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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 362

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 362

Meanwhile, Zong Jinghao carried Lin Xinyan all the way to their room.

She was sleeping deeply, but when he laid her on the bed, she rolled her body to get under the covers when she could feel the mattress. Zong Jinghao furrowed and bent his body over hers to gaze at her.

Her head was tilted, and her small cheeks were as white as porcelain. Her eyelashes were so long that they had their own shadows. Her luscious red lips seemed like they were seducing him.

He lowered his head to capture her lips with his own. The sudden contact stirred Lin Xinyan awake, and she frowned before letting out an irritated grunt.

She slowly fluttered her eyes open, only to see Zong Jinghao mere inches away from her face. “I’m sleepy.” She pushed him away, a bit flirtatiously. Her sleepy voice was hoarse and soft, luring him even more.

Zong Jinghao mumbled a response without detaching himself from her lips. Lin Xinyan could feel his hot, uneven breath on her skin.

She could not help but grow nervous. Her sleepiness faded away when she recalled how dominant the man was in bed.

Every time they had a steamy session, she would always be left panting for air.

“Jinghao, I’m really sleepy,” she cautiously voiced out.

“What should you call me?”

Lin Xinyan was in a daze. “Jinghao?” she asked questioningly.

Should he be called Zong Jinghao or just Jinghao?


Suddenly, she felt a cold breeze brush all over her body as he lifted her skirt. Just as she was about to cover it back, he quickly grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, hovering over her. “I’ll ask you one more time. What should you call me?”

“H-hubby?” she stuttered.

He raised his brows as a wide smile plastered across his face, radiating immense joy.

“I wanna sleep,” Lin Xinyan cooed, taking this opportunity to act coquettishly.

Zong Jinghao placed a kiss on each of her eyelids, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the affection.

“Go ahead.” He smiled fervently while caressing her hair.

“Okay.” She leaned up to kiss his cheek softly, making the man’s heart burst with happiness.

Zong Jinghao helped her remove her shoes, revealing her milky white and small feet.

During the process, Lin Xinyan had not fallen asleep yet. She chose not to make any movements, simply enjoying this moment all she could.

Unwittingly, the corners of her lips rose slightly.

After that, she heard the sound of the man taking a shower as she gradually fell asleep. Before she drifted into dreamland, she felt the mattress behind her sink deeply before a strong arm wrapped around her slender waist, pulling her close to him. She could smell his shower gel as she finally slumbered in his comfortable arms.

It was nine in the morning when she woke up.

Typically, Zong Jinghao was already headed to the company at this hour. Surprisingly, he was still at home today. “You’re not working today?” she asked while sitting up.

Zong Jinghao stood in front of the mirror while putting on a necktie as he glanced at her. “Everything’s been arranged. Qin Ya can go today.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Xinyan got out of bed, approached him, and wrapped her arms around him from behind. “Thank you.”

“How should you thank me?” he questioned while still fumbling with the necktie.

She rounded him and stopped right in front of him, stretching her arms to grab the necktie. “Next time, let me do this for you.”

She was a fashion designer herself – she could handle things like this easily.

When she was done with the necktie, she helped him button up the suit before smoothing out the neckline.

After that, she sighed in satisfaction and took a step back to admire the man and her work. He had a thin waist, and his hips looked sturdy.

The dangling lights on the ceiling illuminated his glowing skin, highlighting all his charming points.

Zong Jinghao smiled. “Like what you see?”

“Just a little bit,” Lin Xinyan nodded seriously, pretending to actually mean what she said.

“A little bit?” The man arched a brow, clearly disliking what he was hearing.

Lin Xinyan hooked her arms around his neck, tiptoeing while lifting her head to land a kiss on his chin. “Kidding, I love it.”

I can’t deny it anymore. I’m falling for him.

Zong Jinghao hugged her small waist with a smile plastered on his lips. “You should change your clothes.”

Lin Xinyan nodded and walked over to her wardrobe to take out a new outfit before going to the bathroom for a quick change.

Now that Zong Jinghao had arranged for everything, the only thing left for her to do was fetch Qin Ya to the airport.

Concurrently, Guan Jing took care of everything in the hospital as per Zong Jinghao’s order after the latter received a call from the other party.

Some of the medical staff would go along with Qin Ya in case anything happened.

He had arranged everything accordingly. When they arrived, Guan Jing approached them. “Everything’s set. We can go to the airport now.”

“What time is the flight?” questioned Lin Xinyan.

“It’s a chartered flight. We can fly anytime,” Guan Jing replied readily.

“Okay, then. We’ll leave once everything’s ready.”

We can’t afford to postpone Qin Ya’s treatment.

It took half an hour for Lin Xinyan to send Qin Ya to the airport from the hospital.

Qin Ya was lying on the stretcher carried by the medical staff, with a doctor on the side. They stopped at the boarding gate. “I’ll visit you soon,” Lin Xinyan announced.

Qin Ya only replied with a timid ‘okay’ and nothing more, for she felt that the words ‘thank you’ were not enough to describe the gratitude she felt towards her friend.

“Get well soon. Everything will be alright.” Lin Xinyan held her hand tight. “I’ll wait for your return to help me manage the store.”

“Okay,” Qin Ya replied as tears welled up in her eyes.

With that, the medical staff carried her into the airplane. Shortly after, Lin Xinyan watched as the plane took off.

Meanwhile, two men were standing in an unobtrusive corner of the airport. One had on a serious expression, while the other looked sorrowful.

Su Zhan would have rushed forward if it weren’t for Shen Peichuan holding him back.

He could only helplessly watch Qin Ya take off into the skies, leaving him heartbroken.

Of course, he knew it was best for him not to show up in front of Qin Ya. However, that would fill him with endless contrition.

Ever since Qin Ya was rescued, all he had managed to do was take a glance at the unconscious woman. They never exchanged a single word after she woke up because she had refused to meet him.

Shen Peichuan let go of him after Qin Ya left, and Su Zhan immediately dashed towards Lin Xinyan.

“Su Zhan!” Shen Peichuan shouted, chasing after the other man in fear that the latter would curse Lin Xinyan for making Qin Ya leave.

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