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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 379

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 379

Guan Jing shivered as he cursed the one who called him. He quickly pulled his phone out, only to feel a sense of relief when he saw the caller ID.

All one hundred managers had their attention on Guan Jing as the company had stated that all phones must be silenced during a meeting.

Guan Jing quickly answered the call, and Lin Xinyan’s voice could be heard from the phone. “Did you check what I asked you to last time?”

Guan Jing froze; he could not recall such a request.

Lin Xinyan put her chopsticks down. “Did you forget? I asked you to help check which management agency Li Zhan belongs to. Is it done?”

Because of Lin Xinyan’s reminder, Guan Jing finally remembered it. Since it wasn’t a good idea to speak in front of every manager in the company, he decided to take the call outside. Guan Jing showed his phone to Zong Jinghao, and the latter immediately frowned at the caller ID -Chairman’s Wife.

The chairman simply grunted and signaled Guan Jing to leave.

“Are you busy?” Lin Xinyan asked impatiently.

“No, no.” Guan Jing closed the door behind him and found a quiet spot. “I didn’t get the chance to tell you this since you hung up too fast last time. Li Zhan did not sign with any management agency, but he does have a manager.”

Lin Xinyan frowned. “Then, can you locate him?”

“He just got back a few days ago. He now lives at 108 Tongling West Road,” Guan Jing replied.

“I see. Thanks.”

“Wait!” Guan Jing quickly stopped Lin Xinyan from hanging up. “Do you know Li Zhan?”


“Then, why are you looking for him?”

“It’s work-related. Why?”

“D-don’t you know who he is?”

“Oh? Do enlighten me.” Lin Xinyan’s interest was piqued.

Guan Jing was about to answer but he quickly swallowed his words back down. He believed it wasn’t something he should disclose.

“You’ll know when you meet with him,” Guan Jing finally answered and hung up.

Since Lin Xinyan didn’t know anything about it, it only meant that Zong Jinghao hadn’t told her the detail.

Lin Xinyan stared at the phone, completely dumbfounded.

What the heck? You piqued my interest, and now you’re leaving me hanging here? Is this a game to you?

She put her phone down and finished her lunch before driving to 108 Tongling West Road. Since she wasn’t familiar with the district, she had to rely on the GPS. The closer she got to her destination, the more remote the surroundings got. She couldn’t help but suspect if a famed celebrity really lived at such a location.

The buildings along the road were all really old. Only a few people could be seen wandering around the stores – most of them were elderly.

From what Lin Xinyan had learned about Li Zhan online, not only was the latter popular, but he was also quite young. She couldn’t help but find it weird that such a person lived at such a place.

Lin Xinyan began to wonder if the information Guan Jing gave her was fake. Just as she was about to turn around, she realized she’d already reached her destination. A few people wearing caps could be seen waiting outside the building with cameras hanging around their necks. It was clear that these people were paparazzi.

She quickly parked her car near the building. It’ll be impossible to meet him like this.

Lin Xinyan finally understood why Li Zhan preferred to live in such a remote place. He only had one reason, and that was to avoid the paparazzi.

She looked outside her car window at the fifteen-stories tall building. There were clothes, including underwear, hanging outside the window to dry. It definitely did not look like a place a celebrity would live at.

Scratching her chin, Lin Xinyan began to wonder how she could meet with Li Zhan. Even if she were to knock on his door, he would simply think she was with the paparazzi; he would not open the door for her.

“What should I do…”

As Lin Xinyan racked her brain, the building’s door suddenly opened, and out came a man dressed in plain clothing. He was wearing a cap, and his face was covered by a black face mask.

Before she could react to what was going on, the doorway was flooded with young ladies. They were all chanting Li Zhan’s name while holding up signs that reflected their love for the celebrity.

It was Lin Xinyan’s first time witnessing a celebrity being surrounded by his crazy fans. She always thought that these were all an act for the television until she saw it with her own eyes. The crowd was even wilder than she thought.

Next to the face-covered Li Zhan was an overweight man in glasses with his hair tied into a bun. The man was trying to shield the celebrity from his fans, but they looked like they were about to be overwhelmed anytime soon.

Lin Xinyan was a little stunned as she never thought she would actually witness such a scene. She was even expecting to see Li Zhan’s face and see if he was as good-looking as others said he was.

The only thing she found weird was why Li Zhan was only being escorted by one person. As she was lost in thought, the door to her backseat opened, and in came a man.

“Drive!” the man ordered.

Lin Xinyan turned around and saw a tall man in sunglasses and a black face mask. Wait… Doesn’t he look like Li Zhan?

She quickly turned back and realized that the fans were still going crazy over the man that had walked out from the front door of the building.

“Who are you?” Lin Xinyan was completely dumbfounded by the situation.

Li Zhan pushed his sunglasses down a little to take a better look at Lin Xinyan. “It’s you?”

“Wait, Li Zhan?” Lin Xinyan finally saw his eyes.

“Get me out of here.” Li Zhan put his sunglasses back on.

Without any hesitation, Lin Xinyan started her engine and drove out to the main road. She beamed in excitement when she realized that she didn’t have to do anything to get what she came for.

“Where are you heading to?” Lin Xinyan asked.

“The city center.”

Li Zhan was going to attend a fan meeting event. The venue was already prepared; all that was left was for him was to arrive. He thought the car he had gotten into was one sent to pick him up. It wasn’t until he saw Lin Xinyan’s face that he realized he had gotten into the wrong car. Since what was done was done, he had to ask her for help. He could not get rid of his fans like he had again.

The celebrity finally removed his face mask and sunglasses. His black hair was stylishly cut to match his attractive eyes and chiseled jaw; his face was the epitome of perfection.

Even though he was wearing a plain sky-blue checkered shirt, the plain and simple style made him look even sexier.

“Long time no see.”

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