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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 366

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 366

Hence, Bai Yinning was certain the truth would prevail.

Lin Xinyan narrowed her eyes and recalled the time she visited the Wen family. Li Jing removed the cutleries Zong Jinghao had made use of once he finished his meal.

Finally, she figured out the things that had gone wrong; Bai Yinning was the mastermind behind the scene all this while.

“You’re the one behind everything!” Lin Xinyan stated in a callous tone, but she had misperceived things for once.

It was Wen Qing. He had his doubts because Li Jing had told him the content of the conversation Lin Xinyan had with Cheng Yuxiu. Hence, he dispatched his men to Baicheng.

Lin Xinyan had misperceived Bai Yinning to be the mastermind, but the man actually had nothing much to do with it.

No matter what, Lin Xinyan would be irritated because Bai Yinning was insisted on unveiling the truth.

“What do you stand to gain?” Lin Xinyan cast a skeptical gaze at Bai Yinning.

In return, Bai Yinning’s pupils constricted because Lin Xinyan had never once stared at him in such a manner.

Although he felt dejected deep down, he put on a calm front – he didn’t want to be vulnerable in front of her.

He replied nonchalantly, “Is it necessary for you to confront me? I’m sure you’re aware of what I stand to gain, right?”

If Zong Jinghao was Cheng Yuxiu’s son, he would definitely turn his back against Wen Qing once he figured out that Cheng Yuxiu had been taken into custody by Wen Qing back then.

If that were the case, Bai Yinning could get his revenge easily since Zong Jinghao would stop getting in his way. In fact, he might join him to avenge Cheng Yuxiu.

Indeed, Lin Xinyan was aware of Bai Yinning’s scheme.

She found Bai Yinning a selfish man.

“If you want to get your revenge, you should achieve it on your own! It’s not very wise of you to leverage on someone else’s traumatic experience!” Lin Xinyan didn’t want the truth to prevail because she enjoyed things as it was as of now.

She clenched her fists with all her might. Since Wen Qing had started going after Zong Jinghao’s background after he started having his doubts, she was worried that the cutleries she had swapped out wouldn’t be of much help.

The most she could do was to get Bai Yinning to stay out of it. In fact, it would be better if she could win him over and procure his aid since Baicheng was his territory. Even if Wen Qing had dispatched his men to Baicheng, Bai Yinning could easily distract his men as long as he was willing to get in their way.

She looked at Bai Yinning and requested sincerely, “Can you please stay out of this? Wen Qing has sinned against all sorts of parties back in the day. Eventually, he’s going to get what he deserves. Is it necessary for you to rush things through?”

“Do you really believe in karma?” Bai Yinning chuckled and probed further.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Lin Xinyan asked rhetorically.

Bai Yinning stared at her once again and tightened his grip as he held on to the handles of his wheelchair. His palms were sweating profusely.

“I’ll promise you to stay out of this, but it’s not because I’ve decided to stop avenging my father. Instead, you’re the sole reason behind my decision; I don’t want you to have a hard time because of this.”

Once he finished his sentence, he turned his wheelchair around and showed himself out.

In the end, Lin Xinyan was the only one he had in his mind.

Therefore, he didn’t want to put her in a tough position, neither did he want her to be in a foul mood because of it.

He would get his revenge. It was merely a matter of time. After all, he was still young. He could easily plot a great scheme to achieve his revenge against Wen Qing in the upcoming decades.

Lin Xinyan wasn’t feeling great about it either because she had a hunch that someone would shed light on the incident that had occurred in the past in the near future.

She looked at Bai Yinning’s departing figure and muttered, expressing her gratitude, “Thank you.”

As long as she could get Bai Yinning to stay out of it, there would be a chance the truth that had occurred back then wouldn’t prevail.

Bai Yinning replied with his back facing Lin Xinyan, “You know it takes more than that to thank me, right? With that being said, I know you won’t ever grant me the thing I’m seeking. You owe me a favor for that much.”

