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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 349

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 349

The doctor instructed his staff calmly to roll the bed over then added, “Take her into the operating theatre immediately!”

Su Zhan placed Qin Ya carefully onto the bed while the doctor asked, “How did she get hurt?”

“There was an explosion.”

The doctor needed to know what he should prepare for. He murmured some instructions to his assistant before they pushed Qin Ya into the operating theatre.

Su Zhan wanted to follow along. He was simply too worried.

The medical experts, however, stopped him. “No one is allowed into the operating theatre. Please wait here.”

“I will pay however much is needed. Please, just save her,” shouted Su Zhan to the doctor just before the door closed.

The doctor was under oath. He would do his best to save Qin Ya, so he ignored Su Zhan’s words.

Just like that, Su Zhan was locked outside.

He felt like his entire world was crumbling, and he didn’t know what to do.

He paced around in the corridor as time trickled by. The door to the operating theatre remained closed. He was anxious, frustrated, and unsettled.

He knew those emotions were counterproductive, but he still couldn’t force himself to calm down.

Qin Ya’s family wasn’t living in the country, and Lin Xinyan was her closest friend. Qin Ya’s current situation is bad, and if she reacts negatively to seeing me here… Su Zhan thought about how there was no one to take care of her, so he reached into his pocket only to learn that his phone was long gone. He was thinking about how to contact Lin Xinyan when a nurse passed by. Su Zhan called out to the nurse and asked, “Can I borrow your phone?”

The nurse saw how terrible he looked, so she got her phone out of her pocket and handed it to him.

“Thank you,” replied Su Zhan. He didn’t call Lin Xinyan immediately, because he didn’t remember her number. He only saved her number on his phone. Fortunately, he remembered Zong Jinghao’s number.

Zong Jinghao was in the office and was discussing some matters with Mr. Lu. The two men had just started a business collaboration, and the scandal revolving around the Lu family had disrupted the project they were working on. Hence, Mr. Lu personally dropped by to apologize for the matter. One of the terms of their contract was that if either party caused a loss of profit, the other party could terminate the entire thing before the project completed.

Mr. Lu was worried about Zong Jinghao terminating the contract, so he hurried over to talk to the latter.

“I will settle the issue quickly. Don’t worry, the negative impact won’t be that big,” said Mr. Lu. He looked energetic, and his old age didn’t make him seem frail. However, the incident at the time wore him out a little.

Zong Jinghao calmly pointed out, “From what I have gathered, Lu Group is already suffering from this scandal.”

“Yes, but please trust me. I will solve the issue soon.”

Zong Jinghao’s phone vibrated at that moment. He scanned the screen before informing Mr. Lu, “Excuse me, I need to take this.”

After saying his piece, Zong Jinghao got his phone and walked out of the meeting room. He stood in the corridor, and the French window was right beside him when he picked the call up.


“It’s me. Is Xinyan with you?”

“Why are you looking for her?” asked Zong Jinghao as he raised his brows suspiciously.

“Yeah, Qin Ya… at the hospital… not sure if she’ll survive,” said Su Zhan. His voice kept breaking up because he was speaking between sobs. He later calmed down and informed, “Her family lives overseas. I think she will feel better if she sees Xinyan when she wakes up.”

“What happened?”

“It’s a long story, and I lost my phone. I’m using someone else’s phone right now, so I can’t talk for long. I’m at the second branch of the People’s Hospital.”

Zong Jinghao murmured a reply and hung up before he walked out and called for Guan Jing.

Guan Jing hurried over.

“Tell Mr. Lu that something important just happened, and I have to leave. Also, inform him we can discuss the matter in the near future,” ordered Zong Jinghao as he walked toward the elevator. After that, he called Lin Xinyan. Su Zhan sounded off. It seemed like an incident had happened, so Zong Jinghao was worried about Lin Xinyan going to the hospital on her own.

