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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 364

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 364

The person who answered the door was a young and gorgeous woman.

She wasn’t shocked the moment she detected Zong Jinghao’s presence. In fact, she seemed to be expecting his arrival all along.

In fact, she would be surprised if it weren’t Zong Jinghao who had shown up in front of her doorstep.

“Are you here to retrieve an item?” the young woman asked with a smile.

Due to the illumination of the corridor, the woman’s flawless facial features could be seen. Her glistering pair of eyes stood out amongst the features she had been blessed with. In short, she was an ethereal beauty.

However, Zong Jinghao behaved casually, as though he couldn’t be bothered by the woman’s so-called flawless features at all.

He replied nonchalantly with a poker face, “Mm.”

“Come on in,” the woman replied with a smile and moved away, showing him the way into the room.

Zong Jinghao frowned in confusion. He had his fair share of doubts deep down because he couldn’t recall encountering this woman by Wen Qing’s side.

Apart from that, he couldn’t figure out the rationale behind why Wen Qing had handed over his item to such a young woman.

“My father and Uncle Wen have been close acquaintances for years. My father was the one who has access to the information of the exceptional recruits who have been recruited through the drill. Uncle Wen wanted to peruse the information, but my dad wasn’t free. Hence, he sent me on his behalf…” The woman explained the reason behind it and introduced herself, “My name is Chen Shihan. If anything is bothering you, please give Uncle Wen a call.”

Since Chen Shihan had introduced herself and told Zong Jinghao everything he had been wondering, he could not bring anything else up anymore.

Once he marched into the room, Chen Shihan closed the door and passed him the folder she had retrieved from the table.

However, when Zong Jinghao tried to take it away from Chen Shihan, she held on to it firmly.

She looked at Zong Jinghao and asked, “Aren’t you curious about the reason Uncle Wen has sent you to retrieve the documents? I mean, people like my father and Uncle Wen have bodyguards around them twenty-four seven. In fact, they have an entire unit at their deployment. Both you and I don’t need to meet up for a mere set of documents.”

“Oh? Does that mean you know what they’re up to?” Zong Jinghao played along because he had been wanting to figure out the reason behind it as well.

“Of course! I heard the conversation between my father and Uncle Wen prior to my departure.” Chen Shihan sat on the couch nonchalantly; she was certain Zong Jinghao would be interested in the things she had to share with him.

Zong Jinghao nodded in return. He wasn’t interested in the content of the conversation they had, but he wanted to figure out the reason behind Wen Qing’s action.

“Do you want me to tell you?” Chen Shihan asked with a bright smile.

It was evident that she had no intention to share it with him unconditionally, but Zong Jinghao had always been a proud man.

He would never allow a woman to overpower him.

Therefore, he cast a skeptical gaze at Chen Shihan before stepping out of the room.

She didn’t expect him to leave her behind without any hesitation. Immediately, she got up from the couch and went after Zong Jinghao.

By the time she reached the entrance, Zong Jinghao had already boarded the elevator and made his way downstairs. She chuckled as she stood by the entrance. “Zong Jinghao, you’re such an interesting man!”

Zong Jinghao was a young and wealthy man. He possessed countless assets and a flawless look that could easily charm another woman.

Chen Shihan got pumped up because she could not wait to figure out the arrangement Wen Qing and her father had in store to match-make them.

Previously, Chen Shihan had merely heard rumors about Zong Jinghao. She finally had the opportunity to run into him in person. He was a charismatic man. As compared to his peers, he was far more exceptional.

Once Zong Jinghao got into his car with the folder, he made his way back to his company.

He couldn’t figure out the meaning behind Chen Shihan’s words, and neither could he figure out Wen Qing’s intention behind his request.

As soon as he reached his company, Zong Jinghao parked his car in the underground parking lot. The moment he alighted from his car, he noticed the folder and decided to bring it along with him.

He boarded the elevator and made his way upstairs.

“Send Guan Jing to my office immediately,” he instructed after he walked out of the elevator and passed by his secretary’s seat.

He entered his office once he delivered his instructions. Zong Jinghao placed the folder he had brought along with him on the table casually and adjusted his tie.

As soon as Guan Jing walked into his office, Zong Jinghao pointed at the folder on his table and instructed his subordinate to deliver it to Wen Qing.

Guan Jing took note of his instruction and took the folder along with him as he made his way out of his supervisor’s office, but Zong Jinghao stopped him. “Hold on.”

Hence, Guan Jing stopped right where he was before he could make his way out of Zong Jinghao’s office. He turned around and looked at Zong Jinghao, awaiting the next instruction.

