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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 40

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 40

“Ms. Bai, should her wage be deducted?” Wu Meixia said provokingly.

Bai Zhuwei replied in a professional manner, “Based on the rules of our company, yes.”

“I didn’t mean to make a scene out of this trivial issue. But she still insisted that she took a leave even though she’s obviously late. The character of those who make such lies must be…”

“She requested a leave.” When Wu Meixia was elatedly insulting Lin Xinyan’s character, a deep voice interrupted her.

Wu Meixia was stunned and thought that she heard it wrong. Would Mr. Zong be troubled by such a trivial matter? Quite Impossible.

“A person who’s late and lies about it must have a poor character and should not stay in our company.”

“She requested a leave, and I agreed to it. Do you want me to repeat it?” Zong Jinghao said it slowly and with emphasis, as if questioning someone overbearingly.

This time, Wu Meixia heard him loud and clear. The first time could just be a hallucination, but the second time surely wasn’t a hallucination anymore.

It was totally inconceivable to her.

Such a matter should be dealt with by Ms. Bai, and the boss won’t need to handle it by himself.

Who is this woman to Mr. Zong?

It has been the second time…

“Alright, do your work.” Bai Zhuwei pretended to be indifferent.

But she was rather anxious.

When Lin Xinyan casually glanced at Bai Zhuwei who was pretending to be calm, a thought crossed her mind. She wished to prove what Aunt Yu said earlier; that Zong Jinghao didn’t really love her but did so due to some reasons.

The reasons were related to the trip to Country A.

She initially wanted to think it as a mere coincidence.

But what Zhuang Zijin and He Ruize said to her today deeply moved her.

Her child needs a father.

Bai Zhuwei entered the office with Zong Jinghao. After reporting on his schedule, she handed over the itinerary and asked him tentatively to sound him out, “Should Ms. Lin accompanies you to the banquet?”

As Zong Jinghao seemed tired, he closed his eyes and remained silent for a few seconds before he replied, “You will go with me.”

Bai Zhuwei heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I’ll go back to work.”

Once the door was closed, Bai Zhuwei turned around and stopped when she saw Lin Xinyan standing behind her.

“Ms. Bai, I have something to ask you. Can I have a word with you?” Lin Xinyan asked.

Bai Zhuwei didn’t expect that she would look for her voluntarily.

As she’s also tempted to listen to what she had to say, she replied, “Of course, let’s go to the cafe downstairs.”

They took the lift to the cafe on the ground floor.

Then, they sat somewhere quiet.

Both of them didn’t open their mouths for quite some time. Finally, after the coffee was served, Lin Xinyan said, “Ms. Bai, you seem to be pretty hostile to me.”

“Hao and I are the perfect match, yet we are separated forcefully. If Ms. Lin were me, what would Ms. Lin do?” Bai Zhuwei retorted.

Lin Xinyan held her spoon and stirred the coffee in the cup, yet didn’t even take a sip of it.

“You know, Mr. Zong and I are just fulfilling our affiance, which won’t last long. But Ms. Bai seems to be rather impatient and fearful of me.” She slowly looked up at her.

“How so?” Bai Zhuwei smiled and took a sip of her coffee.

“We both know very well that you spread the news in my neighborhood that I’m pregnant, bought off someone to slander me and provoked my mother. I’m sure Ms. Bai knows very well the reason behind all these.” Bai Zhuwei might be good at pretending, yet Lin Xinyan concealed herself even better, as if she had grasped everything.

“I’m not really sure what did Ms. Lin mean. I did all these simply because I resented the fact that you’re married to Hao. I won’t mind if Ms. Lin wants to complain about this, because Hao will understand that I’m just a woman who’s in love. Since my status was seized by someone else, it’s understandable if I’ve slightly crossed the line.” Smiled lightly, she looked at Lin Xinyan and said, “Instead, it appears that Ms. Lin comes to me because you are getting impatient.”

