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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 411

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 411

Gao Yuan froze in his place. Who are the roses for?

It was general knowledge that roses were the floral language of love. Half a beat later, Gao Yuan seemed to have something on his mind. He spoke as if he pitied Bai Yinning, “Ms. Lin is already married. Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

Bai Yinning arched his neck. He did not look pleased. “Don’t stick your nose into my personal affairs.”

Gao Yuan lowered his head. “Sorry.”

Bai Yinning didn’t continue to chastise Gao Yuan. He simply didn’t like other people poking their nose into his business. “I’ll buy it myself. You just bring me to the florist.”

“Okay.” Gao Yuan kept his head lowered.

Gao Yuan pushed Bai Yinning across the road and into a florist’s. A unique yet sweet scent greeted them when they entered the shop. There were a large variety of fresh flowers in the shop. The aroma of each flower mingled together to give the unique scent the two of them smelled just now.

The owner of the shop walked over to greet her customers, “How can I help you? “

Bai Yinning ignored the florist and wheeled himself straight to the roses. Each of the roses was like a red flame burning in all elegance. They were very eye-catching.

The florist instantly knew what her customer wanted. She scurried to Bai Yinning and asked, “May I know how many stalks do you want?”

Bai Yinning replied coolly, “Five.”

The florist spaced out for a second before smiling politely. “Alright, please wait for a moment. “

Then, the florist bundled five proud roses into a bouquet and filled in the interspaces with white spiraea. Juxtaposed with the white petals, the five red roses appeared even more striking now. The florist then picked a pastel wrapping paper that matched the passion of the red roses to wrap the bouquet. She was rather adept in her craft, as the end result was simple yet captivating.

“Here you go!” The florist handed over the bouquet to Bai Yinning carefully.

Bai Yinning placed the bouquet on his lap. He lowered his gaze onto the flowers and caressed the petals. He uttered nonchalantly, “Gao Yuan, help me pay for this.”

“It will be 380,” The florist spoke before Gao Yuan could ask her the price.

Gao Yuan gave the woman 400 and asked her to keep the change. Then, the two men left the florist.

“Are we still going to the hospital? “ Gao Yuan asked.

He’s not buying the flowers for himself, right?

Bai Yinning hummed softly in agreement.

Gao Yuan sighed. He pitied Bai Yinning for he would be a perfect man if only he could walk.

Still, he had no idea why his boss would fall for a married woman.

If Bai Yinning were less obstinate, he would be in a happy relationship with a girl right now. Yet, he could not forget about the married woman.

Gao Yuan could not understand what Bai Yinning had in his mind at all.

However, Gao Yuan did not dare to confront him but keep all his thoughts to himself.

Sigh. Wake up, Bai Yinning! You don’t have to live life this way!

The security personnel was surprised to see Gao Yuan and Bai Yinning again. Wait, didn’t you guys just leave? Why are you guys back?

“I’ll leave right away after I pass her the flowers,” Bai Yinning said to the security personnel.

The security personnel seemed troubled.

His superiors told him not to let anyone enter the room easily. Moreover, Bai Yinning was already here earlier.

At that moment, Aunt Yu walked out of the room to throw away some trash. She was puzzled to see Bai Yinning pacing in the corridor outside the room.

She approached him and asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Bai Yinning passed the flowers to Aunt Yu, “Please help me pass this to her.”

Aunt Yu received the flowers with glee. The roses were so pretty. It would definitely lift Lin Xinyan’s mood since she had been stuck in bed for a long time. Aunt Yu smiled and replied, “I thank you on behalf of young mistress. She’s not feeling so well, so I think it’s better if you don’t visit her now. The doctor said she needs plenty of rest.”

Bai Yinning nodded. “Then, please take good care of her.”

He then asked Gao Yuan to pass Aunt Yu a name card. “Please contact me if you guys need any help. “

Aunt Yu hesitated for a while before receiving the card. She figured that it would be rude for her to not accept Bai Yinning’s well-intended gesture. Furthermore, Bai Yinning seemed to be quite a close acquaintance of Lin Xinyan, which was all the more reason for her to accept his card.

Bai Yinning nodded in response.

