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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 353

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 353

“Instead of feeling dejected, why don’t you think of a way to remedy the situation?” Lin Xinyan encouraged him as she didn’t want to see him continue to mope.

Regret is useless because it doesn’t change anything. Besides, the hardest emotion to get over is regret itself.

Su Zhan raised his head and looked at Lin Xinyan. “What should I do now?”

He was really confused; he didn’t know what else he could do. All he could think of was the image of Qin Ya’s face being disfigured. It was seared into his mind – he couldn’t escape from it.

“You should go home and clean up first. I’ll look after Qin Ya,” Lin Xinyan replied.

Su Zhan hesitated. “What will happen if she’s willing to see me, but I’m not around?”

“Do you really think she wants to see you now?” She may be willing to do so if she’s not disfigured. However, she definitely won’t want to as of now.

If the same thing happened to me, I would definitely not want to see Zong Jinghao too. That’s how it feels like.

“Behaving like that doesn’t make things any better. In fact, you’re just torturing yourself. Do you think you will be forgiven just by moping around?”

Su Zhan grabbed onto Lin Xinyan’s sleeve in panic. “In that case, what should I do? How will she ever forgive me?”

“Forgive you?” Lin Xinyan sneered. “What would you do if you were in her place?”

Su Zhan was stumped because if their roles were reversed, he would definitely not forgive himself.

Not admonishing him further, Lin Xinyan consoled Su Zhan, “Go home first, I’ll talk to Qin Ya about it.”

Su Zhan knew how close Lin Xinyan was to Qin Ya. Therefore, he knew he still had a chance if she was willing to put in a good word for him. From the bottom of his heart, he thanked her, “Thanks, Xinyan.”

However, Lin Xinyan didn’t acknowledge him because she sided with Qin Ya more. If Qin Ya chose not to forgive Su Zhan, she would not persuade her to do so.

After sending Su Zhan away, Lin Xinyan checked with the nurse about seeing Qin Ya. The nurse then asked Qin Ya about it. As someone who had her face disfigured, Qin Ya’s emotions would likely be volatile. Therefore, it was imperative to seek her permission before seeing her.

If she agreed, they would arrange it accordingly.

While Lin Xinyan patiently waited, the nurse emerged from the ward. “You can go on in but don’t talk to her for too long. Keep it under ten minutes because her body is still weak.”

Lin Xinyan nodded. “I understand.”

The nurse led Lin Xinyan to a changing room and passed her a medical coverall.

“You will need to wear this inside the ICU,” the nurse explained.

Most people didn’t know how to put it on the first time. However, with the nurse’s help, Lin Xinyan settled into it in no time.

She was soon wrapped snugly within it. The reason she was required to wear it was to prevent germs from contaminating the ICU.

“Follow me, please,” the nurse instructed.

As Lin Xinyan followed the nurse into the ICU, all she could hear was the beep of the medical devices, nothing else. It made the atmosphere feel chilly and mechanical.

“Don’t talk too long,” the nurse reminded before leaving.

Standing by the door of the ward, Lin Xinyan hesitated for a while. A sense of uneasiness fell upon her as she didn’t know how to comfort Qin Ya.

If the same tragedy had befallen her, she knew she would be devastated beyond belief.

“Ms. Lin, why aren’t you coming in?” Qin Ya’s voice was weak. She couldn’t see Lin Xinyan standing by the door. Nevertheless, she still knew it was Lin Xinyan as the nurse had informed her of the woman’s arrival earlier. Besides, only Su Zhan or Lin Xinyan would come to see her anyway.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Xinyan walked in, pretending to be relaxed. “Hey, you’re awake.”

Qin Ya murmured softly in acknowledgment.

Lin Xinyan wanted to hold her hand. However, both Qin Ya’s hands were intubated, so she didn’t know how to do so.

“I want to leave this place,” Qin Ya spoke her mind.

Her soul had died together with her child.

Hence, she wanted to leave the wretched place that had caused her so much grief.

However, she understood that she could only rely on Lin Xinyan, given her current circumstance.

“But your current condition…” Lin Xinyan was more than ready to help, but she knew Qin Ya’s present condition didn’t allow the latter to leave yet.

Qin Ya was firm in her decision. “I can’t have peace staying here.”

As long as I’m here, Su Zhan will come, and I really don’t want to see him.

All she wanted was to leave and run away from it all.

“Ms. Lin, help me, please. There’s no one else I can turn to.” Qin Ya was desperate as she tried to raise her hand towards Lin Xinyan, who quickly stopped her. Lin Xinyan replied, “I promise you that I’ll help you. But, you need to give me some time to make the arrangements.”

Qin Ya nodded. “Thank you.”

“Silly gal, there’s no need for any thanks between us.” Lin Xinyan’s nose felt a burning sensation. However, she was all covered up and only had her eyes exposed.

As for Qin Ya, despite pretending to be calm, her sadness didn’t escape Lin Xinyan’s notice.

All Lin Xinyan could do was to agree to all of Qin Ya’s requests. With regards to Su Zhan, she would have to let time heal their relationship.

If fate will still allow it and Su Zhan really loves her, they may still have a chance. If not, there’s nothing much anyone else can do.

Who hasn’t met a passerby in their lives before? It’s just that this passerby has done untold damage to her heart.

Despite knowing that she couldn’t rush things, Qin Ya’s resolve to leave was firm. “I want to leave as soon as possible.”

“Give me three days.” If Lin Xinyan were to take her away, she had to find a new place to treat Qin Ya and make arrangements with the hospital. All these processes needed time.

Qin Ya replied, “Alright.”

She was extremely grateful to Lin Xinyan for agreeing to help her and was happy that she would know where she was going within three days.

Lin Xinyan had earlier requested Zong Jinghao to help her look for a plastic surgeon. But now, she might also need his help in looking for a new hospital. It wasn’t just a place where Qin Ya would undergo plastic surgery; it would also be a place for her to recuperate.

“The doctor says that your body is weak and that you shouldn’t talk too much. Hence, you should rest for the time being. I will make the necessary arrangements, so don’t worry. Anyway, I know you don’t want Su Zhan to know, right? I won’t tell him about it. All you need to do now is rest. Once I have everything prepared, I’ll come for you.”

Qin Ya murmured in agreement.

“Everything will be alright,” Lin Xinyan comforted her.

At that moment, the nurse came by to remind Lin Xinyan of the time. After which, Lin Xinyan reassured Qin Ya again, “I will make the arrangements as soon as possible. Promise me you will stay strong. Just focus on recuperating and wait for me to pick you up.”


After taking off the medical gown and leaving the hospital, Lin Xinyan stood at the hospital entrance, planning to hail a cab to Zong Jinghao’s office. Due to her limited network of contacts, she needed to rely on the man to arrange for what Qin Ya had requested.

As the hospital was crowded, there were many taxis available. Therefore, she managed to get a cab easily.

“Where are you headed to?” the driver asked.

Before she could reply, her phone rang, and she saw that it was Cheng Yuxiu calling. “To Wanyue,” Lin Xinyan instructed. With that, she picked up the call.

“Are you free right now?” Cheng Yuxiu’s voice could be heard from the phone.

Lin Xinyan replied, “Yes, is there anything?”

“I’ll meet you at Ro’s Dessert Shop.” Cheng Yuxiu ended the call without saying what it was about.

Looking at her phone, Lin Xinyan figured that Cheng Yuxiu wouldn’t have called her if it weren’t something important. Hence, she instructed the driver, “Head for Ro’s Dessert Shop instead of Wanyue now.”

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