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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 363

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 363

Instead of confronting them, Su Zhan tried his best to keep himself calm. However, he wanted Lin Xinyan to tell him the details of Qin Ya’s whereabouts to get himself ready.

Shen Peichuan had been keeping him company since last night.

Finally, he made up his mind. No matter what he was up to, he would have to put everything on hold until Qin Ya recovered. If he were to approach Qin Ya, he would only bring her more misery, affecting her recovery.

“I’m wide awake.” Su Zhan smiled bitterly in return. He looked at Shen Peichuan and placed his hand on the man’s shoulder silently.

He deemed it unnecessary to explain himself.

Similarly, Shen Peichuan placed his hand on Su Zhan’s shoulder. “I’m glad you have finally sorted things out.”

The former felt a sense of relief when he heard that Su Zhan had made up his mind. Truth be told, he was worried about his friend because Su Zhan had been in a foul mood over the past few days.

“Xinyan,” Su Zhan greeted Lin Xinyan in a husky voice because he felt guilty deep down.

Judging by Su Zhan’s look, Lin Xinyan managed to figure out his motive. She assured him, “Don’t worry. Once she recovers, I’ll get in touch with you and let you know her whereabouts.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll place her under your care, Xinyan,” Su Zhan nodded in return and replied thoughtfully.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take great care of her. For the time being, you have to take good care of yourself as well,” Lin Xinyan instructed in the end.

“Liu Feifei used to be my first love. Hence, I got anxious when she showed up out of nowhere back then. I was the reason she managed to get the better of me and hurt Qin Ya. I will bear the consequences of my actions and beg for her forgiveness once she recovers,” Su Zhan asserted.

Lin Xinyan had no intention of meddling with Su Zhan and Qin Ya’s relationship.

After all, she was merely an outsider. Hence, she wasn’t in the position to make the call on anyone’s behalf.

“I’ll get her to revert back to you once she’s ready,” Lin Xinyan told Su Zhan and bade farewell with him.

She wanted to return to the store since Zong Jinghao would have to return to the company soon.

Once they walked out of the airport, Zong Jinghao opened the door of his car and ushered Lin Xinyan into their ride.

After Lin Xinyan got into the car and buckled up, Zong Jinghao asked, “Are you heading over to the company?”

“No. Can you please drop me off at the store?” Initially, she wanted to draw everyone’s attention to Tea Silk. However, she had to put everything to a halt for the time being due to Wen Qing.

She could barely sustain her store’s day-to-day operation. Hence, she was in desperate need of dazzling collections to bring LEO back to the public’s eyes in B City.

Ever since the launching of the store, she had encountered a series of events. In other words, she had accidentally neglected her store’s operation. She needed to establish a proper contingency plan. Otherwise, things would get to the point of no return and adversely impact LEO’s image.

Lin Xinyan walked out of the car once Zong Jinghao pulled over in front of her store. The latter received a call all of a sudden.

Lin Xinyan turned around and instructed, “You should pick up the call. I’ll get going immediately.”

It was a call from the Wen family’s landline. Usually, Wen Qing was the only one who would approach him. Zong Jinghao looked at Lin Xinyan and told her, “I’ll pick you up after you’re done.”

Lin Xinyan nodded in return before walking into her store.

Zong Jinghao picked up the call, but he had his eyes glued to the departing figure of Lin Xinyan.

“Jinghao, can you please do me a favor?” Wen Qing’s voice could be heard.

Zong Jinghao would never turn Wen Qing down because the man had never once asked for a favor from him.

“What is it?”

“Can you please drop by Imperial Hotel and approach someone who has checked into room 808 on my behalf? I need you to retrieve an item for me. She’ll hand over the item to you once you tell her you’re there on my behalf.”

Usually, he would instruct Guan Jing to retrieve items of sorts on his behalf, but he decided to drop by Imperial Hotel since it wasn’t much of a hassle.

As soon as he reached the hotel, he headed over to room 808 as instructed. He pressed the doorbell to notify the person of his arrival.

Soon, someone answered the door.

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