When Aunt Yu returned to the ward with the roses, Lin Xinyan was asleep. Her eyes widened when she saw Aunt Yu with the bright-colored roses in her hands. Out of puzzlement, she asked, “Where did you get them from?”

Did Zong Jinghao buy them for me?

“It’s from the guy on the wheelchair who came just now.” Aunt Yu found a glass vase and arranged the roses into it. The stalks slid into the narrow mouth of the vase as if they were a bunch of cheeky kids going down a slide.

Lin Xinyan’s eyelashes fluttered. Zong Jinghao isn’t the kind of person who will bring me flowers anyway.

She chuckled bitterly. What am I thinking?

Why do I always think of him?

The vase of roses stood silently on the night table in the ward. The vibrant red of the flowers enlivened the ambiance of the room. Suddenly, the room did not feel as cold as it once was.

Aunt Yu originally intended to chat with Lin Xinyan, but by the time she finished arranging the roses, Lin Xinyan’s eyes were closed. Aunt Yu did not know whether she was sleeping. She then figured it was best to let her rest in any case.

Soon, it was time for dinner. The maids from home brought over a few home-cooked dishes. Earlier in the afternoon, Aunt Yu called home to ask for meals to be prepared at home. Cheng Yuxiu was the one who answered Aunt Yu’s call. Seeing how much Zong Jinghao trusted Aunt Yu, she ordered the maids to prepare dinner for the two of them at the hospital right away.

However, Cheng Yuxiu still did not know about Lin Xinyan’s pregnancy. It was all up to Zong Jinghao’s discretion whether she should be informed.

Aunt Yu knew Zong Jinghao’s attitude towards Cheng Yuxiu and figured it was better to keep her mouth shut.

Nevertheless, Cheng Yuxiu did question Aunt Yu about the special meal she had ordered the kitchen to make. In response, Aunt Yu simply made up an excuse, saying that Lin Xinyan was too ill to have anything too greasy.

Cheng Yuxiu did not doubt Aunt Yu at all, as it was perfectly normal for Lin Xinyan to not have an appetite since she was ill.

Cheng Yuxiu was still a bit worried. But knowing that Zong Qifeng was visiting their son to set things right, she decided to take her mind off the matter.

Dinner was made exactly to Aunt Yu’s order. The dishes were light on the palate, yet they still tasted delicious. Even though Lin Xinyan did not eat much of the nutritious meal specially made for her, she had at least a few bites, which made Aunt Yu glad. “So long as you eat something.”

Her appetite will surely get better with time.

After dinner, Lin Xinyan looked at the clock and realized it’s already 7 p.m. Why isn’t Zong Jinghao back yet?

As Aunt Yu was out cleaning up the dishes, Lin Xinyan leaned against the headboard. Subconsciously, her eyes landed on the roses. They were in full bloom and were absolutely mesmerizing. Lin Xinyan simply couldn’t take her eyes off them.

Not before long, Aunt Yu got back to the room with the clean plates and cutleries stacked on her palms. She saw how engrossed Lin Xinyan was with the roses and said, “They’re so pretty, right?”

Lin Xinyan turned her head to look at Aunt Yu absent-mindedly but did not say anything.

Half a beat later, she suddenly asked, “Aunt Yu, do you know what flowers are these?”

Aunt Yu shook her head. As much as she found the flowers pretty, she did not know its name.

Lin Xinyan uttered blandly, “They are called roses.”

Even though Aunt Yu didn’t know much about flowers, she found the name pleasing to her ears.

Aunt Yu then responded, “The guy in the wheelchair sure have taste.”

Lin Xinyan did not know how to react to Aunt Yu’s opinion of Bai Yinning.

Roses were a symbol of romantic love. Lin Xinyan did not understand why Bai Yinning still send her roses when she was already pregnant with someone else’s child.

Lin Xinyan sighed at the stupidity of that man.

“What’s wrong? Is it not appropriate for him to send you flowers?” Aunt Yu noticed Lin Xinyan sighing and asked bemusedly.

Lin Xinyan only replied casually, “It’s nothing.” She then deliberately changed the topic. “What time did he leave this morning?”

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