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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 351

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 351

“What?” said Lin Xinyan as she tensed up. They had just hung out some time ago, so how did Qin Ya suddenly become so sick that she was hospitalized?

“What happened?” asked Lin Xinyan in a worried tone.

“I don’t know the specific either. She’s in the second branch of the People’s Hospital.”

Lin Xinyan started the car and drove over.

Zong Jinghao leaned closer and nonchalantly placed his hand on her thigh. Lin Xinyan was wearing a black shirt, a pair of jeans, and a coat that matched her perfectly. His palm burned as he caressed her and cooed, “Stay calm.”

Lin Xinyan shot a look at his hand before informing, “She’s pregnant, so being hospitalized is not a good thing.”

Zong Jinghao suddenly pinched her leg, and Lin Xinyan frowned as she warned, “I. Am. Driving.”

Zong Jinghao stared intently at Lin Xinyan and claimed, “I want another daughter.”

Lin Xinyan bit her lip. They had never used any protection when they got together, but she still wasn’t pregnant.

When she gave birth to the twins, the doctor informed her that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again.

At the time, Lin Xinyan thought little of it, because she thought that two kids were enough, but…

“We should get their surnames changed when we’re free,” said Lin Xinyan in a serious tone.

At least one kid had to have the surname of Zong if she and Zong Jinghao got together, but never have another kid.

They couldn’t exactly let Zong Jinghao’s bloodline to end with him.

Zong Jinghao’s hold on Lin Xinyan’s thigh softened, and he caressed her to comfort her instead. He still remembered how Lin Xinyan said that she might never get pregnant again. He thought she was just messing with him.

At that moment, Zong Jinghao realized she was being truthful. They had never used any protection, but she still wasn’t pregnant.

The twins were conceived after a single night of unprotected sex. That proved that Lin Xinyan used to be super fertile. However, the couple had gotten together once more and had been sleeping together for over two months, but they still weren’t pregnant.

“I don’t want another kid,” said Lin Xinyan. She was genuinely terrified, and she still remembered what the labor pain was like.

Even thinking about it got her to tremble.

She might be willing to go through that pain again if their relationship was strong, and her body was healthy and fertile.

Unfortunately, being pregnant was no longer possible, so she might as well give him a definite answer. It was worse if he held out for hope and fantasized about it.

He won’t be disappointed if he never held out for hope or fantasized about it.

Lin Xinyan parked the car by the hospital’s entrance, and the two lovebirds were in sync when they stopped talking about that particular topic. Still, it felt a little awkward.

Zong Jinghao quietly got out of the car, and Lin Xinyan walked over. To break the awkward silence, she asked, “Did Su Zhan call to tell you about this?”

Zong Jinghao murmured a simple reply.

Lin Xinyan thought, Could it be that Su Zhan and Qin Ya got into an argument because he learned she is pregnant? Is that what got her hospitalized?

That made little sense because Su Zhan definitely won’t argue with Qin Ya if he knew she was pregnant.

Lin Xinyan was worried about Qin Ya, so the former walked quickly. Zong Jinghao put his arms around her shoulder and held her without saying a word.

Lin Xinyan’s anxious heart slowly settled down, and she followed his pace as they walked to the operating theatre.

Su Zhan was in the corridor. He still had that same wet outfit on, but he had been in the hospital for a while, and the air conditioner had dried it up a little.

He paced around the corridor nervously, and when he saw Lin Xinyan and Zong Jinghao walking over, he paused.


“What’s wrong? Why is she hospitalized suddenly?” asked Lin Xinyan.

Su Zhan replied in a guilty tone, “This is all my fault.”

If I had made things clear with Liu Feifei none of this would’ve happened, and Qin Ya wouldn’t be…

“I asked you what happened,” growled Lin Xinyan sternly.

“Liu Feifei captured her, and an explosion injured her…” explained Su Zhan. He gave everyone a summary of what happened, and that got Lin Xinyan’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe it. An explosion?

