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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 37

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 37

Lin Xinyan was at a loss for a few seconds. He could see that she was trying to shake him off for quite some time before she stopped and asked, “You, are you alright?”

She was guarding against him instinctively.

Zong Jinghao’s sturdy body lay on top of her. He was burning with sexual desire and almost couldn’t control himself. Nevertheless, he forcefully restrained himself and said, “You think I’ve got a fever?”

Touched his forehead?

Does she know that he can’t be touch now?

Particularly women!

But it was merely Lin Xinyan’s instinct to touch someone’s forehead when he or she was sick. Since he didn’t feel well, Lin Xinyan treated him like a patient.

“It’s good to know that you’re fine.” Lin Xinyan could feel the danger at the moment and tried to slip away from under him.

Zong Jinghao held her down even more to constrain her from trying to move her body, and said, You don’t want to pay me back after using me?”

His lips were so close to her ear and nearly touched her skin. The wisps of warm steam puffed from his lips, fell on and numbed her. The intimate gesture ripped open her old dream that was buried deep within herself. That night, the man held her down and forced himself upon her.

She was shivering, whereas he was tense.

“Mr. Zong… I, I’ll take you to the hospital.” She forced herself to remain calm and said, “I’m not a virgin, and I’m sure you won’t like it.”

Lin Xinyan deliberately stressed on the words ‘not a virgin’.

She seemed to be reminding, or rather, deliberately making him detest her.

Once he detested her, he would be able to restrain himself even if he longed for it.

After hearing the words ‘not a virgin’ from Lin Xinyan, his desire was still burning, yet not as strong as just now.

He slid his finger down her cheek and chin, but suddenly clutched her neck and yelled angrily, “Were you involved?”

Lin Xinyan shook her head and said, “No, not all. Why would I plot against you with them when we are at daggers drawn? I have to count on your backing and know very well which is more important to me.”

His sweats dripped on fell on Lin Xinyan’s face, making her body tense. She could feel that he was really restraining himself. His sweats on his forehead were visible when the light outside of the car fell on him.

Lin Xinyan tried to move her arm and Zong Jinghao didn’t stop her. Once she opened the car window, the fresh air gushed into the car. The air of intimacy was somehow diluted, and Zong Jinghao became slightly sober too.

He said in a deep and rough voice, “Call Guan Jing.”

He lay down once he finished speaking. Lin Xinyan got up and touched his pocket. She didn’t know which shirt pockets he put his phone in, and couldn’t find it after fumbling in the shirt pockets twice. When she touched his trouser pocket, Zong Jinghao frowned and said, “Don’t fumble.”

His voice was particularly restrained. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, stared at Lin Xinyan and said, “If you fumble again…”

He’s afraid that he couldn’t control himself.

He grabbed Lin Xinyan’s hand and put it on the trouser pocket on his right side and said, “Here.” Once finished speaking, he loosened his grip and closed his eyes again.

Lin Xinyan took out the phone from his trouser pocket, found Guan Jing’s number and called him.

Lin Xinyan got out from the back seat and waited for Guan Jing outside.

It was too dangerous inside the car.

Who knew whether Zong Jinghao could really restrain himself?

Guan Jing was pretty fast as he managed to get Zong Jinghao back to the villa in just 10 minutes.

Lin Xinyan was supposed to ask Guan Jing to take Zong Jinghao to the hospital, as she was worried that his health might be affected.

But Zong Jinghao asked Guan Jing to drive back to the villa.

Once they returned to the villa, Lin Xinyan poured cold water into the bathtub, trying to sober him up. He was actually sober even though he looked intoxicated.

After submerging in cold water for more than an hour, Zong Jinghao was prostrated and could only be carried by Guan Jing and Lin Xinyan out of the bathtub.

After putting him to bed, Guan Jing looked at Lin Xinyan and said, “I’m afraid I can’t help you anymore. I will wait outside, just call me if you need anything.”

Lin Xinyan replied, “Wait, if you leave, he…” Lin Xinyan pointed at the man who was completely drenched. “What should I do?”

Guan Jing shrugged his shoulder to indicate that he couldn’t help her, and said, “I’m surely unable to help with changing his clothes, and only you can do it. Since you are Mr. Zong’s legitimate wife, taking care of him and changing clothes for him are totally reasonable and legal.”

Lin Xinyan said hesitantly, “Well, it is reasonable and legal, but…”

“I’ll wait outside.” Guan Jing left the room once he finished speaking and closed the door. He stood in front of the door and shivered. Changing Zong Jinghao’s clothes, and looking at his naked body?

Guan Jing could imagine Zong Jinghao being infuriated by it.

Who knew he might even fire him.

Lin Xinyan stood next to the bed and felt vexed and she stared at the man on the bed. If the wet clothes were not changed, he might have a cold.

Change it. She looked at the chandelier on the ceiling helplessly, took a deep breath and said, “Since you are suffering this because of me, I can’t just abandon you.”

She bent down and unbuttoned his suit, lifted his arm to take off his clothes. Then, she removed his belt, turned around and pulled his trousers down, searched the quilt like a blind person and covered him up with it.

Lin Xinyan looked at him only after doing all these steps. He had sunk into a deep sleep.

She took his wet clothes out. Guan Jing stood up from the couch once he saw her and asked, “Have you changed his clothes?”

Lin Xinyan nodded and passed the wet clothes to Aunt Yu.

“Mr. Zong would need someone by his side tonight. You will stay here and call me if you need anything. I’ll go home now.” Guan Jing grabbed his jacket.

Lin Xinyan nodded, as if resigned herself to her fate. Then, she took a dry towel to dry his hair.

When she was about to stand up and put the towel back after drying his hair, Zong Jinghao suddenly grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her to the bed. He turned over his body and held her down. When Lin Xinyan tried to push him away, he hugged her even tighter.

His wrapped his arms around her slim neck tightly, leaned his head close to her neck, and said gently, “Don’t be afraid…”

Lin Xinyan was afraid to move. Since his voice was too soft and she couldn’t hear what he said, she asked him gently, “What did you say?”

But no one replied her.

After that, Lin Xinyan lay on the bed as she was very tired and slept.

Warm sunlight slowly streamed into the room through the drapes, and Zong Jinghao moved his eyelashes for a few times before he could open his eyes. Perhaps due to his sound sleep yesterday, he couldn’t adapt to the sunlight so soon. He closed his eyes again for a minute before opening them again.

As soon as he wanted to move, he realized that something was on his arm. He turned around and saw a woman sleeping on his arm.

She had long black hair as well as thick and curly eyelashes that looked like beautiful butterflies resting on her eyelids. Her rosy and cherry lips and wave-like breaths were somehow enticing to him. As soon as he gently moved his arm, Lin Xinyan muttered.

She slightly moved her body and eyelashes. When she slowly opened her eyes, an impeccable face came into her view.

He was still in sleeping soundly.

She was nervous at first, but soon heaved a sigh a relief. How embarrassed would she be if he is awake?

She threw back the quilt and wanted to leave the room before Zong Jinghao could notice her. When she stood up barefoot and turned around to cover him with the quilt, her gaze unknowingly fell upon his shoulder.

She suddenly held her breath.

Why would there be some bite marks on his shoulder?

She was very confused yet sober. Suddenly, a shocking thought came into her mind!

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