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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 382

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 382

Everything could be settled with money. If he wanted to be an actor, all he had to do was invest in a movie, and he would land the main actor spot. It was that simple.

Lin Xinyan couldn’t help but change her opinion towards Li Zhan.

She began to wonder how rebellious a child had to be to seek out the path of an actor to annoy his father.

The thought of it made her shiver. She knew she could not let her son follow such a teacher as he might turn up like the man in front of her in the future.

Even though that was what Lin Xinyan thought, she didn’t show it on her face.

Back at the company, after hanging up Lin Xinyan’s call, Guan Jing was called into Zong Jinghao’s office.

After working for the chairman for such a long time, Guan Jing knew what the man was going to ask.

“Sir, your wife called me because she asked me to look up Li Zhan’s address for her,” Guan Jing reported before Zong Jinghao could even ask.

The man sitting on the chair frowned immediately. Why is she looking for Li Zhan?

“I told her Li Zhan’s address not long ago. She should be with him by now,” Guan Jing continued, unable to tell if his boss was happy or not. “Did you not tell her who Li Zhan is?”

That wasn’t what Zong Jinghao was worried about the most – it was the reason why Lin Xinyan would seek Li Zhan out that worried him.

“I see.” Zong Jinghao waved his hand, and Guan Jing bowed before leaving the office.

Once he was alone, the chairman took his phone out and called a number.

Since Li Zhan was still cuffed up with Lin Xinyan, he could not reach his phone in his jacket pocket when it rang.

“Can you help me take it out?” Li Zhan asked.

Lin Xinyan glanced at him before helping him. “I also have a request to ask.”

She was going to take the chance to pop the question as she hadn’t found the right timing before that.

Li Zhan took a peek at his screen and frowned. It was as if he was afraid of the caller but respected him at the same time.

“Let me answer this call first,” Li Zhan replied.

Lin Xinyan nodded.

He answered the call and spoke first. “To what do I deserve the honor for you to call me?”

Usually, it was the other way around. The caller rarely called him, so such an occasion made Li Zhan shiver.

Did I mess something up?

“Where are you?”

Li Zhan looked out the window but couldn’t recognize where he was. So, he turned to Fatty Long instead. “Where are we?”

“I’m bringing you to your new place. You can’t stay at Tongling…”

“I asked where we are!”

Before Li Zhan could find out, Zong Jinghao spoke on the other side of the phone. “Come to the company.”

The chairman hung up the call after that.

Li Zhan blinked as he could clearly hear the upset in Zong Jinghao’s tone. His orders were absolute, and Li Zhan had no idea but to abide by them.

The actor leaned forward and told Fatty Long, “Change of course. We’re going to my brother’s company.”

Being Li Zhan’s manager for quite some time, Fatty Long naturally knew who his brother was and made a U-turn.

“So, what’s your request? If it’s about Xichen, then you don’t have to worry about a thing,” Li Zhan said.

“No.” Lin Xinyan quickly shook her head. There was no way she was going to let her son be taught by him any longer. She’d been wondering why the little boy was so mature for his age, and she finally found the answer. “You should know my job, right?”

Li Zhan immediately realized what the request was and laughed. “Wait, when did your shop need a male model?”

“My boutique is indeed focused on female clothing, but I’m thinking of putting my foot in the male clothing market as well. I know it’ll be expensive to hire you to help endorse my products, so can I ask for a discount?”

Li Zhan scratched his nose. Lin Xichen had always been his favorite student, and he knew Lin Xinyan well enough to know that she was a decent person. There was also the fact that she was raising two children on her own. Amongst all the women he knew, Lin Xinyan was one of the few that left a good impression on him. Not only was she gorgeous; she was also independent and strong.

“Hold up!” Fatty Long cut in. “What’s your relationship with Li Zhan? Do you know how much he costs right now?”

Seeing that Li Zhan wasn’t replying, the manager thought he found the situation awkward and decided to step in.

Lin Xinyan knew it would be expensive for a famed actor to endorse her products, and she wasn’t going to take advantage of their relationship. Instead, she was trying to bargain a better price, just like people would do when they were doing business.

“What would the cost be if he were to endorse my products?” she asked with a smile.

Fatty Long turned to look at Li Zhan, asking for his boss’ confirmation.

Li Zhan sighed and stared at his manager. “Do you need money now? Don’t tell me I don’t pay you enough.”

Lin Xinyan was completely stunned as Li Zhan had a completely different attitude compared to when he was out in public.

Even Fatty Long was confused as he thought his employer had kept his mouth shut because he found the situation awkward.

“Of course not. The decision is yours,” Fatty Long sighed.

Even though he was Li Zhan’s manager, he still had to ask his employer’s permission before accepting any job or event offer. No amount of price could ever move the actor’s decision if he didn’t like what he was hearing.

Since Lin Xinyan had no idea what was going on, she didn’t want to pressure Li Zhan since they were acquainted. “It’s fine. If you aren’t free, then…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Li Zhan cut in. “Can you find someone else who’s better looking than me?”

Lin Xinyan couldn’t help but laugh. She admitted that Li Zhan was extraordinarily handsome, but he was too immature. Compared to his fans, he wasn’t someone she found attractive.

“Then, about your price…” Lin Xinyan paused when she realized the car was driving into Wanyue Group’s underground garage.

Since she’d been too focused on her conversation with Li Zhan, she had not realized that the car was driving in this direction. The woman lowered her head to look at her cuff and frowned. “What are we doing here?”

Li Zhan never wanted to bring Lin Xinyan here, but he wasn’t given a choice since it was Zong Jinghao’s order.

“I don’t need money. If you want me to endorse your products, then come with me to meet someone.”

Lin Xinyan recalled Li Zhan telling Fatty Long that he wanted to meet his brother, and now that they were at Wanyue Group, she quickly came to a conclusion that his brother was working here.

She never suspected that Zong Jinghao was Li Zhan’s brother as she had always thought that the former was an only child.

She didn’t even think that Li Zhan belonged to the Wen family since his last name was Li.

Little did she know that Li Zhan was just a stage name. His real name was Wen Xiaoji.

Lin Xinyan sat in the car worriedly. Ever since Zong Jinghao announced their relationship to everyone, his employee would recognize her face. If she were to appear at the company with another man cuffed together, she couldn’t begin to picture what the others would think of her.

What would Zong Jinghao think?

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