Lin Xinyan’s legs gave way. Luckily, Zong Jinghao was right beside her, so he held her and supported her.

Lin Xinyan’s voice trembled when she asked, “Su Zhan, has she told you that she is pregnant?”


Su Zhan felt as if lightning had coursed through his veins. Qin Ya is pregnant?

Then the blood on her…

It felt like someone had just clawed a part of his heart out.

Pain… Immense, unearthly pain consumed him.

“You didn’t know?” asked Lin Xinyan as she approached Su Zhan. The man’s voice had turned so raspy that it was barely comprehensible when he confessed, “No, I didn’t…”


Lin Xinyan was so angry that she slapped him across the face. After that, she growled, “Qin Ya couldn’t get herself to slap you, so I will do it for her. I thought you are an honorable man who will care for her for the rest of her life. I never realized that you are so hesitant!”

None of this would have happened if Su Zhan hadn’t been dragging his feet and being indecisive.

Su Zhan had no complaints. He even slapped himself across the face as he said, “This is my fault. This is all on me!”

He regretted his actions, hated himself, and was furious at himself, but mostly, he was heartbroken. Even at that last moment, Qin Ya had his best interest in mind and pushed him into the water. But what about him?

What had he ever done for her?

He should’ve known that something bad would happen. He should’ve learned his lesson the last time he went to the hospital!

“I deserve to die. I should just drop dead,” said Su Zhan as he fell onto the floor. Tears rolled endlessly down his cheeks, and he looked like a crazy homeless beggar in the streets.

Su Zhan hugged his own head.

Lin Xinyan, on the other hand, stood at the side and never talked to him or comforted him. He was responsible for everything that had happened. He had no one to blame.

Two hours later, the door to the operating theatre finally opened. Su Zhan jumped up and hurried over as soon as he heard the noise. The doctor hadn’t even taken his mask off before Su Zhan grabbed the doctor’s arm and asked, “How is she?”

Zong Jinghao put his hands on Su Zhan’s shoulder and said, “Calm down. He can’t talk with you holding him like that.”

Su Zhan knew all that, but he couldn’t help it. He was terrified that something might’ve happened to Qin Ya.

Lin Xinyan walked over and apologized to the doctor, “Sorry, he was too agitated.”

The doctor waved his hand and clear his throat to settle down before saying, “It’s fine, it’s fine. We deal with nervous family members all the time.”

Lin Xinyan clenched her fist and asked, “Is she okay? Is the baby…?”

Su Zhan was standing at the side, and he trembled endlessly.

The doctor sighed and replied sadly, “The baby was gone even before the patient arrived at the hospital. Her injuries are grave, and the right side of her face was burned badly. It may not heal, and she may not look the same way she did, but the technology behind plastic surgeries is advance, so you don’t have to lose hope. The good news is that the patient pulled through and survived the incident.”

Lin Xinyan’s eyes stung with tears. How did she get so hurt?

“Can I see her?” asked Lin Xinyan in a raspy voice.

The doctor shook his head and replied, “She is being transferred to an isolated room. The surgery was a success. Her life is no longer in danger, but her condition is still bad. We’re keeping her isolated to prevent her wound from getting infected. We’ll transfer her to the regular ward in twenty-four hours, and you guys can visit then.”

“Can I at least see her from outside the room? I won’t go in,” promised Su Zhan. His eyes were terribly bloodshot at that moment.

The doctor stared. He could sense how Su Zhan’s pain. “The door will remain closed, and you can only stay for a moment.”

Qin Ya was taken to the isolated room and settled down before the nurse took the others over to visit.

“Only two visitors are allowed,” informed the nurse.

Zong Jinghao wanted to go in as well because he wanted to stay by Lin Xinyan’s side. He was worried about her being too sad.

Lin Xinyan knew how worried he was, so she shook her head and promised, “I’ll be fine.”

In the end, Su Zhan and Lin Xinyan were the ones who went in.

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