Lin Xinyan smiled lightly but didn’t say a word. Her unfathomable expression was rather frightening to Bai Zhuwei.

She said coldly, “What are you laughing at?”

Lin Xinyan replied, “I heard something interesting. Would Ms. Bai want to hear it?”

“What is it?” asked Bai Zhuwei.

“I heard that Ms. Bai has been with Mr. Zong for long, yet he never fell in love with Ms. Bai before. Suddenly, he acknowledged Ms. Bai as his girlfriend because…” Lin Xinyan purposely paused and observed Bai Zhuwei’s expression.

Her facial expression did change. Even though she was trying very hard to hold her feelings in, she could still sense something different.

“Because of what?” Bai Zhuwei wasn’t as composed at before.

“It was just some gossip, and Ms. Bai doesn’t have to be worried about it.” Lin Xinyan purposely revealed only half of it and didn’t want Bai Zhuwei to know how much she knew about it.

“Hao and I truly love each other, and surely there would be those would spread rumors because they don’t want to see it happen or are jealous. If Ms. Lin wants to think that the rumors are true, there’s nothing I can do about it.” After finished speaking, Bai Zhuwei stood up, and added, You only have half a month left. What belongs to me will eventually be mine.”

She glanced at Lin Xinyan, turned around and wanted to leave.

“How did Ms. Bai know that I’m two months pregnant?” Lin Xinyan also stood up and said.

Bai Zhuwei replied, “Like I said, I just made a guess.”

Lin Xinyan came up to her and said, “I haven’t started showing yet, and so it’s totally impossible to know how long I’ve been pregnant. But, Ms. Bai could easily get it right. Even a woman who has pregnancy experience won’t be as sharp-eyed as Ms. Bai, would she?”

“It might just be a coincidence? I just happened to get it right. Wonders never cease! Maybe I happen to have such power?” Bai Zhuwei walked towards the lift once she finished speaking.

When the lift doors closed slowly, their eyes met through the gap.

Although nothing was revealed in the conversation, Bai Zhuwei knew that Lin Xinyan must have realized something, or else she wouldn’t try to sound her out.

However, Bai Zhuwei didn’t know how much she knew, and to what extent she knew about it.

Lin Xinyan’s energy was drained of as soon as the gate of the lift closed.

The truth was she could be right.

But she could not get to the particulars.

If it really was Zong Jinghao, why would the woman who recommended him pay her the money? Why would Zong Jinghao… Just wanted to satiate his lust?

She couldn’t figure it out. The whole problem was like a mystery with hidden conspiracies.

But, she didn’t know where to start to dig into the matter.

She went home as usual after work.

“Just you alone?” Aunt Yu looked behind Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan nodded. She was listless as she saw Bai Zhuwei dressed up nicely and got into his car after work.

She wavered. Perhaps Zong Jinghao really loved Bai Zhuwei? They just didn’t realize it in the past.

She was confused.

“Why didn’t you come home with young master together? Communicate more and you two will get along well soon.”

“He went out with Ms. Bai.” Lin Xinyan sulked. Since she made that guess, her impression of Zong Jinghao had changed.

Aunt Yu sighed and said, “You have to try harder.”

Lin Xinyan smiled. As she didn’t want to continue this conversation, she deliberately said, “I’m tired and want to take a nap.”

Aunt Yu could clearly feel that she’s in a bad mood, and replied, “Take a rest. I will inform you when the dinner is ready.”

Lin Xinyan responded with a yes and entered the house.

She lay on her bed tiredly and slowly closed her eyes to take a nap. When she was drowsy and almost fell asleep, her phone rang.

She fumbled to get her phone and picked it up.

“Yan, can you do me a favor?”

This voice…

Lin Xinyan was suddenly awakened. She sat up and said, “Tell me.”

“I have to attend a banquet, and you will be my partner.”

After remaining silent for a while, Lin Xinyan replied, “Okay.”

“Send me your location, and I’ll pick you up.”

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