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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 35

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 35

Zong Jinghao slightly moved his fingers as he was holding the steering. He glanced at her and said, “Not bad.”

Lin Xinyan felt relaxed and didn’t speak again.

Both of them didn’t talk to each other.

They sat in the car with complete silence.

Lin Xinyan unconsciously gazed at his hands on the steering. They were elegant and well-shaped with long and slim fingers and trimmed fingernails.

They were just as easily recognizable as the person.

“Elegant, aren’t they?” He didn’t even look at her.

Realized that she was enthralled unconsciously when looking at him, Lin Xinyan immediately turned around to look out the window and pretended that she didn’t hear it.

Zong Jinghao turned around to look at her with a slight smirk, “Does my face look better than my hands?”

Lin Xinyan still acted as if she didn’t hear it, and even closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

She even taunted him quietly, “I thought he’s always noble and cold.”

“Why does he look like a narcissist?”

The car pulled over at the entrance of Lin’s villa after 20 minutes or so.

Lin Guoan went home very early while Shen Xiuqing was preparing a nice dinner with lots of impressive meals. He was rather satisfied, and most of the tensions between them faded away.

“Ms. Lin is here,” the maid informed them.

Lin Guoan glanced at Shen Xiuqing and Lin Yuhan and warned them, “This is very important to me, and don’t you guys mess this up.”

Kept her anger, Shen Xiuqing smilingly tidied up his suit and said, “Don’t worry. I will do everything she wants just to makes sure she can vent her anger and help you solve the problems of your company. I might not be able to help you with solving the problems in the company, but I can do this small thing. “

Lin Guoan felt that she was well-behaved and said, “I will make up for your loss once the problems of the company are solved.”

Once finished speaking, Lin Guoan walked out of the door to welcome them in person.

Lin Xinyan was standing beside Zong Jinghao with a land contract of Repulse Bay in her hand.

Zong Jinghao looked at her and lifted his arm, “Hold my arm.”

Lin Xinyan held his arm and walked towards the house.

“I’ve been waiting for you, please come in.” Lin Guoan came up to them with a welcome gesture.

He didn’t put on airs and graces at that moment, yet looked more like a man who kept flattering them.

As Zong Jinghao didn’t have a high opinion of Lin Guoan, he didn’t utter a word other than slightly nodding his head coldly.

Lin Guoan’s face darkened. He thought that as Lin Xinyan’s father and Zong Jinghao’s father-in-law, he would be respected by him. However he never thought that Zong Jinghao didn’t show him with respect at all.

It was a slap in his face!

Lin Xinyan smilingly said, “That’s how he usually reacts.”

He was slightly brightened after hearing this and said, “Please come in.”

Shen Xiuqing played the role of a perfect wife and woman today, and was busy preparing the meals. When she saw them coming in, she smiled unwillingly and said, “You have come home! Please have a seat. Your dad asked me to prepare a nice dinner as soon as he knew that you will be here tonight. I hope you will enjoy the dinner.”

Lin Xinyan was smiling too. Who doesn’t know how to act?

“I’m not an outsider anyway. You shouldn’t have!” She held Zong Jinghao’s arm tightly once finished speaking.

She did it purposely.

Shen Xiuqing held in her anger when she saw Lin Xinyan was dressed up nicely. She still pretended to be benign and replied, “You are absolutely correct.”

Lin Xinyan and Zong Jinghao held hands and sat in front of Shen Xiuqing and Lin Yuhan.

Lin Yuhan wore a red dress too and looked mature and coquettish with her delicate makeup, even though she was still young.

Lin Xinyan glanced at her nonchalantly.

She sneered deep down. Is she trying to seduce Zong Jinghao?

Looked at her eyes who were fixed on him, she said jokingly, “Sister, why are you staring at your brother-in-law? Is there something on his face?”

Zong Jinghao gave this woman a sidelong glance.

He was bored of looking at women with heavy makeup. Even though both were wearing red dresses, Lin Xinyan with no makeup looked way more lovely and gorgeous.

Lin Yuhan quickly lowered her head.

Shen Xiuqing grabbed Lin Yuhan’s hand and gave her a signal to stay calm.

