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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 358

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 358

Wen Qing also signaled to her that she didn’t need to help. Li Jing could manage alone.

“Today, I just thought about your mother. So, have a drink with me.” Wen Qing poured some wine for Zong Jinghao.

Li Jing interjected, “How can you be drinking when you haven’t recovered?”

“I’m not in a good mood. Besides, a little wine won’t kill me.” Li Jing was stumped by Wen Qing’s response.

Wen Qing raised his glass, clinking it with Zong Jinghao’s. “Just one glass.”

Once a while, Wen Qing would invite Zong Jinghao for a drink whenever he missed Wen Xian. Hence, the man wasn’t suspicious of anything as he drank.

Today, Wen Qing was really in a bad mood when he thought about Wen Xian. He was afraid that Jinghao wouldn’t turn out to be Wen Xian’s son.

Although he wanted to find out the truth, he was also afraid that it would prove his worst fears to be true.

Feeling depressed, he remarked, “Jinghao, do you know that I have always regretted letting your mother marry into the Zong family?”

If only I didn’t prioritize the interest of the two families, perhaps Wen Xian wouldn’t have died then.

Every time he thought about how his sister had died at such a young age, he felt heartbroken.

“We knew she didn’t love Zong Qifeng, and yet we forced her to marry him for the sake of the family’s interest. In the end…”

Wen Qing gulped a mouthful of wine.

As for Zong Jinghao, his expression was calm. He didn’t show any emotion. After so many years, he was able to keep his composure whenever this topic was brought up.

“I really regretted it. Your father disappointed me too. I thought he was someone loyal, but in the end… he betrayed their marriage and caused me to lose my only sister.” Wen Qing banged the table with his fist in frustration.

Lin Xinyan looked at him. Despite being at fault, his feelings for his sister are true.

He just wanted the best for her; what’s so wrong with that?

Everyone had their own interests and dilemmas in that situation.

If someone must be blamed, it will have to be fate for making the wrong choices.

“That’s all in the past now. Jinghao doesn’t come often. Why do you have to talk about such depressing matters?” Li Jing took away the wine bottle.

“No matter how much time has passed, it doesn’t change the fact that my sister is dead!” Taking another sip, Wen Qing really felt sad – he wasn’t pretending at all.

“Jinghao, don’t mind your uncle. He is really in a bad mood today. I think you should stop drinking because I’m worried he may get drunk.” Just as she spoke, she took away Zong Jinghao’s wine glass.

Zong Jinghao naturally wouldn’t protest because he knew Wen Qing would easily get drunk given the foul mood he was in.

“Come, let’s tuck in.” Li Jing patted Wen Qing on his shoulder. “We should give the past a rest. Instead, we should focus on living our lives to the best of our abilities. If Wen Xian knew that you still can’t let go, she would be worried about you. Do you want her to feel anxious wherever she is now?”

Wen Qing wiped his face with his hands and looked at Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan. “I’m sorry, I have just embarrassed myself.”

A tough guy’s gentleness could easily move anyone.

Wen Qing was considered someone hardy. Hence, whenever he showed his true emotions, Lin Xinyan couldn’t help but feel melancholic.

She didn’t know what had gotten into her. She had never met Wen Xian and had only seen Wen Qing twice. But, for some reason, she felt especially disturbed.

She stood up to excuse herself. “I’m going to the washroom.”

Since this wasn’t her first time here, she was familiar with the house’s layout. Hence, she made her way to the washroom without any directions given to her.

After closing the door behind her in the washroom, she turned on the tap and splashed her face with water.

The water was freezing cold, causing her to shudder and suddenly feel fully alert.

After drying her face, she opened the door. Just as she was about to return to the dining room, she saw Li Jing at the doorway making a call. While the latter was speaking on the phone, she constantly glanced toward the dining room, as if she were worried about being seen or heard.

Li Jing spoke in a very soft voice. “Will a wine glass from which he drank from do?”

Lin Xinyan furrowed her eyebrows and quickly spotted the crucial element of the situation. Li Jing was holding the wine glass Zong Jinghao had just used.

She was suddenly jolted. Do they know about Zong Jinghao’s real identity and are trying to verify it? Is that why they invited us over for dinner?

Was the whole point to obtain Zong Jinghao’s saliva so that they can send it for a test?

Just the thought of it caused frostiness that had just dissipated to return.

If Wen Qing knows who Zong Jinghao truly is, not only will he break ties with him, but he may also turn into an enemy.

Wen Qing will hate Cheng Yuxiu’s son as much as he hates her.

When the time comes, both of them will definitely turn into adversaries.

As for Zong Jinghao, he sees Cheng Yuxiu in a negative light. To suddenly tell him that she is his biological mother, would he be able to accept it or even face it?

Given the current state of affairs, maintaining the status quo seems to be the best option for everyone.

Steadying herself, she called out to Li Jing, “Aunt.”

Li Jing frantically ended the call and shot Lin Xinyan an anxious look. “Weren’t you just having dinner?”

Lin Xinyan pretended as if nothing had happened. “I just went to the washroom. Why aren’t you having dinner?”

“I was just talking over the phone with my son,” Li Jing lied.

As Lin Xinyan walked over, Li Jing hid her hands behind her back.

The latter smiled. “Come, let’s go back to the table together before the food gets cold.”

Li Jing wanted to refuse, but she couldn’t think of a reasonable excuse. Hence, she had no choice but to follow Lin Xinyan into the dining room.

She sat down anxiously because Li Jing was still holding onto the wine glass.

Lin Xinyan served her some food on purpose. “Aunt, try this. They are delicious!”

Knowing that it would look awkward to refuse, Li Jing made an excuse, “I’m going to get a glass of water.”

Meanwhile, she used the opportunity to put the wine glass on the kitchen top.

Lin Xinyan watched her discreetly. When she saw Li Jing put the wineglass down, she brought hers in and swapped it while Li Jing poured herself a glass of water.

When Li Jing turned around and saw Lin Xinyan, she was caught by surprise. “Why are you in here?”

“I want to have some water too.” Lin Xinyan held up her glass.

When she saw Lin Xinyan’s glass, she glanced at the kitchen top. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the wine glass remained untouched. She then replied with a smile. “Let me pour some for you.”

Lin Xinyan handed her glass over.

When they were done, both of them returned to the dining room.

Meanwhile, Wen Qing was still feeling emotional while talking about Wen Xian.

Lin Xinyan took her seat beside Zong Jinghao. When she looked at Wen Qing, she understood why he was feeling so upset.

He must be afraid to find out that Zong Jinghao is not Wen Xian’s son.

From the last time they met, she could feel that his feelings for Zong Jinghao were true.

He really does treasure their familial relationship.

Lin Xinyan sighed in her heart.

She lamented the impermanence of this world and how it played tricks on men.

Luckily, I found out early enough. Nothing will change still.

As Wen Xian had passed away, the only way Wen Qing could verify the truth was to take DNA samples from the living.

Wen Qing had to compare the DNAs between Zong Jinghao and Cheng Yuxiu.

Now that she had switched the glasses, Wen Qing did not have Zong Jinghao’s DNA to compare. Instead, he would be using Lin Xinyan’s DNA which would not result in a positive match.

After dinner, Lin Xinyan discreetly switched her cutlery with those of Zong Jinghao’s when Li Jing was busy clearing the table.

As the cutlery all looked the same, no one could tell that she had made the switch.

Li Jing held onto her hand. “I can manage from here. You should go to the living hall.”

Lin Xinyan pretended to be calm. “Let me help you clean up.”

“No, you don’t have to.” Li Jing ushered her to the hall and didn’t allow her to touch anything in the dining room.

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