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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 356

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 356

Lin Xinyan widened her eyes. “Isn’t this the little girl’s parent from the kindergarten?”

She understood what was going on very quickly and turned to look at Zong Jinghao. “Did he film and upload the video?”

Zong Jinghao retorted, “Don’t you understand your own son?”

Lin Xinyan was stumped. Well, he is capable of doing that.

However, she looked at Zong Jinghao with a worried expression. “Will it lead to any trouble? After all, the girl’s parents are important people.”

Zong Jinghao replied optimistically, “There’s no need to be afraid if one’s conscience is clear.”

If the deputy mayor weren’t guilty, he wouldn’t be afraid of being investigated. If he had really broken the law and was found to be corrupt, it was then what he deserved.

Whichever way it went, Zong Jinghao felt that his son had done the right thing.

Just by watching how domineering the lady was in the video, he could guess what was going on.

Based on what he knew, the deputy mayor’s wife wasn’t this young and didn’t have a child this little too.

It might be…

Lin Xinyan sighed as she wondered who her son was taking after, causing her to worry so much.

She felt that it was better if her son was more innocent.

At just six years old, he was already scheming like an adult. Hence, she wasn’t sure if it was a good sign.

Zong Jinghao pinched her nose. “Are you afraid now?”

Lin Xinyan glared at him as she didn’t want her son to get into any trouble.

At that very moment, she suddenly realized who her son resembled.

This man right in front of me!

Both father and son are an exact copy of each other.

“Have you taught Bai Yinning a lesson?” Lin Xinyan asked even though she seemed to already be sure of the answer.

Zong Jinghao’s gaze didn’t change, but he still emitted a fearsome vibe. “Are you questioning me?”

Lin Xinyan stated slowly, “I’m only asking, not questioning. Despite what he did, it was Uncle who was first at fault…”

“Hence, you’re pleading for mercy on his behalf now?” Zong Jinghao interrupted her.

Lin Xinyan kept quiet when she realized that whatever she said would be twisted against her.

“I have nothing to do with him. Why do you need to be so defensive every time you speak?” Lin Xinyan began to feel upset; she didn’t like being suspected of anything, let alone being questioned.

His insistence on chasing shadows made her feel uncomfortable.

Zong Jinghao leaned back slightly and pinched her chin. He then brushed it with his fingertips. “You know that I don’t like you to have anything to do with him. And yet, you keep bringing him up. Are you trying to test my patience?”

Lin Xinyan was dumbfounded as she pursed her lips tightly.

This man…

Ring! Ring!

At that moment, Zong Jinghao’s phone that was on the table rang.

Glancing to check its screen, he saw that it was from the Wen family.

At the same time, Lin Xinyan also saw it.

As their eyes met, Zong Jinghao released his grip on her and answered the call.

Li Jing’s voice could be heard over the phone. “Jinghao, are you free now? Your uncle wants to see you.”

Raising his gaze to look at Lin Xinyan, Zong Jinghao grunted in acknowledgment.

Given that Wen Qing was still injured from the accident, Zong Jinghao was obliged to visit him.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll prepare dinner for you.” Li Jing ended the call when she finished.

Putting down his phone, Zong Jinghao looked at Lin Xinyan. “Come with me.”

“To the Wen residence?” Lin Xinyan clarified.

Zong Jinghao nodded.

Despite her hesitation, Zong Jinghao didn’t give her time to answer. He picked up his suit and pulled her along.

Lin Xinyan struggled. “We’re in the office.”

Zong Jinghao didn’t seem to care. So what if we are in the office? Can’t I hold my own wife’s hand?

As expected, all the busy employees turned their attention to them when Zong Jinghao walked out of the office with Lin Xinyan in tow.

To their knowledge, Zong Jinghao was still not officially married.

There were only a few people who were aware that he was secretly married to Lin Xinyan. Before that, there was Bai Zhuwei and then He Ruilin of the He family. Everyone thought that things would work out between them, but it had gone nowhere instead.

Other than Bai Zhuwei, no one else ever saw Zong Jinghao hold another lady’s hand anymore.

To them, Zong Jinghao was still the most eligible bachelor they knew. Therefore, when he suddenly had a girlfriend, everyone was dying to know who she was.

They were curious to know if she had used her beauty or her talents to captivate him.

Not used to such attention, Lin Xinyan lowered her head. She resented Zong Jinghao for making her feel like she was an endangered animal being watched in a zoo. It made her feel extremely awkward.

Distracted by her thoughts, she didn’t realize that Zong Jinghao had stopped in his tracks, and she crashed into his back. It hurts! She looked up while rubbing her forehead while Zong Jinghao turned around.

Blinking her eyes, her thick eyelashes fluttered at the same time. Before she could ask him why he had stopped, he pulled her into his embrace in front of all the company’s staff on the senior management floor.

Lin Xinyan felt inexplicably nervous as she looked up at him. In her eyes, the ceiling lights and his body had merged. In a dignified and spontaneous manner, he declared, “She is my wife.”


Lin Xinyan was shocked to her core.

Audible sighs could be heard throughout the office. Suddenly, a brave voice sounded, “Mr. Zong, when did you get married?”

Why didn’t we hear about it?

“That’s right; we didn’t even get the wedding favors.”

“They hid it too well.”

Everyone began complaining.

Hugging Lin Xinyan by the waist, Zong Jinghao pulled her in with a tug. “My wife is shy and isn’t used to you talking about her. As for the banquet, I’ll organize it soon enough.”

At that moment, the elevator door opened, and Guan Jing emerged from it. When he saw Zong Jinghao hugging Lin Xinyan, he was stunned. Just as he wanted to greet them, Zong Jinghao walked past him and entered the elevator.

“Mr. Guan.” Everyone surrounded him. “Did you know Mr. Zong is married?”


When Guan Jing turned to check with Zong Jinghao about what to say, all he saw were the elevator doors.

The lift had already left the level.

“Mr. Guan, say something.” Everyone tugged at him, given that he was the closest to Zong Jinghao. Therefore, they all assumed that he must know something.

Guan Jing was at a loss. Can I tell them?

“Mr. Guan, Mr. Zong just declared that girl as his wife. Is it really true?


Guan Jing blinked in surprise. Despite looking young, Lin Xinyan was twenty-five, and her children were already six.

“Mr. Guan, what are you spacing out for? Answer our question. Is Mr. Zong really married?”

Guan Jing nodded. “Yes, he is married. The lady you just saw was his wife.”

Since Zong Jinghao had admitted it himself, Guan Jing no longer had to worry about keeping it a secret.

“Since when did this happen? How come we didn’t hear a thing about it?”

Guan Jing’s eyes narrowed. “Must the boss report to you that he got married?”

“Anyway, back to work, all of you!” Guan Jing ordered at once.

However, some were still persistent to know more. “Which rich family is Mr. Zong’s wife from? Why have we never heard of her before?”

Guan Jing raised his eyebrow. “What about it? Must she be from some rich family before she can marry into the Zong family?”

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