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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 354

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 354

The driver proceeded to change directions.

As Lin Xinyan sat quietly in the car, she contemplated Qin Ya’s situation. If she sent Qin Ya away, Su Zhan would definitely look for her.

So, she decided to stand firmly on Qin Ya’s side. She wouldn’t betray her friend no matter what Su Zhan was going to say.

After what just happened, Lin Xinyan saw matters of the heart from a more mature perspective. She knew that both of them needed time to cool down and reevaluate their relationship.

Once she made up her mind, her desire to send Qin Ya away was further reinforced.

At that moment, the driver arrived at Ro’s Dessert Shop.

She paid the taxi fee and got off.

Behind the windows, Lin Xinyan saw that Cheng Yuxiu had brought both children – they were sitting by the window eating cake. She pushed open the glass door and entered the shop.

“Mommy,” Lin Xichen greeted when he saw her coming in.

Cheng Yuxiu turned and smiled when she saw Lin Xinyan. “The butter cake here is delicious; let me order one for you.”

Lin Xinyan sat down and thanked her for the offer.

Cheng Yuxiu smiled. “No thanks needed. You’re just making me feel like a stranger.”

Lin Xinyan smiled as she scooped a piece of butter cake to try. There was a thick milky fragrance that wasn’t overpowering or too sweet. The balance between its milkiness and buttery fragrance made it delicious.

This place was famous for its desserts. Behind the shop, there was also a playground which made it especially suitable for kids.

After finishing their dessert, Lin Ruixi tugged at Lin Xichen. “Xichen, come play with me.”

Lin Xichen sighed, acting as if he had no choice in the matter. All he could do was agree. “Fine.”

Cheng Yuxiu instructed the driver, “Watch them for me.”

The driver nodded and led the kids to the playground.

From the window, it was easy to see them.

Lin Xinyan took a sip of juice and asked, “So what is it you want to talk about?”

“It’s nothing. Must I have a reason to ask you out?” Given that it was the weekend and she had the chance to take the kids out, she decided to invite Lin Xinyan to come along as they had not talked in a while.

Lin Xinyan replied with a smile, “No, you don’t have to.”

Usually, Cheng Yuxiu would only look for her if she needed something, and that was why she asked.

From the window, Cheng Yuxiu couldn’t help but break into a smile as she watched the children play happily. “I never dreamed of a day where I’m able to stay with Jinghao and interact with his children. Although I am also a mother, my rights as one were taken away. Therefore, I am really grateful to you.”

Cheng Yuxiu held onto Lin Xinyan’s hands. “Thank you for letting Jinghao and I live together with the two children.”

“It’s what you deserve,” Lin Xinyan replied in a melancholic tone. “You have missed out on so much. Whatever you have now is just a form of compensation. Is all this enough to make up for what you have lost?”

Cheng Yuxiu shook her head. “I’m very satisfied with what I have now.”

She was now very happy with her life as she felt a sense of familial belonging. In fact, she often had the illusion that Zong Jinghao had let go of the past and was living with her in peace.

“Bai Yinning got in some trouble recently,” Cheng Yuxiu suddenly said as she turned to look at Lin Xinyan. “Did you tell Jinghao he was responsible for Wen Qing’s car accident?”

Lin Xinyan nodded. “I didn’t hide it from him.”

He is just too sharp.

Lin Xinyan knew that once Zong Jinghao found out that Bai Yinning had harmed Wen Qing, he would definitely not let it slide.

After all, this was B City – Zong Jinghao’s territory. Hence, it was easy for him to deal with Bai Yinning.

Meanwhile, behind both of them sat another woman with her back facing them. It was Li Jing. She had arrived earlier in the dessert shop. When Cheng Yuxiu entered with the children, she was about to leave.

Because of Wen Qing and Cheng Yuxiu’s strained ties, Li Jing didn’t plan on greeting her. Just as she wanted to avoid Cheng Yuxiu and leave, she heard her calling Lin Xinyan on the phone.

Hence, she decided to sit and wait.

I understand the relationship between Zong Jinghao and Cheng Yuxiu. However, why is Lin Xinyan, Zong Jinghao’s wife, so close with Cheng Yuxiu?

Curious, she continued to wait for Lin Xinyan in her seat and finally managed to eavesdrop on what they were talking about.

When she learned that Wen Qing’s accident was sabotage, her heart trembled violently.

Furthermore, Cheng Yuxiu and Lin Xinyan knew about it.

Who is Bai Yinning?

Li Jing was infuriated to find out that the accident had been deliberately caused by someone.

At that time, she was frightened to death, but Wen Qing, fortunately, survived with just an injured arm.

As she turned around to sneak a glance at Cheng Yuxiu, she realized that Cheng Yuxiu would affectionately mention Zong Jinghao, just like a mother would when talking about their own child.

Cheng Yuxiu was able to marry Zong Qifeng because she had agreed to Wen Qing’s conditions. One was to offer the Cheng family’s business in exchange, while the other was that she would not bear any children for Zong Qifeng.

So, is she treating Zong Jinghao as her own child?

I too am a mother. No matter how kind-hearted one is, I still think it’s difficult to treat the children of others as one’s own.

And yet, Cheng Yuxiu is speaking as if Zong Jinghao is her own son.

Thinking back, Cheng Yuxiu must have been really brave to insist on marrying Zong Qifeng even if it meant losing her inheritance.

Love alone isn’t enough for one to abandon their family and the chance to be a complete woman.

A woman would feel incomplete if she did not have a child.

However, if Zong Jinghao is her son…

She didn’t dare think any further as there were just too many secrets involved.

She continued to listen in by pretending to drink some water.

However, Cheng Yuxiu stopped talking about Zong Jinghao and changed the topic to the kids instead. When Li Jing felt that she wasn’t going to hear anything of value anymore, she quietly left through the backdoor.

The moment she got out, she gave Wen Qing a call.

“When are you coming back?” She sounded desperate.

Although the doctor had advised him to rest, Wen Qing couldn’t sit idly in the hospital. Hence, he got himself discharged by giving the excuse that he had only hurt his arm and had no problems walking.

Meanwhile, he had just finished watching a drill. The moment he returned to his office, he received Li Jing’s call. As Li Jing was someone staid, she seldom called him in such desperation. After unbuttoning his collar, he looked at the time and asked, “Around five. Did your son get into trouble again?”

Whenever Li Jing sounded so frantic, it was usually because of her son. Other than that, there was nothing else that could agitate her so much.

“No, it’s not that. We’ll talk when you’re back. Remember to come home earlier; I’ll be waiting for you.” With that, Li Jing ended the call and drove home.

Wen Qing furrowed his eyebrows. He was curious as to what else could be so urgent other than her son.

Feeling worried, he left the office before five and saw Li Jing already waiting for him.

When she saw him return, Li Jing helped him out of his jacket. “The doctor told you to rest. And yet, you still can’t stay still.”

Wen Qing glanced at her and ignored her question. “What was it that you wanted to tell me?”

“Today, I went to Ro’s Dessert Shop and bumped into Cheng Yuxiu…”

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