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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 381

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 381

Lin Xinyan had seen the work Li Zhan was famous for, and she could recite a few movies he’d been in even though she had never watched any of them before.

There was no way she could answer that question.

“Looks like you’re too tense to answer the question,” the host joked.

“Yes. I am indeed tense.” Lin Xinyan forced a smile. “I can’t believe I’m standing next to my idol.”

Li Zhan tilted his head up slightly as he was satisfied with the answer.

“So, which character do you prefer the most?”

“All of them,” Lin Xinyan replied and won the applauds from the crowd.

“I see. Please, show us your right hand,” the host smiled.

Lin Xinyan looked at the host puzzlingly as she wondered if there was another gift. “I don’t need another gift,” Lin Xinyan quickly declined. “I’m happy enough to be able to stand this close to him. Please, give the gift to another fan.”

“This is something only you can get.”

Realizing that she had no choice but to accept it, she reached her right hand out. Before she could see what the host was holding, a cuff was locked on her wrist.

“To prove that the surprise gift is real, we’ll be locking Mr. Li up with the lucky winner together for twenty-four hours. She’ll get the key once the time has passed,” the host announced.

“Wow!” the crowd gasped.

Li Zhan also reached his hand out, but his expression told everyone that the handcuff was a surprise to him as well.

It was too late for him to back out even if he wanted to.

“Let the twenty-four-hour countdown begin!”

From that second onward, the game would last for twenty-four hours until the handcuff was taken off.

Lin Xinyan thought they were only doing it as a form of advertising. She thought would be let free after the event had ended. As the event went on, the fans got even crazier. Some even asked Li Zhan to kiss the lucky winner.

Even Li Zhan thought they would unlock the cuff after that. When the event ended, he turned to ask the host, “Can we take this off now?”

Surprisingly, the host shook his head. “No. You two will have to wait a whole day.”

“Why didn’t you notify me about this beforehand?” Li Zhan got angry, not because he was cuffed up with Lin Xinyan, but because he hadn’t been told of it.

“It’s on the contract. Did you not read through it?”

Li Zhan immediately went silent. The host was right, he had not paid extra attention to the contract as it wasn’t a formal event.

In the end, the actor had no choice but to go with it. Lucky for him, he was acquainted with the woman who was cuffed to him.

As for Lin Xinyan, her head was in a complete mess. All she could think of was how she should explain the situation to Zong Jinghao, a man who had strong possessiveness.

“This is unacceptable! Please, unlock the cuff now.” Lin Xinyan could not accept it. How am I supposed to use the loo? Or the shower? Heck, people will think I’m a criminal or something!

She couldn’t not accept such an ordeal.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. See you guys in twenty-four hours.” The host left after that. Lin Xinyan, Li Zhan, and his manager, Fatty Long, were then the only three who remained at the event.

On a side note, Li Zhan addressed his manager in such a way because he was overweight.

“We’ve messed up. Who knew they would do such a thing…” Fatty Long sighed.

Lin Xinyan was completely speechless at her situation.

“Well, what done is done. Lucky for us, it’s only a day. All you two have to do is watch a movie, drink some tea, and it’ll be over in a jiffy,” Fatty Long comforted. “Be happy. This is something every fan wants to experience.”

Lin Xinyan smiled wryly. Yes, I’m very lucky to be cuffed with someone without knowing why for a whole day! Very lucky indeed!

Li Zhan was a little disappointed at Lin Xinyan’s rejection. “Come on; this is not the place to talk.”

In order to avoid the paparazzi, Fatty Long had arranged for them to be picked up by a car in the underground parking lot.

Once they were in the car, Li Zhan stared at Lin Xinyan and asked, “You really don’t recognize me?”

Lin Xinyan shook her head.

“Fatty Long, give me that thing.” Li Zhan reached his hand out.

The manager quickly parked the car by the roadside and went to get a case out from the boot.

Li Zhan used his free hand to open the case and used the comb inside it to straighten his hair down before putting on black round glasses.

“How about now?’

Lin Xinya’s eyes widened; Li Zhan resembled Lin Xichen’s teacher at AC.

“A-aren’t you my son’s teacher?” No matter how hard Lin Xinyan tried, she could not picture the teacher and the actor as the same person.

“How else would I recognize you?”

Lin Xinyan was completely astounded. They are two different people living in two different worlds, yet, they are the same person?

“You two might seem to have different personalities, but I can guarantee that you two only have a slight difference in appearances,” Li Zhan spoke in his usual teacher manner, which finally convinced Li Xinyan.

It was the same tone and voice she was used to hearing from her son’s teacher.

“Didn’t Xichen tell you about me?” Li Zhan asked. The reason for his question was that he’d told the little boy his secret before returning. When he asked Lin Xichen to keep it a secret, he was only trying to test how tight lipped the little boy was.

“No…” Lin Xinyan recalled the conversation when her son was about to say something but stopped midway.

Li Zhan was happy with Lin Xinchen’s performance.

Lin Xinyan finally understood why her son had matured so quickly, and why he would do something out of the blue suddenly. It was all thanks to having him as a teacher.

“So, what’s your hobby? Working as a teacher or a celebrity?” Lin Xinyan really wanted to know which job Li Zhan would choose. Both were completely different.

After a moment of thought, Li Zhan finally answered, “I became a celebrity to annoy my father and a teacher because I like it.”

Lin Xinyan was dumbfounded by his answer. He became a celebrity just to annoy his father? What kind of reason is that?

Yet, she had to acknowledge his talent for achieving such popularity. Being handsome alone would never be enough for a person to achieve success in an industry that was full of good-looking people.

Li Zhan lay back on the seat and sighed. “I’m successful because my brother is rich.”

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