“Sure. If you need me to do you a favor in the future, feel free to approach me. I’ll definitely offer my help if it’s within my capability,” Lin Xinyan agreed.

“If that’s the case, it doesn’t sound like a bad deal either,” Bai Yinning beamed his reply.

Finally, he brought himself out of Lin Xinyan’s clothing store and got into his ride with Gao Yuan’s aid.

Lin Xinyan sat on the couch statically, losing herself in the process of thought as she stared at the phone on the coffee table.

She thought of getting in touch with Li Jing in an attempt to sound out her views, but she was afraid that Li Jing might get suspicious if she were to approach her out of the blue.

Hence, she felt lost. She couldn’t figure out her next best course of action.

She heaved another sigh out of frustration. Suddenly, a figure could be seen walking into the store just as she was about to head upstairs. The person who had shown up was none other than Li Jing.

Lin Xinyan paused and turned around immediately. She sprinted over to welcome Li Jing, who had shown up, with a bright smile. “What brings you here today?”

In return, Li Jing surveyed the surroundings of Lin Xinyan’s store. Since Lin Xinyan’s store specialized in producing customized outfits, there were a lot of exquisite pieces on display, including evening gowns and wedding gowns. Each and every one of the pieces was one of a kind.

Li Jing had gotten married to Wen Qing – a stick in the mud – at a young age. Hence, she wasn’t allowed to put on any wedding gown. Since traditional wedding gowns weren’t a thing back then, she had gotten married to him in a typical cheongsam.

It was every woman’s dream to get married to the man, whom they loved wholeheartedly, in their favorite dress.

“I’m the only one home; your uncle isn’t around. Therefore, I’ve dropped by because I want someone to keep me company for lunch,” Li Jing explained the reason behind her visit.

Without a second thought, Lin Xinyan agreed to join Li Jing for lunch. After all, she had wanted to approach her to sound out her views.

“Please tell me I’m not getting in your way… Am I?” Li Jing asked rhetorically.

“No! I’m glad I’m the one you’ve approached when you need a companion!” Lin Xinyan assured Li Jing everything was fine.

Lin Xinyan noticed that Li Jing had her eyes glued to the pieces that had been put on display in the store ever since she entered. Her eyes gleamed as though she couldn’t wait to put them on.

Therefore, she approached her and offered, “Allow me to show you around!”

“Sure!” Li Jing beamed her reply.

The outfits on display were not for sale. Instead, it served a different purpose as a point of reference for the customers.

The customers would procure the designer’s service to produce a custom-made piece based on the ones on display.

Nonetheless, there were a lot of customers who had dropped by to procure the service of a particular designer.

Li Jing ran her fingers across the wedding gown that had been put on display. She detected the velvety touch unique to those of a Tea Silk gown; it was a great sensation.

Li Jing wondered aloud, “What’s the material of the gown? It feels great.”

The material was the improvised replication of the Tea Silk that had been launched. It was pretty similar to the authentic Tea Silk, but the replicated ones would wrinkle, whereas the authentic Tea Silk would never wrinkle.

“Do you like it? If that’s the case, I can make you a dress using this material. What sort of dress do you like? Allow me to suggest this design to you.” Lin Xinyan pointed at a one-piece dress.

Since it would get warmer soon, Li Jing, who was a conservative woman, had the option to choose whether she wanted to compliment the dress with outerwear or not.

Li Jing was delighted and felt reluctant to execute the plan she had in store for Lin Xinyan.

Actually, she did not drop by Lin Xinyan’s store because she needed her to keep her company for lunch.

She was simply there to execute Wen Qing’s plan.

Once again, Lin Xinyan failed to hit the bullseye.

Wen Qing and Li Jing had Zong Jinghao’s DNA sample, but they didn’t compare it against Cheng Yuxiu’s DNA sample. Instead, they compared it against the DNA sample that had been left behind by the late Wen Xian.

Since Lin Xinyan had swapped the DNA sample, her DNA sample was the one that had been compared against Wen Xian’s DNA sample.

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