“Alright, it’s getting late and I’m sure you are famished.” Lin Guoan wanted to talk to Zong Jinghao, yet couldn’t think of a suitable topic to start with.

Zong Jinghao seemed to be an outsider who stayed out of their conversation completely as soon as he entered their house.

He only showed his love for his wife by occasionally getting some food for Lin Xinyan.

Lin Guoan was watching them silently. He never thought that the daughter whom he didn’t think highly of would be the apple of Zong Jinghao’s eye.

He was truly impressed by her.

Lin Xinyan didn’t plan to be here just for dinner. She put the land contract on the table and said, “This is what you want and I get it for you today. You didn’t forget what you have promised me, did you?”

Considering how hard it was to get Zong Jinghao to back her up, she surely didn’t want to miss the chance to take back the things that belonged to mother and her.

Lin Xinyan almost wiped the smile off Lin Guoan’s face. He then said, “We are family. Whatever you want, just say it.”

His priority was to solve the problems of his company, and giving him this piece of land wasn’t helpful at this moment.

He repeatedly winked at Lin Xinyan, in the hope that she could ask Zong Jinghao for a favor. Lin Xinyan pretended that she didn’t get it and asked him caringly, “Is your eye spasming?”

Lin Guoan would be infuriated if Zong Jinghao wasn’t here.

Zong Jinghao glanced at her again.

It’s obvious that she’s playing the fool.

Somehow, she looked clever, and cute.

Shen Xiuqing tried to smooth things over by getting some food for Lin Xinyan and said, “Yan, your dad’s company is facing some problems…” She then looked at Zong Jinghao and said, “Since Jinghao is our son-in-law, we hope that you can help us. We’re sorry if we had ever done something wrong to you.”

Lin Xinyan stared at her coldly. Zong Jinghao’s her son-in-law? Don’t put the feather in your cap!

“Did you give birth to me or raise me?” Lin Xinyan leaned towards Zong Jinghao, looked up to him and said, “How could my husband suddenly become your son-in-law?”

Shen Xiuqing clenched her fists, yet still said to her smilingly, “I know that you are mad at your dad and me, but we are truly in love….”

“I’m here today to reclaim what was mine!” Lin Xinyan interrupted Shen Xiuqing. Truly in love?

She wanted to see whether Lin Guoan will choose her or his own interests!

Lin Guoan felt that they couldn’t discuss anything at the moment. He stood up and said, “Follow me.”

Lin Xinyan stood up, looked back at Zong Jinghao and smilingly said, “I’ll be right back.”

“Hmm,” he answered lightly.

Lin Xinyan followed Lin Guoan into the study.

Lin Guoan stopped being gentle and asked her sternly, “Have you told Zong Jinghao?”

Lin Xinyan looked at Lin Guoan and felt emotionless, as if she had been accustomed to it after being hurt for so many times.

“Return my things to me.” This was a rare opportunity, and she had to get her things back.

Lin Guoan stared at her and said, “I can give you the things, yet you have to ask Zong Jinghao to help me solve the problems in my company.”

“You said before that I will give you the land in return for my own things, and I did now. As for the problems in your company, that’s an entirely different deal. I said that I can persuade Zong Jinghao to help you, on condition that you’ll divorce Shen Xiuqing.” Lin Xinyan paused for a while before she continued, “As you have seen, Zong Jinghao still loved me very much. Once I ask him for a favor, he will agree to it.”

Lin Guoan fell silent.

Lin Xinyan continued, “Whether your company or a woman who can’t bear you a son is more important? Think about it yourself.”

Lin Xinyan left the study once she finished speaking.

Lin Guoan stopped her and said, “I agree.”

Just as she expected.

Lin Xinyan stopped, turned around and looked at him, “I want to take all of my things back today.”

She wanted to take them back as soon as possible. She could leave the big stuff here but had to take the small stuff and her money. After all, mom’s medical expenses for this month had to be paid soon.

Lin Guoan clenched his teeth and said, “Yan, we are family.”

Lin Xinyan smilingly said, “I know that. But things that belong to my mom and me have to be returned to us, am I right?”

A family?

Now he could finally recall that they were a family?

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