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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 385

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 385

Li Zhan isn’t afraid of anything in this world except Zong Jinghao.

When he was young, Zong Jinghao always stood up for him whenever he faced troubles. He did not understand their bond in the past as he only liked to follow him around.

As time passed, Li Zhan developed a respect for Zong Jinghao.

If not for Zong Jinghao’s support, Li Zhan wouldn’t be able to do whatever he wanted and the life he had then.

“I’m really sorry.” He was quick to apologize, but deep down, he was still curious about Lin Xinyan’s relationship with Zong Jinghao.

“Jinghao, what kind of relationship do you have with Lin Xinyan? You guys look close.” Li Zhan grinned.

Even though Zong Jinghao was displeased with Li Zhan, hitting him right after accepting his apology wouldn’t be good too.

So, Zong Jinghao avoided his question and instead asked, “How do you know her?”

Li Zhan’s and Lin Xinyan’s relationship doesn’t seem like it’s the first time they’ve met.

In fact, they seem close.

“You should already know as you were the one who got me the job as a teacher in AC. I am her son’s teacher. That’s how we know each other.” Li Zhan didn’t think twice and answered.

Lin Xinyan was standing at the side, her eyes averting their gazes. She had some ideas of Li Zhan’s identity after all this while.

Jinghao does not have a little brother.

Then, it must be the Wen family. Li Zhan’s age matches with Wen Qing’s son, so he must be his son.

As for why he was called Li Zhan, it must be his stage name. After all, idols get their names from fortune-tellers to aid them in their careers.

Li Zhan walked up to Zong Jinghao and whispered, “She looks so young, yet she’s already given birth to two kids. Jinghao, tell me the truth. How do you know her? You didn’t have an unhealthy relationship with her, right?”

Li Zhan liked Lin Xichen and admired Lin Xinyan. However, his bond with Zong Jinghao surpassed those of relatives. What they have was bromance so, he would choose to side with Zong Jinghao no matter what.

For him, Lin Xinyan gave birth before, so she did not deserve Zong Jinghao.

Zong Jinghao looked at him indifferently.

He, too, was surprised with the relationship they had.

What a coincidence!

Li Zhan panicked. “Jinghao, say something!”


There was a knock on the door. The noise interrupted Li Zhan and lifted the tension in the atmosphere.

Zong Jinghao looked at the time and realized that Shen Peichuan would be arriving anytime soon. “Come in.”

The door of the office was pushed open. Shen Peichuan was holding a bunch of keys in his hand as he stepped in and immediately asked, “Who got cuffed…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Li Zhan and Lin Xinyan.

He walked towards the three of them and scanned Li Zhan and Lin Xinyan. Now, what do we have here?

“Sister-in-law, what are you guys doing?” asked Shen Peichuan nonchalantly.

Before Lin Xinyan could express her thoughts, Li Zhan said, “Who are you calling sister-in-law?” His eyes widened as he frowned.

“Is there another woman in here?” Shen Peichuan looked at him as though he was looking at a fool.

Li Zhan knew Zong Jinghao had two well-acquainted buddies. They were Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan.

Zong Jinghao was the oldest among them.

Shen Peichuan was the second-oldest, while Su Zhan was the youngest.

He calls her sister-in-law?

Li Zhan could not figure it out, yet he was scared of the truth. Could it be that Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan are dating?

Does he know everything about her?

I hope he isn’t being tricked by her young appearance.

“Shen Peichuan, unlock my handcuffs, quickly.” Li Zhan refused to call anyone “bro” except Zong Jinghao.

Shen Peichuan did not unshackle Li Zhan on purpose and said, “Show me some respect, and I’ll do it.”

He knew Li Zhan’s personality and temper, so he teased him deliberately.

Li Zhan’s face drooped. “I have important matters to attend to. Unshackle me now.” He had a stern expression on his good-looking face.

He wanted to speak to Zong Jinghao alone, but he was cuffed together with Lin Xinyan. He couldn’t freely say what he wanted as it was all about the latter.

Shen Peichuan took a glance at his anxious demeanor and decided to stop making fun of him. He walked towards Li Zhan and analyzed the model of the handcuff. Then, he used the compatible key to free the duo from the shackles.

Once Li Zhan got a taste of freedom, he drove Shen Peichuan out of the room and closed the door.

Shen Peichuan stood at the entrance dumbfounded. “What the hell’s going on?”

Lin Xinyan was calm. Now that they’re alone, Li Zhan will tell Zong Jinghao everything about me.

“Li Zhan and I know each other, but it appears that he had no idea about my relationship with Jinghao. After knowing my connection with him and with the way you addressed me, he must be shocked.”

Shen Peichuan understood everything then. “Let’s sit on the sofa,” he suggested to Lin Xinyan.

To which Lin Xinyan nodded in agreement.

Li Zhan had locked the door in the office.

Zong Jinghao did not stop him as he was waiting to hear what Li Zhan wanted to say.

Currently, Li Zhan’s head was a mess.

He regained his composure and asked, “Why did Shen Peichuan call Lin Xinyan sister-in-law? What’s the meaning of this?”

“You should call her sister-in-law too,” Zong Jinghao replied nonchalantly as he leaned on the desk with one of his hands in his pocket while another unbuttoned his shirt.

The corner of Li Zhan’s lips twitched. The underlying message is, he’s dating Lin Xinyan.

“You, you guys…” Li Zhan gasped for air and asked, “Do you know her well?”

“It’s true. She looks young and beautiful. To be honest, I don’t hate her. I do admire her. However, she’s not the one for you…”

“Why?” Zong Jinghao interrupted him and gave him a faint side-eye.

“She has two kids. They… They are six years old this year, six years old!” Li Zhan gesture the number six with his fingers, emphasizing their age.

“Furthermore, her son told me that they don’t have a father. She’s a single mother.”

“So?” Zong Jinghao replied, unfazed by his words.

Li Zhan facepalmed. What happened to my wise bro?

Why won’t he get it?

“Her kids don’t have a father. It’s so obvious that she’s either someone indecent or a divorcee. It could also be that her ex-boyfriend left her pregnant, to begin with. To sum it up, she had a lover and gave birth to kids. How can such a woman be worthy of you? How can a person like her become my sister-in-law?”

For Li Zhan, the woman worthy of Zong Jinghao should at least have a pure body. It didn’t matter if she didn’t have the talent nor status to stand by his side.

What does Lin Xinyan have to offer?


“She’s definitely not the one for you,” Li Zhan insisted.

It would’ve been better if Lin Xinyan did not have kids and ex-lovers. Moreover, even if she isn’t from a wealthy family, I wouldn’t interfere.

Zong Jinghao lowered his gaze. His emotions were hidden away by thick lashes as he asked indifferently, “What if I like her the way she is?”

Li Zhan widened his eyes. Is he crazy? Or are all the women in this world dead?

“You’re dating a woman who’s given birth before, uncle…” Li Zhan didn’t finish his sentence as he knew no one would be able to hinder Zong Jinghao’s decision, not even Zong Qifeng.

“Are you going to be her kids’ stepdad? Jinghao, this isn’t like you. Do you love her that much, to the extent of accepting her kids?”

“What if I tell you that they are my kids?” Zong Jinghao lifted his head.

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