Lin Xinyan was at the kindergarten at the time because Lin Ruixi fought with another kid.

The reason behind that fight was hilarious. A girl kissed Lin Xichen’s cheek, and Lin Ruixi caught that, so Lin Ruixi ran over to push the kid. After that, Lin Ruixi growled, “That is my big brother! How dare you kiss him?”

As far as Lin Ruixi was concerned, she was the only one allowed to kiss her brother.

Every other kid was forbidden from doing so. She felt like the other girl was there to steal her brother away, so she pushed the kid.

Lin Xichen was stumped as well. Life at the kindergarten was terribly boring. He was on the verge of breaking down because he was surrounded by a bunch of immature brats.

The fact that someone forced a kiss on his cheek during recess made him feel like that kindergarten was just too much. He had to leave, or he’d go insane.

The little girl’s head knocked on the edge of a stool after Lin Ruixi pushed her. The kids in that kindergarten were all from powerful families, so the teachers contacted and asked the parents to drop by the kindergarten.

The little girl’s mother was an entitled woman with a terrible attitude. “It’s not like he’s royalty or anything, and it’s just a kiss, right? Kids play pretend all the time, so it’s no big deal. Besides, if anyone’s being taken advantage of, it’s my daughter. Your daughter made it worse by pushing my precious girl. Look at her reddened head. How do you plan on dealing with this?”

It didn’t matter what caused it. Lin Ruixi was at fault for pushing the kid, but the mother didn’t have to be that rude.

Lin Xinyan hadn’t even spoken up before Lin Ruixi interrupted, “Just a kiss? That is my brother, and we never gave her permission to kiss him!”

“Ruixi,” warned Lin Xinyan sternly.

“I was just telling the truth,” complained Lin Ruixi softly.

Lin Xichen, the boy in between all the drama, sat at the corner and acted as if it had nothing to do with him. It didn’t matter if it was the kids or the teachers in school. Everyone was nice to him, and they liked to kiss his cheeks. That made him feel troubled.

Still, he was glad that something so minor had turned so crazy because that might mean that he no longer needed to go to that kindergarten.

“You are just a kid, so what do you know? Do you even know who her father is?” yelled the entitled woman.

Lin Ruixi didn’t understand what the woman meant by that, so she asked, “Who’s her dad?”

“The deputy mayor of B City,” answered the woman arrogantly before she added, “Apologize right away, and I will forgive you. If you don’t, I will tell her father about this, and things will be much worse.”

Lin Xinyan frowned. She was upset about the woman’s behavior because that was not a huge issue in the first place. Lin Xinyan had planned to get her daughter to apologize anyway because the kid was at fault for pushing someone else.

Lin Xichen was called over soon after.

“Mommy,” greeted Lin Xichen as he stepped forward. The entitled woman finally got a good look at Lin Xichen and thought that the kid was pretty amazing. He was young, but his back was straight when he walked, and his facial features were wonderful.

The entitled woman tapped on her daughter’s shoulder and commended, “You have pretty good taste.”

The little girl tilted her head down shyly. She liked the new student, Lin Xichen, and she didn’t understand what love meant. Her mind was innocent. She simply thought he looked cute, so she kissed him.

She didn’t understand the complicated world of adults.

“She kissed me without my permission, and that is disrespectful toward me, so she should apologize to me. My sister pushed her, and that is my sister’s fault, so my sister will apologize as well. We can start with you apologizing to me,” said Lin Xichen calmly and rationally.

The entitled woman didn’t expect a kid that young to speak so rationally and maturely.

“It’s your privilege that my daughter kissed you. Yet, you expect an apology for that? Not even in your dreams. You’re lucky I’m not asking you to apologize to her! I’ve learned all about the parents who sent their kids to this kindergarten, and no one is as powerful as her dad. Stop messing around because it will not end well for any of you. Apologize right away, and I will pretend that nothing happened. If you don’t…”

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