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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 38

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 38

She had been translating documents for Zong Jinghao in the company and knew that his new project was launched in Yilan City in A Nation. She was in Yilan City too when she lived overseas.

These were not important.

More importantly, at that night when she sold her body in return for the surgery cost of her brother and mother, she bit the man as it was rather painful for her first sex. Following the request of the woman who recommended him to her, it was a complete darkness in the house as no light could be turned on.

Although she couldn’t see his face, she could remember that she bit the man on his right arm.

Was it a coincidence?

She couldn’t help but moved a step backward.

Why would such a coincidence happen?

The first thing that she knew when she was translating the documents was that Zong Jinghao went to A Nation two months ago.

If it was real, then…

She unknowingly covered her belly with her hand.

He is the father of the child?

Lin Xinyan was shocked when the thought came into her mind.

Zong Jinghao could felt clearly that someone was staring at her. What is the woman doing?

He pretended to be just awake and slowly opened his eyes, thinking that Lin Xinyan was peeking at him when he was sleeping. However, what came into his sight was someone shedding tears.

He startled when he saw her crying.

Zong Jinghao woke up so quickly that Lin Xinyan didn’t have the time to avoid him. She quickly faced away from him and ran out of the room as fast as she could.

She tore her wound on her knee as she moved too quickly, but she didn’t have time for this. She quickly ran into a room and locked herself out. She leaned against the door and couldn’t recollect herself together.

She finally regained her composure after quite some time.

All signs pointed to Zong Jinghao being the man at that night, yet it could still be merely a coincidence.

It must be so. It must be just a coincidence.

No, it won’t be real.

She slowly calmed herself down, changed her clothes in the bathroom, and wrapped her wound on her knee again.

Zong Jinghao’s mind was wandering for a few seconds upstairs. That woman’s expression… Was she crying?

Why did she cry? Why did she run?

He sat up and pressed his forehead. Even though he was drugged, he did not do anything to her. But why did she look like that?

Once he thought about what happened yesterday, he pulled a long face. He grabbed the phone on the desk, called Guan Jing and said, “I don’t want to see the Lins ever again!”

“Understood.” Since it happened in Lin’s house, Guan Jing could figure out that the order made by Zong Jinghao was not a coincidence but a certainty.

After hanging up, he threw his phone away and threw back the quilt. He only realized now that he was just wearing underwear.

Last night… He closed his eyes.

He could vaguely recall that Lin Xinyan took off his clothes.

That woman…

Zong Jinghao always felt that she was like a mystery with many layers.

Knock, knock…

After knocking on the door, Aunt Yu said, “Young master, have you gotten up? The breakfast is ready.”

Zong Jinghao responded with a yes. He got up to clean himself up, changed his clothes and went downstairs.

Lin Xinyan was already in the dining room. She had changed her clothes and looked calm, as if nothing happened earlier on and what he saw was simply an illusion.

He slowed down as he walked to the dining room with his flip flop.

Lin Xinyan put a bowl of bland porridge before him and said, “Having some bland food in the morning is good for your liver.”

Zong Jinghao sat down and gave face to her by scooping some porridge to eat. It was indeed bland and virtually tasteless.

Lin Xinyan lowered her head and said, “I was too careless last night, and never thought that Shen Xiuqing would do such thing.”

Zong Jinghao looked up and laughed, revealing a line of white teeth. He then said, “I’ve seen a lot of shameless bastards, yet those as shameless as the Lins were indeed rare.”

He had scolded everyone whose surname was Lin.

Lin Xinyan was crestfallen as her surname was also Lin.

“I… I would like to request a leave.” Lin Xinyan looked up at him. Since she had not been to the hospital to visit her mother, she really had to go there.

Also, she had to cash the check and deposit it in the bank. The money was crucial to her as her mother might need it regularly.

Furthermore, she had to pay He Ruize back for the medical expenses that he helped pay earlier.

Zong Jinghao asked her coldly while still eating his porridge without looking up, “You have something to do?”

Lin Xinyan nodded and said, “I have to visit my mom.”

“Hmm,” Zong Jinghao replied gently, indicating that he gave his permission.

After breakfast, Zong Jinghao went to his company as usual while Lin Xinyan stayed to help Aunt Yu to clear the table. Aunt Yu took the plates in her hand and said, “I can handle it. Just go and take some rest.”


Take a rest in the morning?

Aunt Yu looked at her and said in earnest, “You’re married into the Zong family, and yesterday… Since you’re the true lady of the house, don’t let any mistress take their chances.”

Lin Xinyan blushed. What is Aunt Yu thinking? She was with Zong Jinghao in the same room for the whole night, yet nothing happened. Anyway, Aunt Yu surely won’t believe it.

Lin Xinyan had no choice but nodded.

Aunt Yu was still backing Lin Xinyan, even though she was dissatisfied with her past behavior.

“To my eye, young master might not necessarily love Ms. Bai.”

Lin Xinyan said with a frown, “How do you know Zong Jinghao might not necessarily love Bai Zhuwei?”

“Ms. Bai was already with Young master for quite some time, and young master didn’t fall for her. But two months ago, he suddenly acknowledged her status after returning from overseas. I still don’t understand why he had suddenly fallen for her.” Even now, Aunt Yu couldn’t figure it out.

On the other hand, Lin Xinyan was shocked. Two months ago?

She calmed herself down and asked, as if nothing happened, “Zong Jinghao didn’t fall for Bai Zhuwei in the past, yet two months ago, after he returned overseas, he suddenly acknowledged his girlfriend’s status?”

Aunt Yu nodded and replied, “Yup, since Young master isn’t an airheaded person, I think something happened that made him acknowledge her.”

Lin Xinyan was lost in thoughts. Bai Zhuwei seems to be very hostile to her.

Is it just because she’s married to Zong Jinghao, or there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye?

She couldn’t figure it out at the moment, and so went to the hospital to visit her mother. Before going to the hospital, she cashed the check, withdrew some of the money that had to be spent and deposited the rest. Then, she went to the hospital and paid the medical expenses. Arranged by a nurse, she finally met Zhuang Zijin.

Zhuang Zijin was locked in a small room with almost nothing except a bed, a table, and a plastic cup half-filled with water.

A patient with mental health disorders would be unaware of self-harm. Therefore, she was searched by a nurse before entering the room to make sure that no potential items that could result in self-harm were brought.

Wearing a blue hospital gown, she huddled at the bedside and murmured to herself.

Lin Xinyan couldn’t really make out what she said. Once the door was pushed open, she looked up as Lin Xinyan walked into the room. She was in a trance for a while before opening her mouth and said, “Yan.”

Lin Xinyan’s nose turned red and eyes turned puffy as soon as she heard it. She sprang upon her, hugged her tightly and said, “Mom.”

Zhuang Zijin caressed her hair gently and asked, “Why are you here alone? Why didn’t you bring along Xinqi to visit me?” “I haven’t seen him for ages.”

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