Zong Jinghao fell silent for a few seconds before instructing, “I want you to investigate if there’s been anything odd regarding the Wen family lately.”

Guan Jing couldn’t figure out the rationale behind Zong Jinghao’s instruction because he was aware of the sort of relationship Wen Qing and Zong Jinghao had.

Hence, Guan Jing asked carefully, “Am I supposed to investigate Wen Qing?”

“Have I not made myself clear?” Zong Jinghao stretched his arms and removed the cufflinks on his sleeves.

“No. Everything is clear,” Guan Jing replied with a smile and made his way out of Zong Jinghao’s office right away.

He stood in front of Zong Jinghao’s office once he shut the door tight. Guan Jing took a peek at the folder he had with him and darted another glance at the door that had been shut tight.

Although he noticed Zong Jinghao in a foul mood, he shrugged his shoulders helplessly because he was aware that he shouldn’t poke his nose into his supervisor’s business. He made up his mind and decided to focus on the mission that had been assigned to him instead.

He made a call as he walked down the stairs with the folder that Zong Jinghao handed over to him.

On the other hand, Lin Xinyan gathered every staff of her store around once again.

No matter how exceptional the designs of her outfits were, it would not do her any good if no one were aware of their existence.

Therefore, she needed someone influential to put on the outfits she had designed to achieve positive word-of-mouth.

Ellen caressed her chin and suggested, “I think Mr. Zong is the best candidate for the task since he’s a renowned figure!”

In return, Lin Xinyan knitted her eyebrows and gave it some thought, but she soon recalled Zong Jinghao had always shown up in front of others in formal wear.

She could not possibly get him to promote his outfits to others either. He would never give in to her request as well.

Hence, she couldn’t rationalize the idea her subordinate had suggested because it didn’t make any sense to turn Zong Jinghao into her brand’s spokesperson.

In fact, she had never once wanted to rely on Zong Jinghao either.

“No,” Lin Xinyan turned down the suggestion of her subordinate without any hesitation.

“Are you sure you’re not turning me down because you’re reluctant to put him under the limelight?” Ellen teased her in return.

Lin Xinyan chuckled because she found Ellen’s words hilarious. She wasn’t mad since she was satisfied with her current state of living as well as her relationship with Zong Jinghao.

Ellen stated, “The only ones who are able to contribute to our goals are the celebrities.”

Actually, Lin Xinyan shared the same idea deep down. However, she didn’t want to procure the aid of a female celebrity.

All along, they had focused on designing outfits for females. As a matter of fact, they had rarely launched outfits for males. Hence, Lin Xinyan wanted to penetrate their business segment into the male market.

“What about Li Zhan? He’s the most sought-after male celebrity nowadays, but it’s going to cost a fortune to procure his service,” Ellen explained.

Since Lin Xinyan had never been a fan of the entertainment industry, she was not aware of the ongoing issue. Besides, she might not want to procure the service of the most sought-after male celebrity because the one thing she emphasized the most was compatibility.

“Ellen, each of us will design two outfits. We’ll decide on the flagship design once we’ve come out with our separate designs. I’ll deal with the spokesperson on my own.”

“Alright, Xinran.”

“Everyone, it won’t be easy in the upcoming few weeks, but let’s give our best!” Once the designs were drafted, they would have to produce the outfits based on the designs. They might have to work overtime to achieve the quality desired.

Nevertheless, Lin Xinran’s employees didn’t complain because they would be the beneficiaries of their actions, should the profit the store generated increase. Hence, they were willing to work overtime voluntarily.

Lin Xinyan shut herself in her office once the conference ended. She had a few rough ideas in her mind. Therefore, she started drafting her designs immediately.

Finally, she completed one of her designs. She had to decide on the best candidate for the spokesperson to endorse the outfits she had designed next.

Since she had made up her mind to procure the service of a male celebrity, they would have to pay a higher premium to secure their services.

Although it might cost Lin Xinran a fortune, it would be necessary for a greater cause in the long run because they might achieve positive word-of-mouth and penetrate the male market easily. Apart from that, most of the male celebrity’s fans were female. The fans might be a potential source of customers Lin Xinran could tap into as well.

She surfed the internet to gather the male celebrities’ information. The first one who showed up on the list was Li Zhan, the one Ellen had brought up previously.

The man had delicate facial features that make him seem as though he was the reincarnation of the legendary Narcissus from Greek mythology. He had a pair of abysmal eyes that intrigued Lin Xinyan.

She started collecting Li Zhan’s personal information.

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