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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 350

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 350

“What are you going to do?” asked Lin Xinyan as she turned to the fuming lady. It was a ridiculously minor issue, but that woman insisted on making it bigger than it actually was.

“Oh, we’re putting on an act, are we?” scoffed the woman.

Lin Xinyan frowned. “Your husband may be powerful, but will he really do something to us just for this?”

The entitled woman stared like Lin Xinyan was an alien. Is this not how the world operated? There is no such thing as being fair. We may not live in the past where social rankings were clearly marked, but are those social statuses really gone?

The woman glared discriminatorily at Lin Xinyan. The former thought that the latter was pretty, but lacked a pair of huge breasts. As such, the woman straightened her back and showed off her breasts before saying, “What corporation does your husband own? I will have my husband take good care of him.”

The woman deliberately emphasized the words “take good care” when she spoke.

Anyone who could afford to send their children to a kindergarten like that had to be pretty well off, so the lady asked that question.

Lin Xinyan understood the underlying threat, and she was upset about it.

So she’s abusing her power to bully us, huh?

The principal walked over at that moment. The others might not know who Lin Ruixi and Lin Xichen were, but the principal was well aware of it. Zong Qifeng had said that the kids’ identities should not be exposed, so only the principal knew who the kids really were.

“I’ve looked into the matter. Kids hug and kiss all the time when they play together. Their form of love is more innocent and is different from our love. I have been working in this industry for over thirty years, and I have seen countless similar incidents. Most parents are okay with it, so for the sake of the children hanging out nicely in the future, I’d like to ask both sides to calm down and make up. Will that be okay?” asked the principal.

The lady sneered, “My daughter is her father’s precious little girl. I don’t have to make this a big deal, but the deputy mayor might not see things the same way.”

It was obvious that the lady was abusing her husband’s power.

“Are you really the deputy mayor’s wife, though?” asked the principal. He had seen the uglier side of the world. The deputy mayor was almost sixty years old, so how could his wife and daughter be that young?

That simply didn’t make sense.

The glow in the woman’s eyes flickered for a while before she calmed down and insisted, “All you need to know is that she is the deputy mayor’s daughter.”

Lin Xichen saved the video he just made. He had been recording the woman since the principal stepped foot inside the office. At first, he only wanted to share the video online and teach that entitled woman a lesson, but after hearing the principal’s words… This isn’t as simple as I assumed, thought Lin Xichen.

It was obvious that something else was up.

Lin Xichen tugged at his baby sister’s arm and instructed, “Apologize to her.”

Lin Ruixi wasn’t happy about that, so she argued, “But she’s the one who kissed you first. You’re my big brother, and only me, Mommy, and Daddy can kiss you. Who does she think she is? What gives her the right to kiss you?”

Lin Ruixi was rather possessive.

Lin Xichen winked at his sister and said, “Be good. Didn’t you hear how powerful her dad is? We have no choice but to apologize.”


“Do you trust me?” interrupted Lin Xichen.

Lin Xinyan crouched down beside her daughter. That woman’s attitude was terrible, but Lin Ruixi still attacked someone, and that was wrong too. “Ruixi, we’re not supposed to push others when conflict arises. A gentleman uses his words, not his fist.”

“But I’m not a gentleman. I’m just a pretty girl,” refuted Lin Ruixi as her big, round eyes glowed innocently at her mother.

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

She was trying to come up with solutions to convince her daughter to apologize when the phone in her pocket suddenly started vibrating. She fished her phone out and accepted the call. Zong Jinghao’s voice rang up soon after, “Where are you?”

Lin Xinyan shifted her gaze to her children before replying, “I’m out. What’s wrong?”

Zong Jinghao didn’t know the details either, so he didn’t answer. He simply said, “Send me your address. I’ll go pick you up.”

Lin Xinyan took a deep breath before replying, “I’m at the kindergarten.”

Zong Jinghao frowned a little. He tilted his head down to check his watch and noted that it wasn’t time to pick the kids up yet. What is she doing in there?

Zong Jinghao made a U-turn and drove toward the kindergarten.

He was close by, so he reached his destination quickly. Lin Xinyan had already led the children out of the office.

No one knew what Lin Xichen whispered into Lin Ruixi’s ear, but Lin Ruixi later apologized to the little girl she pushed. Lin Xichen also claimed that he would not complain about being kissed without permission.

Zong Jinghao walked over and picked his daughter up immediately. Lin Xichen had convinced his sister to apologize, but Lin Ruixi was still upset because she didn’t think that she was wrong.

