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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 406

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 406

As curious as Chen Shihan was, she did not continue questioning Li Zhan since it was supposed to be a surprise.

When the two reached outside, a jeep drove into the driveway, and Chen Qing stepped out of the car. “Ji? You’re back?”

Li Zhan responded with a polite nod. Chen Qing questioned, “You guys are going out?”

Chen Shihan nodded. “It’s been a while, so he asked me out for some fun.”

If it were any other time, Chen Qing would not stop them from going out, but not then.

Chen Qing had people spreading the news about Lin Xinyan’s alleged murder to pressure Zong Jinghao. For the same reason, Chen Qing had come home to pick up Chen Shihan before going over to the Wens’.

“You can’t go out with Ji today. I promised Uncle Wen that we’d meet him at his house later.”

“At my house?” Li Zhan started to panic because he was so close to bringing Chen Shihan out.

This won’t do. I have to figure something out!

“I think you guys will do fine without us. Shihan and I have our own plans.” Li Zhan then put his arm around Chen Shihan’s shoulder to have her walk with him.

Having cooped up at home for several days, Chen Shihan wanted to go out and have some fun too, so she did not resist Li Zhan.

“Shihan! Did you not hear what I said?” Chen Qing’s words stopped Chen Shihan in her tracks, and she turned back to her father. “Dad, please.”

“We haven’t seen each other for a while, Mr. Chen. We’re just going out for some fun, and I promise to send her… send her back safely afterward.” Li Zhan hesitated because he was not sure if he could live up to that promise.

Can I actually send Chen Shihan back home safely?

Why does Zong Jinghao want me to draw her out?

At that moment, Li Zhan realized that the matter at hand involved not only the Chen family. It also involved his own father.

“Since Mr. Chen doesn’t want you to go out, I should probably head home with you guys then.” Li Zhan continued to play coy, and Chen Qing agreed to it after a brief silence.

He was unsure if Li Zhan knew what was going on, but he decided to leave that to Wen Qing.

The Chen family and the Wen family lived in a small neighborhood, and a park was the only thing that separated their houses, so there was no need to drive a car.

Chen Qing walked in front while Li Zhan stayed at the back with Chen Shihan, who asked, “What are you doing?”

After Li Zhan quickly covered Chen Shihan’s mouth and shushed her, she gave him a look to gesture the same question.

Li Zhan glanced at Chen Qing to make sure he was not alerted before whispering to Chen Shihan, “Be honest with me. Are you guys planning something with my dad?”

Chen Shihan turned to look at him. “Your father didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Why are you two whispering?” Suddenly, Chen Qing stopped and turned to look at the two.

“No reason,” responded Li Zhan immediately.

Chen Qing knew what was going on behind him all the while, but he kept quiet anyway. Li Zhan’s question to Chen Shihan assured Chen Qing that Li Zhan knew nothing about his conspiracy with Wen Qing, who had a reason for not telling his own son. After all, Wen Qing had always mentioned to Chen Qing how close Li Zhan was to Zong Jinghao on more than one occasion.

Wen Qing must be concerned that Li Zhan would get in our way.

Knowing that Chen Shihan would tell Li Zhan the truth, Chen Qing had to interrupt her since it could foil their plan.

“Come here, Shihan. I need to talk to you.” Chen Qing waved at Chen Shihan, who quickly realized that her father did not want her to divulge the information. She hurried over to him.

“You’re an adult now, so you should act like one,” advised Chen Qing to her daughter, who grabbed his arm while smiling. “I just hurried over to you. How’s that not adult-like?”

Li Zhan was still around, so Chen Qing glanced at his daughter and said nothing else.

When they reached the Wens’, Li Zhan went up to the front door, but nobody was in the living room. Both Wen Qing and Li Jing were in the study. “Who spread the rumor?” asked Li Jing angrily when she eventually heard the news.

She knew Wen Qing had only wanted to separate Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan, but he had made things worse. If Zong Jinghao mistook Wen Qing for the man behind the scheme, it would be disastrous.

It was obvious to Wen Qing that the perpetrator had to be either the Chen family or the He family.

Since he was close to Chen Qing, the He family was seemingly the only possible suspect.

“Don’t you think you should reconsider?” Li Jing had been losing sleep for the past two days worrying.

After a long sigh, Wen Qing promised, “There’s no turning back now. I won’t allow this woman at odds with Jinghao to remain beside him.”

Even the strongest man falls at the feet of a seductive woman. Zong Jinghao’s been seduced by Lin Xinyan the same way his father’s been seduced by Cheng Yuxiu.

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