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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 384

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 384

“Is it compulsory for the wealthy to have multiple women?” Lin Xinyan lowered her voice.

“Not really. You see, he has desires and physiological needs no matter what. Back then, he had a fiancée. He called off the engagement, but he didn’t have any other women.” Li Zhan leaned closer and whispered, “According to an article I’ve read before, if a man didn’t vent his frustrations for a long time, his thoughts will become distorted. Soon, he will become ill-tempered, and I figure that may be the case. When we meet him later, don’t be afraid. I’m with you.”

Ding! The door of the lift opened.

Lin Xinyan wanted to know who Li Zhan was, but she lost the chance to ask. The door of the lift opened, and they arrived on the floor of the higher-ups’. Moreover, Zong Jinghao’s office was located there too.

She could feel the overwhelming tension of the workplace as it was so intense.

Lin Xinyan hesitated in her tracks. Never would she have thought that Li Zhan would bring her to meet Zong Jinghao.

She did not dare picture the expression of Zong Jinghao when he saw her.

Li Zhan mistook her hesitation as fear. He comforted her by saying, “ You have me, so don’t be afraid. Let’s go.”

Before Lin Xinyan could express her thoughts, Li Zhan dragged her off the elevator.

A worker saw Li Zhan taking the hand of a woman who was covered from head to toe. He took another glance at them as he was felt something was off.

Everyone knew Li Zhan’s status in the company. However, no one dared to gossip as Zong Jinghao had given his orders.

“What are you looking at?” Li Zhan shot a glance at the worker who was staring at Lin Xinyan.

That man laughed politely and asked, “Is this your girlfriend?”

Li Zhan was taken aback by that man’s assumption, but he smiled and replied, “Yes, she is.”

The corners of Lin Xinyan’s eyes twitched when she heard the bold answer of Li Zhan.

The worker did not respond, but he looked at Lin Xinyan again out of curiosity.

Lin Xinyan was wearing Li Zhan’s black-framed glasses and a face mask. As most of her features were covered, no one could recognize her. However, it was hard to say for those familiar with her.

The door of the lift closed. This shielded Lin Xinyan from the worker’s stares.

Li Zhan dragged Lin Xinyan all the way to Zong Jinghao’s office. The woman did not have the time to compose her thoughts when Li Zhan knocked on the door.

A deep voice was heard coming from the inside, saying, “Come in.”

Li Zhan was ready to go into the room. However, Lin Xinyan held onto the door frame tightly with her other hand, reluctant to go in.

Li Zhan creased his eyebrows. We have arrived. She has to go in no matter what.

Using the handcuff to his advantage, Li Zhan forcefully yanked her into the room.

Zong Jinghao was standing in front of the tall French windows. He was a tall man with broad shoulders and a small waist. His sleeves were folded, revealing his muscular forearms.

“What’s the matter?” Li Zhan was the first to speak.

Zong Jinghao slowly turned to face them.

The sunlight reflected into the room through the French window blinded Lin Xinyan’s vision. She wasn’t able to see Zong Jinghao’s expression, but deep down, she was nervous.

She couldn’t help but clench her fists, unable to phrase the bizarre events that had happened in her life.

Jinghao narrowed his eyes slightly as he strode over to her.

He stopped his tracks in front of Lin Xinyan.

Li Zhan grinned. “Meet my girlfriend.”

It has to be done. It’s the only reasonable explanation as to why I brought a woman here. Not to mention, we are even ‘holding each other’s hands’.

“Really?” Zong Jinghao took a glance at their “intertwined hands”.

“Of course. If not, why would I bring her with me? You called me here. What’s the matter? “ Li Zhan asked as he continued smiling.

Jinghao did not give Li Zhan an answer. In fact, Jinghao was very interested in his “girlfriend”.

Lin Xinyan felt threatened. She felt like saying something, but she did not know how to start the conversation or what to say.

Her mind was in a mess.

“She had an allergy, so…” Li Zhan explained. He thought Jinghao was curious as to why Lin Xinyan was covered from head to toe.

Zong Jinghao didn’t bother listening to Li Zhan. He reached out to take off the glasses worn by Lin Xinyan.

Li Zhan immediately pulled her backward and said, “She had a serious allergy. Her face is pretty bad right now, so you shouldn’t see it. I don’t remember you being such a busybody. What’s wrong with you today?”

Zong Jinghao did not avert his gaze from Lin Xinyan. “Take it off yourself, or do you want me to do it?”

He did not get to see Lin Xinyan’s face before, but her figure and the feeling she gave off made him suspect that this woman was indeed Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan felt her heart tighten as she took off the glasses and face mask. Before Zong Jinghao asked her anything, she explained, “I met up with Li Zhan for him to endorse my products. I didn’t intend to go to his fan meeting, but I ended up participating in a show with him. So…”

Lin Xinyan looked like a child who had made some mistakes.

Zong Jinghao closed his eyes and felt his head throb painfully.

My goodness!

Isn’t she a grown-up already? Can’t she act like one?

“Wait a minute. You guys know each other?” Li Zhan asked in a daze.

It does seem like they know each other.

“You met with him just for the endorsement?” asked Zong Jinghao.

Lin Xinyan nodded truthfully.

“Do you know who he is?”

Lin Xinyan shook her head in response.

It seems that she doesn’t know Li Zhan is Wen Qing’s son. Zong Jinghao heard from Guan Jing that Lin Xinyan was inquiring about Li Zhan’s residence. He had thought it was all because of Wen Qing.

“Holy crap! You guys really know each other.” Li Zhan looked like he had discovered something incredible. “How do you guys know each other?”

He was completely baffled.

Although Li Zhan hadn’t worked as the teacher of Lin Xichen for a long time, he knew the boy lived in Country A.

Lin Xinyan and Zong Jinghao know each other.

What’s the relationship between them?

More and more questions flooded Li Zhan’s brain.

“What kind of relationship do you two have? How do you know each other?”

Zong Jinghao ignored him while staring at their “intertwined” hands.

“Our hands were cuffed together,” explained Lin Xinyan hurriedly. As proof, she removed the clothes covering their hands. She didn’t want to hold hands with Li Zhan. It was all because of the handcuff.

Zong Jinghao frowned.

“Answer me, please,” Driven by his curiosity, Li Zhan was going crazy.

Zong Jinghao shot him an icy glare. Terrified, Li Zhan immediately shut his mouth.

Although he was curious, he didn’t dare ask any further.

Zong Jinghao walked to his work desk and gave Shen Peichuan a phone call. Handcuffs? Shen Peichuan’s familiar with them. It wouldn’t pose a problem for him to remove it.

Shen Peichuan was shocked. “Handcuffs? Who got cuffed?”

“I’ll be waiting for you at the company.” Zong Jinghao did not bother explaining the situation. All he wanted was for Shen Peichuan to remove the handcuffs.

Shen Peichuan fell silent as he was clueless about anything that had happened.

Zong Jinghao hung up on the call and turned back to look at them. His headache had become worse.


“Shut up! Is it fun for you? You’re a grown-up, no?” Zong Jinghao lectured Li Zhan.

“I’ve been too rash this time. It seems like I’ve fallen for their schemes. I didn’t expect them to plan these bizarre games.” Li Zhan scratched his head, feeling remorseful.

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