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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 396

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 396

Wen Qing tried persuading Zong Jinghao. “I’ve told you my stance. There’s no reason for me to harm you,” Wen Qing stated convincingly.

Zong Jinghao knitted his brows, and his pupils glowed warily as he peered at Wen Qing in suspicion.

“I don’t need any help. I will not allow anyone to touch my loved ones, especially not someone who claims to do it for my own good,” Zong Jinghao pronounced firmly.

“So you’re not gonna change your mind?” Wen Qing asked, cracking his knuckles.

Zong Jinghao glared at him. “I’ve always respected you, and I still do. If you spare my wife, I’m willing to bury the hatchet. But if you refuse to relent, don’t say I didn’t warn you later on.”

Wen Qing pressed his hand against his chest in disbelief. “This is outrageous! I can’t believe you’re threatening me because of a woman!” he exclaimed with great difficulty.

“She is my wife!” Zong Jinghao growled.

“She is your wife, but the both of you are not in the same boat! This is the reality!” Wen Qing yelled at him.

“I’m totally aware of the reality. I know full well what I’m doing,” Zong Jinghao persisted. His handsome face hardened as he took a last look at Wen Qing before turning to leave.

“You won’t be able to save her. All the evidence will be against her!” Wen Qing roared behind him.

Zong Jinghao’s steps halted.

“If you agree to divorce her, nothing will happen. Shihan is more suitable for you. Her family matches up to ours. She’s a better candidate. I’m doing this for your own sake, and I don’t care if you will hate me for it. I can’t watch you spiral down the wrong path because of this woman!” Wen Qing’s voice blasted loudly in a long harangue.

However, Zong Jinghao only tilted his head and looked at him calmly.

Wen Qing could feel a storm brewing behind the man’s calm facade.

Zong Jinghao strode towards his car without another word, and the car sped off.

Wen Qing’s steps faltered, and he fell back on the chair as he watched the other man leave in such a determined way.

Wen Qing knew that gaze.

He gripped the chair handle tightly as a voice rang out from over his shoulder.

“Are you afraid?” Chen Qing patted him on the shoulder.

“I’m afraid he might do something drastic this time,” Wen Qing said in a worried tone.

“You’re afraid he will take your life?” Chen Qing asked.

Wen Qing admitted his fear with a slight nod.

He simply wanted Zong Jinghao to give up on Lin Xinyan; it was never his intention to make an enemy out of him.

“Well, if he really cares for that woman, he will budge,” Chen Qing assured him.

Wen Qing’s mind raced through all the possibilities. True, Zong Jinghao was able to get to where he is today because of me. He is nothing if I’m no longer on his side.

The same goes for Shen Peichuan. I’m the reason why everything has been going on smoothly for him.

Zong Jinghao won’t be able to save her no matter how many tricks he has up his sleeves.

“There is nothing you need to be afraid of. You can always count on me,” Chen Qing said confidently.

The Wen, Chen, and He family were the most influential families in B city. No one could stand in their way if the three families worked together.

They would make sure she pays with her life.

Zong Jinghao would not be able to get her out safely. The evidence would work against her, and he would find himself fighting the most powerful families.

On the other side, Chen Shihan stared at the courtyard blankly as she sat alone.

She knew she had fallen for Zong Jinghao. She loved his fortitude in the face of adversity; she loved how he was able to remain unfazed and unwavering under pressure.

He was on the losing side, yet he showed no fear. The resilience and tenacity in his eyes shone like diamonds in the dark—he was all a woman ever wanted.

But Chen Shihan knew from the very beginning that she would never have his love even if Zong Jinghao agreed to marry her. He only had eyes for Lin Xinyan.

“Dad, you know I’ll never have a place in his heart,” Chen Shihan said, turning towards Chen Qing.

“You don’t have to worry about it. Uncle Wen and I will take care of everything,” her father replied softly as he looked at her tenderly.


“It’s time we go home,” Chen Qing interjected before his daughter could speak any further.

He did not want Chen Shihan to say anything that might sway Wen Qing, who was still recovering from the shock of having offended Zong Jinghao.

“See you around. I won’t be sending you off,” Wen Qing said weakly from his chair as he saw them gesturing to leave.

“Rest well, mate. Don’t be such a chicken; you’re seen worse!” Chen Qing reminded him.

He and Wen Qing had been in the army for most of their lives. Chen Qing was already in his fifties, but he still looked healthy and muscular in his uniform.

Wen Qing let out a sigh. If he was honest, he was not afraid of what might happen. He just did not want to lose Zong Jinghao.

“He’s Wen Xian’s only child,” he mumbled.

For a moment, that name caused ripples of emotion in Chen Qing’s heart. But he quickly composed himself and gave Wen Qing a sturdy pat on the shoulder before making his way out. “Call me if you need anything,” he said and left the Wen family with Chen Shihan.

The adjutant opened the door for Chen Qing and closed the door after Chen Shihan.

“Let’s go,” Chen Qing ordered.

The car drove away immediately.

“Daddy, why did you stop me just now?” Chen Shihan asked Chen Qing. She knew her dad had done it on purpose.

Chen Qing sighed and rested his head against the headrest. He closed his eyes and said, “What did you want to say? You wanted to say you didn’t want to marry him anymore?”

Chen Shihan lowered her gaze and replied, “I can tell he loves his wife deeply. Even if we force him to marry me, he will never love me.”

“Love grows over time. Are you worried that he won’t fall for you eventually?” Chen Qing asked as he opened his eyes slightly.

“Well…” Chen Shihan did not answer. She really did not believe she could make her way into his heart.

This was not the first time she met an attractive man, but she had never met someone like him.

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