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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 376

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 376

Lin Xinyan stroked her own forehead. She couldn’t help feeling as if she were always forgetting things. Lucky for her, there was a towel in the bathroom, and she thought of getting her son to grab her clothes from upstairs once she finished showering.

Finally, she soaked herself peacefully in the bathtub.

After a while, she got up and rinsed herself under the rain shower before she wrapped herself in a towel. Without opening the door, she called out to her son, “Xichen, can you grab my pajamas from upstairs?”

Lin Xichen looked at the bathroom’s frosted glass door and couldn’t see his mother’s silhouette at all. “Where are your pajamas?” he asked.

“It’s in the drawer under the bathroom mirror,” she answered. She deliberately kept her pajamas in that drawer so she could get dressed as soon as she stepped out of the shower. That way, she wouldn’t have to wrap herself in a towel before changing.

“Hold on, I’ll get it for you now,” said Lin Xichen. He put down his tablet, then got off the bed and rushed upstairs in his bedroom slippers. He moved so swiftly that he didn’t realize someone was standing behind the door when he opened the door. Upon colliding head to head, he rubbed his forehead and looked up. It was Zong Jinghao, and they were both wearing the same gray silk pajamas.

Fluttering his eyelids, Lin Xichen looked at himself, then raised his head to look at him.

Zong Jinghao bent down and uncovered Li Xichen’s hand from his forehead, then asked, “Does it hurt?”

Li Xichen’s forehead was neither red nor swollen, so he shook his head and replied, “No, it doesn’t.”

After a short pause, he asked, “Was your pajamas sewn by my mommy too?”

I thought Mommy only made pajamas for Ruixi and I.

Zong Jinghao didn’t know whether his pajamas were hand-sewn by Lin Xinyan. She passed the pajamas to him earlier, and all this time he had thought that she had bought them from a store.

Realizing that the material and style of his pajamas were the same as Lin Xichen’s, he asked, “Was yours sewn by your mommy?”

Lin Xichen nodded. “Most of the clothes my sister and I wear were made by my mommy.”

Lin Xinyan was a fashion designer, and she had a strong understanding of different types of fabrics. There were several sewing machines in her boutique, so it was easy for her to sew new pieces of clothing.

Lin Xichen glared at Zong Jinghao sternly and warned, “You make sure to treat my mommy well.”

Mommy has always treated him well.

He is physically small in size, but he can be rather imposing.

Zong Jinghao then stood up and looked at him from above, saying, “What are you doing up here?”

Treat Lin Xinyan well? Of course, I owe that to my girl. In fact, it’s my duty to look after her. If I don’t pamper her, who will?

This kid doesn’t need to remind nor warn me.

Lin Xichen looked up and said, “I’m here to get my mommy’s pajamas. She wants to sleep with me tonight.”

Zong Jinghao wasn’t surprised to hear this, but he felt that Lin Xichen’s reply had a high and mighty undertone.

It seems like he’s implying that I have dominated his mother for a long time, and now she finally wants to spend time with him away from me.

Zong Jinghao patted Lin Xichen on the shoulder and smiled without saying a word. He then went into the room and grabbed the boy’s pajamas, but Lin Xichen reached out and said, “Give it to me.”

Once Zong Jinghao handed the pajamas to him, Lin Xichen held them close to his chest and headed downstairs.

Zong Jinghao followed him from behind with slow and steady steps.

When Lin Xichen reached the bathroom, he knocked on the door and said, “Mommy, here are your pajamas.”

Inside the bathroom, Lin Xinyan was busy cleaning up, and she had just put her dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

When she heard her son calling, she told him to hang her pajamas on the door handle outside so she could get them.

Lin Xichen agreed obediently and hung her pajamas on the door handle. Then, he climbed back into bed and continued doing math questions on his tablet.

Meanwhile, Lin Ruixi was rolling around on the bed with her new soft toy.

After Lin Xinyan drained the water in the bathtub and finished cleaning up, she walked towards the door to grab her pajamas from the door handle. Just as she opened the door slightly to reach for her pajamas, she suddenly felt someone grabbing her wrist. In shock, she wanted to call out to the person, but when she saw his silhouette through the gap, she noticed a familiar, well-chiseled face.

Scrunching her eyebrows, she whispered, “What are you doing?”

Zong Jinghao gazed at her from head to toe. Her shoulder-length hair was half-dried, and she was wrapped in a single white towel. Her elegant neckline and fair calves were exposed before his eyes from above and beneath the towel.

His chest suddenly filled with a fiery passion.

Intimidated by his reaction, Lin Xinyan broke loose from his grasp and said, “Stop it. Both the kids are here.”

To which Zong Jinghao stated with a deep voice, “Let me in then.”

Caught off guard, Lin Xinyan replied softly, “I want to change.”

“I know.”

When she didn’t respond, he smiled and pinched her cheeks, saying, “It’s fine if you don’t let me in. I will sleep downstairs tonight.”

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

Do I even have a choice?

He’s doing this on purpose.

She glared at him resentfully and said, “You already had this all planned out. Do you still need my consent?”

After that, she shut the bathroom door on him.

Zong Jinghao’s mood brightened up upon knowing that he had achieved his goal. He walked back into the room and saw Lin Xichen staring at him fiercely in fear that he had come to steal Lin Xinyan away.

On the other hand, Lin Ruixi reacted on the opposite end of the spectrum. When she saw Zong Jinghao, she jumped on the bed happily and called him “Daddy”. She then threw herself into his arms and had him wrap his arms around her like an octopus. With one hand around her waist and the other on her buttocks, he said, “Good girl.”

However, Lin Ruixi whined, “You kissed Mommy just now, but you didn’t kiss me.”

She then leaned in and put her cheek next to his lips. “Kiss me too.”

Zong Jinghao gave her a peck on her cheek and pinched her nose before saying, “You’re so young, but you already know how to manipulate me?”

She giggled in his arms and replied, “I learned many new characters lately. Are you going to reward me?”

“What would you like?” Zong Jinghao said as he hugged her on the bed. Meanwhile, Lin Xichen moved aside and stared at the two of them. This is my bed, and they are occupying my space.

Lin Ruixi pondered over it for a while then answered, “I want Secret Base.”

Lin Xichen immediately shifted his gaze towards his sister in surprise.

She usually likes soft toys and Barbie dolls.

Zong Jinghao was equally startled when he heard her answer. “Since when did you start liking such things?” he asked while hugging her.

“This item appeared the most in Xichen’s browsing history, and he saved in under favorites. I’m guessing he really likes it, so I want to give it as a gift to him. However, I don’t have any money,” Ruixi said innocently while nestled in Zong Jinghao’s arms. “Daddy, can you buy it so I can give it to Xichen?”

Lin Xichen really liked Secret Base, but he felt that he would owe Zong Jinghao a favor if he accepted it as a gift from him.

“I don’t want it,” the boy muttered as he resisted the temptation.

Laying on the bed sideways with his face on the quilt, Zong Jinghao stroked his daughter’s hair and said, “Your brother doesn’t want it. Why don’t you choose something you like?”

Lin Ruixi already had everything she wanted, so she said, “Get me another duck soft toy then.”

Lin Xichen cringed when he heard this.

It’s such a good opportunity to ask for something valuable, but she asks for a duck soft toy?

She already has one!

“Okay,” Zong Jinghao promised.

Lin Ruixi happily kissed her father, leaving a trace of saliva on his cheek. Feeling a wet and sticky sensation on his cheek, Zong Jinghao reached out to wipe away the saliva on the corners of her lips.

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