She looked sad when she hugged Zong Jinghao’s neck and hid her face in his embrace. It was obvious that his daughter wasn’t happy, so Zong Jinghao turned to Lin Xinyan, then to his son. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Xinyan wouldn’t have come to the kindergarten at that hour if nothing were wrong, and his daughter would not be that upset.

“It’s fine,” replied Lin Xinyan. Everything was in the past, so Lin Xinyan didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Lin Xichen, on the other hand, already had a plan up his sleeve. He didn’t need his dad to do anything because he could solve the issue all on his own.

Lin Ruixi was the only one who was motivated to tell Zong Jinghao everything. She wanted to be validated and told that she was not at fault.

“Was I wrong? He is my brother, right? So how can that girl kiss him? He’s not her brother! Besides, I didn’t push that hard. She’s the dumb one who couldn’t stand still and fell to the stool. Yet, I was the one who had to apologize,” shared Lin Ruixi as her eyes reddened with tears. She felt so wronged.

Zong Jinghao kissed his daughter’s cheek and replied, “You are not wrong, and you don’t need to apologize.”

Zong Jinghao carried his daughter and walked toward the kindergarten, but Lin Xinyan stopped him. Everything was settled, so there was no point in making more noise. Lin Xinyan wasn’t afraid of that entitled woman, but she didn’t want to deal with idiots like the latter anymore. “She pushed the kid, and that was her fault. How is she not wrong?” said Lin Xinyan.

“She didn’t do it on purpose,” refuted Zong Jinghao. His heart trembled in pain when he saw his daughter wronged like that. She was his precious baby, so how could he let others bully her at school?

Zong Jinghao taught them they shouldn’t abuse their family’s power to bully others, but that didn’t mean that they should be bullied!

“Don’t worry, I’ve already solved the issue,” claimed Lin Xichen confidently.

Lin Xinyan looked somewhat surprised when she turned to her son and asked, “What did you do?”

Lin Xichen climbed into the car after he grinned mysteriously and said, “You’ll know soon enough. We should go home now.”

Lin Xinyan felt conflicted as she stared at her son. She wasn’t sure if she should be happy or not. “Alright, Mommy will hold you, and we’ll go home now,” said Lin Xinyan.

“No, I want Daddy,” insisted Lin Ruixi. She held onto Zong Jinghao tightly because she didn’t want Lin Xinyan to carry her away.

Zong Jinghao handed the car keys to Lin Xinyan and said, “You drive.”

Lin Xinyan accepted the keys and got into the driver’s seat while Zong Jinghao sat in the passenger’s seat with his daughter. Lin Xichen sat in the backseat on his own. He fished his tablet out of his backpack and uploaded the video he secretly took via his watch. After that, he shared the video online and posted it on some of the most popular websites.

Videos like that could easily attract attention, and the video Lin Xichen uploaded started trending without anyone promoting it. The journey from the kindergarten to their house was short, but the video already had over a hundred comments by the time they reached home.

Lin Xichen swiped on the screen and monitored the comments left on various websites.

The car was parked at the entrance, and Zong Jinghao carried his daughter out of the car. After that, he told Lin Xinyan, “Wait here.”

Lin Xinyan wanted to ask him if something was up, but she later realized that he wouldn’t have gone to the kindergarten to pick her up if nothing happened. As such, she only murmured a simple reply.

Lin Xichen went into his room as soon as he got home. Zong Jinghao couldn’t help grinning when he saw the kid closing the door. He caught what the kid was doing, even when they were all in the car.

Lin Xichen was smart and careful, and that was something Zong Jinghao was delighted about.

That is the son Lin Xinyan gave me.

“Why are you two home so early?” asked Cheng Yuxiu as she walked out of the study room and saw the two kids.

Zong Jinghao’s smile faltered slowly, and he looked distant soon after.

Cheng Yuxiu saw the change in Zong Jinghao’s expression. Naturally, she felt hurt. She shifted her gaze downward to hide her sorrow. “Ruixi is home. Come, give me a hug,” said Cheng Yuxiu.

Cheng Yuxiu didn’t use the word ‘grandma’ when Zong Jinghao was around because she was worried about upsetting him.

Lin Ruixi was wronged, so she wanted someone to cuddle with. Cheng Yuxiu tucked Lin Ruixi in at night, so the two of them were getting closer and Lin Ruixi was okay with Cheng Yuxiu’s hugs. Hence, Lin Ruixi extended her tiny arms and ran to her grandmother.

Zong Jinghao needed to accompany Lin Xinyan to the hospital, so he let his daughter play with Cheng Yuxiu.

Lin Xinyan was resting her head on her hand when she saw Zong Jinghao walking over. She asked, “What’s up?”

Zong Jinghao opened the door and informed, “Qin Ya is hospitalized.”

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