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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 368

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 368

She detected the presence of the man whom she loved wholeheartedly.

Although nothing odd had occurred, she had a strong sense of insecurity deep down, as though she had been drained.

Lin Xinyan turned around and wrapped her arm against the man’s wrist, placing herself in between his arms firmly, as if she were in desperate need of something to fill the void she detected.

“What’s wrong?” Zong Jinghao lowered his gaze and caressed her hair gently as he asked.

It was evident he knew something was wrong with her because she wasn’t her usual sprightly self.

She leaned against his chest and stated, “I’ll be fine soon. Please allow me to be in your arms for another few minutes.”

All Lin Xinyan needed was some time to collect her thoughts.

Meanwhile, Zong Jinghao returned the favor and held her firmly in between his arms silently.

He caressed her back gently with his gigantic and warm palm, providing her a sense of security and pacifying the anxious woman.

“Why are you here?” Lin Xinyan finally returned to her usual calm and collected self.

Zong Jinghao kissed her on the forehead and ran his fingers through her unkempt fringe, stating the reason, “My uncle invited me to join him for lunch. I’ve dropped by to pick you up and bring you over with me.”

Immediately, Lin Xinyan shuddered unwittingly because she knew something was wrong.

Li Jing had dropped by to ask her out for lunch as well, but the woman had changed her mind and departed in a hurry in the end.

Are these two different venues, or has it always been the same?

“Did your aunt call you?” Lin Xinyan decided to probe further.

“No,” Zong Jinghao replied and recalled he had received the call from Wen Qing instead.

Lin Xinyan finally figured out the reason Li Jing had changed her mind at the last minute. The so-called lunch might have been a deliberate setup.

If it was a deliberate setup, who’s the one Wen Qing’s going after?

According to Li Jing, Wen Qing had ascertained Zong Jinghao’s identity. Therefore, he wouldn’t try to bring upon his misfortune anymore.

If Jinghao isn’t the one he’s going after…

All of a sudden, Lin Xinyan linked everything together because Li Jing had warned her of the difference between their backgrounds and asked her about the sort of relationship she had with Cheng Yuxiu before her departure.

Is Wen Qing aware of my relationship with Cheng Yuxiu? Am I the target of the deliberate setup?

Lin Xinyan ruled out the possibilities and thought Li Jing must have had left because she couldn’t bear to make the call. Perhaps she felt guilty.

Unaware of the things Wen Qing had gotten his hands on, Lin Xinyan behaved like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Did he send Li Jing to divert my attention? Could it be that he has already figured out Jinghao’s actual identity?

Her mind was all over the place, yet no one could guide her because she couldn’t rely on anyone else.

She tucked her arms and told Zong Jinghao, “I don’t want to go. In fact, I don’t want you to go either. Can we go home instead?”

Lin Xinyan asked in a husky voice. Involuntarily, her voice quivered.

Without a second thought, Zong Jinghao gave in to her beloved wife’s request. “Okay.”

Deep down, Lin Xinyan felt her heart warm up and finally regained composure when Zong Jinghao didn’t falter.

She could sense the affection he had for her and how much she meant to him.

Lin Xinyan placed her hands on Zong Jinghao’s face and queried, “Are you sure you love me? Are you sure you’re not in a relationship with me just because I’m Lin Ruixi and Lin Xichen’s mother? If I never gave birth to them, would you get married to me?”

Her vision blurred as her eyes brimmed with tears.

Throughout the past two decades, never had she ever confronted another man.

She grew nervous, yet she couldn’t wait to figure out his answer.

Lin Xinyan was head over heels in love with Zong Jinghao.

Therefore, she wanted to know if the feelings were mutual.

The more you care about something, the more afraid you are of losing it.

That’s a random quote I came across years ago. Does that mean I have reached the stage where I’m afraid of losing him because I care about him that much?

Why isn’t Jinghao replying me? Does that mean he isn’t serious about me and our relationship?

“P-Please don’t take me seriously—” She got anxious and tried to explain herself.

“I don’t know.” Zong Jinghao broke the silence, interrupting Lin Xinyan before she could finish her sentence.

Zong Jinghao lowered his gaze, casting a shadow over her face and asserting in a serious tone, “I have no idea if I’m serious about you, but I want you to stay by my side. If I don’t see you for an extended period, I will start missing you. Sometimes it feels like I’ve gotten addicted to you. I’m not sure if that’s how it feels like to be in love. Even if it’s not, I won’t allow you to leave my side anymore. I want you to stay by my side forever!”

He was as domineering as always. Even when he had to confess his affection, he did it in an entirely different manner as compared to an ordinary man.

Lin Xinyan’s heart started to race furiously. Trembling in fear and excitement due to the unknown that was in store for her, she couldn’t pull herself together anymore.

“Have you lost your mind? What are you craving for lunch? Let’s grab something to eat, just you and me.” Zong Jinghao pinched Lin Xinyan’s nose and held her in between his arms.

Lin Xinyan shook her head and counter-offered, “Your uncle wants to treat us lunch, doesn’t he? I think we shouldn’t let him down.”

She would have to take the risk because she needed to figure out the thing Wen Qing was up to.

“Does every woman behave like you? How can you change your mind within a few minutes?” Zong Jinghao asked, frowning in an odd manner.

“Perhaps you’re right. Since you’re aware of that, you may want to treat me better in the future. Otherwise…” Lin Xinyan nodded earnestly and warned Zong Jinghao.

Zong Jinghao was petrified upon hearing her words.

Lin Xinyan turned around and asked, “Are you angry?”

Putting on a fierce front, he glared at her in the eyes and warned her in return, “Don’t you dare! Otherwise, I’ll break your legs and render you immobile!”

Lin Xinyan smiled in return and wrapped her arm around Zong Jinghao’s arm as they made their way out of her store.

Zong Jinghao’s car was at the parking lot across the street. As soon as they got into the car, Zong Jinghao leaned over and buckled the seatbelt on Lin Xinyan’s behalf.

Lin Xinyan, who sat upright next to Zong Jinghao, told him, “Aunt had dropped by my store as well.”


Zong Jinghao raised his head and exchanged glances with Lin Xinyan once he finished buckling the seatbelt.

Staring at him in the eyes, she told him, “Initially, she wanted to bring me out for lunch, but she left in a hurry in the end. I wonder if she was going to bring me over for lunch with Uncle?”

Zong Jinghao narrowed his eyes because he was equally confused deep down.

He had suspected something fishy going on behind the scenes since the last time Wen Qing had instructed him to retrieve the folder on his behalf.

“She told me—” Lin Xinyan brought herself to half on purpose.


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