as he poured some water into a glass. As he passed the glass of water to Lin Xinyan, he asked, “Who bought you those flowers?”

Zong Jinghao had nothing on his mind. Other than himself, Li Zhan was the person who visited Lin Xinyan that day.

But why did that guy bring her roses?

Lin Xinyan could feel the water froze in her throat. But before she could say anything, Aunt Yu replied, “Some guy on a wheelchair brought her those flowers. It was quite thoughtful of him to do so.”

Aunt Yu did not know Bai Yinning and Lim Xinyan shared a past. Thus, she only replied to Zong Jinghao truthfully.

Lin Xinyan raised the glass of water to her lips as she stared at Zong Jinghao, waiting for his response.

Zong Jinghao lowered his gaze to Lin Xinyan and asked plainly, “So he came just now?”

Lin Xinyan answered truthfully as she knew she wouldn’t be able to hide the truth from Zong Jinghao anyway. “Yeah.”

Zong Jinghao always had his guards up against Bai Yinning. Thus, Lin Xinyan knew he would definitely be upset and that he wanted an explanation. Nonetheless, Lin Xinyan did not know how to answer Zong Jinghao as it was a fact that Bai Yinning was deeply involved in her life back then.

Lin Xinyan tightened her fingers around the glass.

“Are you still drinking?” Zong Jinghao’s eyes drifted to the glass in Lin Xinyan’s hand.

Lin Xinyan shook her head. “I am done.”

Zong Jinghao took the glass from her and placed it on the table. Aunt Yu could sense that the atmosphere in the room was tense but she could not tell what was wrong. She chose to keep her mouth shut for the time being.

“Aunt Yu, please go and rest.”

Aunt Yu stared at Lin Xinyan as if she were speaking in another language. Only after Lin Xinyan nodded at her did she turn around to leave the room.

The room was suddenly dead silent after Aunt Yu closed the door behind her as she left.

Right away, Lin Xinyan wanted to address the elephant in the room. “Are you angry?”

Zong Jinghao ignored her question. “Do you like roses?”

There were questions in his mind. Why did she receive the flowers and set them up so nicely? What does she have on her mind?

Zong Jinghao drew a rose out of the vase and studied it from top to bottom. He appeared to be gentle with it, but Lin Xinyan still felt uneasy looking at him.

I didn’t even do anything wrong. Why is he angry?

Lin Xinyan advertently said, “Every woman likes flowers including me. I asked Aunt Yu to put them up because or it would be a waste. They are so pretty.”

Zong Jinghao kept mum.

He arched a brow at Lin Xinyan. You think I’m angry?

“So you like these flowers?”


Plop! Zong Jinghao abruptly picked up the roses and flung them into the trash can.

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

What the hell are you doing?


“If you like them, I’ll buy some for you.” Zong Jinghao approached her and wrapped his arms around her. He uttered under his breath, “Let’s nap for a while. I’m tired.”

Only at such close proximity did Lin Xinyan notice the dark circles under Zong Jinghao’s fatigued eyes. She edged to the side of the bed to make space for him to lie down. Zong Jinghao laid down next to Lin Xinyan with his arms still enwreathed around her.

Lin Xinyan turned her head to look at Zong Jinghan. “Did the baby come at a bad timing?”

Lin Xinyan had the notion that her pregnancy would add to Zong Jinghan’s stress.

After all, it was not easy at all being him. He had so much to juggle with on his own.

Zong Jinghao opened his eyes and stared back at Lin Xinyan. “What do you mean?”

Lin Xinyan replied in a hoarse voice, “I’m saying that I shouldn’t get pregnant now.”

“Babe, what are you talking about?” Lin Xinyan could barely finish her sentence when Zong Jinhao intervened with her. He leaned in to give her a kiss on her lips. Suddenly, he bit her lips gently as if to punish her for her thoughts. Lin Xinyan took a sharp breath. With his lips still on hers, Zong Jinhao mumbled, “Don’t you dare say anything like that again.”

Although it hurt a little, Lin Xinyan could feel her heart warmed up. Lin Xinyan put her hands behind Zong Jinghao’s head and shoved it into her chest.

“I’m very surprised myself. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant anymore. You know how happy I was when I knew I am pregnant. Are you happy too?” Lin Xinyan’s voice trembled a bit as she spoke.

Lin Xinyan was completely thrown off by news of her pregnancy.

Never in a million years would she expect herself to get pregnant.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful accident.

Zong Jinghao did not answer her. He took her hands and placed them on his chest. He clasped onto her hands tightly and said, “Feel it. It’s been beating this fast ever since you told me you’re pregnant.”

Zong Jinghao’s chest was hard yet pleasingly warm. His heart throbbed powerfully against Lin Xinyan’s palm.

Lin Xinyan smiled as if all of her worries had vanished from her world. Instead, all she could think about was her future with him.

A future beyond reach by anyone.

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Lin Xinyan’s voice as soft as a newborn calf.

Zong Jinghao answered at once, “As long as it’s our child, I’ll love him or her.”

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