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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 355

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 355

Wen Qing was upset to hear the mention of that woman’s name as he believed that she had a hand in Wen Xian’s death.

When Cheng Yuxiu and Zong Qifeng first got together last time, Wen Xian had just given birth to Zong Jinghao.

If not for the fact that the latter kept Cheng Yuxiu hidden, Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng would have had a few peaceful years together.

It wasn’t until Wen Xian found out that he had imprisoned Cheng Yuxiu that she insisted he let her go. Not being able to refuse his kind-hearted sister, he finally freed Cheng Yuxiu.

Hence, after Wen Xian’s death and when Cheng Yuxiu was about to marry Zong Qifeng, he set out his conditions which Cheng Yuxiu unexpectedly agreed to.

Until now, he felt that Wen Xian had been cursed by Cheng Yuxiu. Or else, his sister wouldn’t have died right after Cheng Yuxiu was set free.

Just thinking about his sister made him feel sad.

He snorted, “Despite living in B City, it’s still rare to bump into each other.”

Li Jing helped him to the sofa. “She wasn’t alone. She was minding two kids and…”

Li Jing was worried that she had read too much into it.

“Who else was there?” Wen Qing stared at her impatiently. Why did she stop mid-sentence?

“Lin Xinyan,” Li Jing replied.


“Jinghao’s wife.”

“She was together with Cheng Yuxiu?” Wen Qing asked as he squinted his eyes.

Li Jing firmly nodded. “Also, they seemed to be on good terms from the way they were talking.”

Wen Qing straightened his back and leaned on the sofa. “What did they talk about?”

Li Jing suddenly shot Wen Qing a grim look. “When Cheng Yuxiu agreed to your conditions for marrying Zong Qifeng, did you notice how eager she was to do so? Furthermore, she had to give up her inheritance and not bear any children just for a man.”

“What’s so strange about that? She and Zong Qifeng were already together for a while. Luckily, I found out about it early, or else Wen Xian’s marriage would have been destroyed long ago. Wen Xian was just too kind-hearted. I only freed Cheng Yuxiu because she had insisted I do so.”

Li Jing shook her head. “You know nothing about women.”

Perhaps Cheng Yuxiu could give up the right to bear a child over a man. However, to exchange her whole inheritance just didn’t make sense.

“What did you overhear?” Wen Qing asked.

“The only thing that can make a woman sacrifice everything isn’t love or money. It’s her maternal bond.”

Once a woman becomes a mother, she is willing to give up a lot.

As the saying goes, motherhood makes one stronger.

Wen Qing frowned. “What are you getting at?” He quickly understood what Li Jing was trying to say. “Do you mean that Jinghao is Cheng Yuxiu’s biological son? Li Jing, since when did you have such a ridiculous notion?”

Wen Qing grew upset. All this while, he felt Zong Jinghao was such an exceptional person because he was Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng’s son.

Hence, he was repulsed by his wife’s speculation.

“When I heard how Cheng Yuxiu talked about Jinghao today, it felt as if she was talking about her own son. She even called him Jinghao! Think about it; Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng didn’t get together out of love. Although Zong Qifeng didn’t love anyone at that time, Wen Xian did. Can it be…”

“No, it can’t.” Wen Qing obviously didn’t believe it.

How is it even possible for Zong Jinghao to be Cheng Yuxiu’s son? That’s just ridiculous!

“When you found out that the Cheng family’s silk fabrics appeared in the market, Jinghao said that he would take care of it. Until now, has he gives you an answer?” Li Jing asked.

“He’s busy.”

“How do you then explain his wife having a good relationship with Cheng Yuxiu? She is even close to his two children. Given how smart Jinghao is, I’m sure he knows.”

Li Jing finally managed to plant a seed of doubt in Wen Qing. Despite still finding it ridiculous, he began to have his doubts.

At that time, Wen Xian had had a boyfriend. She only agreed to marry Zong Qifeng for the sake of the two families’ interests.

Wen Qing’s hands clenched into fists. “What do you think we should do?”

Li Jing gave it some thought. “I obviously don’t hope it’s true. Given how exceptional Jinghao is, I too wish for him to be Wen Xian’s son. Why don’t you ask him to come over?”

Wen Qing looked at his wife. “Are you planning…”

“In this world, there’s only one way to confirm if he is Wen Xian’s son or not, and that’s a DNA test.” Li Jing interjected.

Wen Qing wanted to put the matter to rest too. Once Zong Jinghao was determined to be Wen Xian’s son, he would then be able to rest easy.

As his arm was injured, he couldn’t use the phone, so he got Li Jing to call instead. “Just tell him I want to see him about something.”

However, Li Jing didn’t take out her phone. Instead, she sat beside him with an even more solemn expression.

She held her husband’s hand. “The car accident you were in may have been sabotage…”

Wen Qing frowned. “You’re thinking too much. Who else would want to harm me?”

He felt that he had not done anything wrong before other than confining Cheng Yuxiu and Bai Hongfei.

Furthermore, Cheng Yuxiu was at fault for being the third party and destroying someone else’s marriage. Hence, she deserved to be punished.

Li Jing shook her head. “It wasn’t an accident. Someone by the name of Bai Yinning caused it. In fact, both Cheng Yuxiu and Lin Xinyan know about it. Even Jinghao is aware of it too.”

However, Li Jing felt comforted with what she was about to say, “It seems that Jinghao has avenged you. However, who is Bai Hongfei? Did you offend him in anyway?”

“Did you hear them talk about it too?” Wen Qing asked.

Li Jing nodded honestly.

Bai Yinning?

Suddenly, something clicked in Wen Qing’s head. Since the man’s surname was Bai, is he related to Bai Hongfei? Perhaps he knows what happened in the past and has come to seek revenge.

“I’ll get someone to investigate. Also…” Wen Qing didn’t speak his thoughts as it related to the Tea Silk. That was another matter he had to get to the bottom of.

“Call Jinghao for me,” Wen Qing instructed sternly.

Li Jing held his hand. “Remember not to raise any suspicions. You yourself should know how smart Jinghao is.”

“I know,” Wen Qing answered in earnest.

Li Jing then called Zong Jinghao.

At Wanyue Group.

After meeting with Cheng Yuxiu, Lin Xinyan arrived at the company to see Zong Jinghao.

She wanted his help in making the arrangements for Qin Ya.

Zong Jinghao made a call to one of his contacts, who found a good hospital easily.

All it took was one phone call.

“Two days.” Zong Jinghao stood in front of his desk as Lin Xinyan hugged him from behind and buried her face in his back.

“Don’t worry; I have made the arrangements. All you need to do is to send her there.”

Zong Jinghao held onto her fingers that were hugging his waist. “Alright, it’s my treat next time.”

After a bit more small talk, Zong Jinghao ended the call.

He turned to face Lin Xinyan. “Do you know what your son did?”

Lin Xinyan blinked in confusion as she hadn’t noticed anything strange when she was with him earlier.

Zong Jinghao grinned. “Didn’t you see the news?”

She hadn’t had time to check the news as she had been busy with Qin Ya. Given what Zong Jinghao just said, she took out her phone to scroll through.

She soon saw a video that was being shared by everyone on the internet.

It had more than a billion comments and likes – it had obviously gone viral.

Even the video of Lu Yuan’s wife being stripped was being overwhelmed.

Everything was being replaced by that one video.

Lin Xinyan widened her eyes in shock. “Isn’t this…”

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