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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 400

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 400

Shen Peichuan was about to stand up but his knees felt unusually weak. He was not sure if it was because he had squat down for too long, or if it was because he was still recovering from the shock. But regardless, he held on to the wall and stood up before Zong Jinghao, who was staring at him intensely.

“They were questioning Xinyan, and she felt ill all of a sudden,” Shen Peichuan narrated without looking at Zong Jinghao in the eyes.

“Look at me!” Zong Jinghao shouted.

His voice echoed throughout the corridor, and Shen Peichuan jerked in shock.

“Shen Peichuan broke into the prison with a gun, risking his own life and his job. I think we have all done our best!” Su Zhan defended him as he walked towards Shen Peichuan.

Shen Peichuan knew Zong Jinghao had seen the blood on his hands; he knew that that was why he was furious.

However, before he could explain himself, the ER door glided open, and a doctor came out. He took off his mask and asked, “The patient’s family?”

Zong Jinghao hurried over. Captain Chen and Su Zhan followed after him. “I’m here,” Zong Jinghao said.

Shen Peichuan stayed right where he was without moving an inch—he could not bear to hear any bad news.

“The patient is very weak. Although the baby is safe now, there’s still a high chance of miscarriage in the future. We suggest for her to rest in bed for three months. We have to make sure the baby is completely okay before the patient starts moving around,” the doctor explained.

Zong Jinghao widened his eyes in disbelief. He could not believe that Lin Xinyan was pregnant.

Emotions came rushing in, and his veins pulsated fiercely beneath his skin. Zong Jinghao was blown away despite there being no emotion on his face.

Captain Chen, on the other hand, stepped aside and called Wen Qing.

“Can I see her now?” Zong Jinghao finally said something.

“She will be out in a moment,” the doctor replied as the door behind him slid open again.

Lin Xinyan was pushed out of the ER, but she was still not fully conscious.

Zong Jinghao rushed towards her and held her hand. She was cold and pale. He kissed her gently on her hands, trying to warm her up and let her know that he was there.

Lin Xinyan struggled to fix her gaze on him as she felt a familiar touch. She could not see him clearly—but she knew that it must be him.

“I didn’t kill him,” Lin Xinyan whispered frailly.

Zong Jinghao fondled her hair and stroked her forehead, saying softly, “I know.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her pale cheeks. She did not care if other people thought she was guilty—his trust was all she needed.

Zong Jinghao bent over and kissed her eyes, drying her tears away as he reassured her.

Now that she had finally seen him, Lin Xinyan gave in to the beckoning lethargy and fell into a deep sleep.

Over at the other corner, Shen Peichuan could finally sigh in relief after hearing both Lin Xinyan and the child were okay.

If not, Zong Jinghao would never forgive him.

“Send her to the ward. She needs to rest. We need to put her under observation for the next week. She can go home and rest if there is no more bleeding,” the doctor said.

Su Zhan went ahead and arranged for a VIP ward while Zong Jinghao stayed by Lin Xinyan’s side.

Once the room was available, Zong Jinghao carried her in his arms and transferred her to the new bed.

After checking her condition, the doctor looked at Zong Jinghao and asked, “Are you her husband?”

He nodded.

“Her first pregnancy was too taxing for her body. She is not in her best health for the next baby. We’re lucky nothing happened this time. Things would have been totally different if she arrived any later. We need to ensure that the room is well-ventilated and that she is not under stress throughout her period of recuperation. Make sure she’s feeling well emotionally. This will help tremendously with her recovery. And most importantly, no sex for the next three months,” the doctor advised.

Zong Jinghao took a look at Lin Xinyan before he said, “Alright, noted.”

“Great, let me know if you need anything,” the doctor added before leaving the room.

Over at the counter, Su Zhan spotted Shen Peichuan standing in front of the washroom after he settled the medical bill.

He walked over and saw the bloodstain on his hands. He finally understood why Shen Peichuan had been so scared back there.

“Everything’s okay now,” Su Zhan assured.

Shen Peichuan turned the water tap and started washing his hands. It was traumatizing to see Lin Xinyan trembling in pain as she bled.

He lowered his gaze and tried to appear calm. “I’ll be okay,” he told Su Zhan.

“Get some rest. The war has yet to come,” Su Zhan stated. As a lawyer, he was aware that Lin Xinyan’s pregnancy would make things easier for them, but just for a while.

She was still a criminal homicide suspect, and all the evidence was not in her favor.

Gun homicide was a serious crime.

Even if she could escape a death sentence, she would still need to face a heavy penalty.

Since time was on their side now, they should start working on collecting evidence that could prove her innocence.

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