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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 347

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 347

Just before she detonated the bomb, Su Zhan rushed over and kicked the remote out of her hand. He later crouched down and choked Liu Feifei while yelling, “Go to hell.”

Liu Feifei didn’t struggle. Instead, she grinned evilly.

Su Zhan’s gaze darkened. He quickly realized that the only reason she’d be happy was if she had something else up her sleeves. Hence, he didn’t kill her. He simply slammed her head against the corner with a bang. Liu Feifei’s head started bleeding before she passed out.

Su Zhan walked back to Qin Ya’s side to help her up, but she pushed him aside. “You should leave,” said Qin Ya.

Su Zhan wasn’t expecting that, so he fell hard on his butt. He stared at Qin Ya in bewilderment as he blurted, “You…”

Qin Ya struggled to get up. She glared at him and scowled, “I don’t need you and your fake love. And don’t touch me. I’ll get so disgusted that I might vomit.”

Su Zhan knew that there was no point in saying anything to her. His action had already hurt her.

He wanted to say that he would die with her if anything were to happen to her.

Still, he had no choice.

“I’m so sorry. You’re injured, so let me take you to the hospital,” said Su Zhan. He ignored her reluctance and bent down to carry her like a princess. That was when he noticed something strapped around her waist. He tilted his head down to take a better look. It was a bomb!

The number on the device kept changing. It didn’t take a genius to know that it was a time bomb, and it was counting down!

Su Zhan shifted his gaze upward and meet a pair of eyes shining with hopelessness.

Qin Ya’s throat was dry, and her voice was extremely hoarse when she growled, “Let me go. Run as far away as you can if you want to live.”

Su Zhan set her down, but he didn’t leave. He examined the bomb to figure out a way to free her from it. He promised, “I won’t let you die alone. If it comes to it, I will die right by your side.”

Qin Ya laid weakly against the cold and dirty wall before she replied, “Do you think I’d forgive you just because you said those words? I will never forgive you, Su Zhan.”

He had his head down in shame as he murmured, “I know.”

Qin Ya stared at Su Zhan’s face and messy hair for a moment before she slowly closed her eyes. She never wanted to see that man again.

He had a shot at disengaging the bomb. He wasn’t confident about it, but he had a shot!

“Don’t worry, I will…” said Su Zhan as he looked up. He caught Qin Ya with her eyes closed and knew she didn’t want to see him. His heart ached, but he knew that was not the time or place for dealing with his love life. He had to prioritize saving her life.

He walked away to find a plier, but he couldn’t find one despite searching the entire ship. When he returned to the cabin, he found a rusty box in a secluded corner. He used a metallic rod to pry it open. As suspected, that was a rusty toolbox that was rarely used. The ship was constantly wet, so the toolbox had a thick layer of rust, but all the necessary tools were shielded inside. He grabbed a pair of pliers and hurried to Qin Ya. “I found the tools!”

Qin Ya had turned even weaker by then, and she couldn’t even open her eyes. She was like a withered flower that no longer held the vitality she once had. Su Zhan went into a daze and wondered how things would be if she died just like that.

His heart ached like nothing before when he thought about it. It was like countless needles had simultaneously pierced through his heart, and they stung him.

Su Zhan reached out to caress her face. He decided that if they were to survive, he would beg for her forgiveness and do anything to make up for his mistake.

Su Zhan’s hand trembled when he held the pliers and saw the four wires inside the box. His decision would determine whether they survive.

Unfortunately, the bomb was still counting down. Su Zhan didn’t have time to think, so droplets of sweat donned his forehead.

He bit down and chose the red wire. With his eyes closed, he applied force on his pliers to cut that wire. Click!

Unfortunately, the countdown continued. That got Su Zhan nervous.

“Leave, just abandon me. You don’t have to do this,” said Qin Ya. Her voice was as soft as a single buzzing bee, but Su Zhan heard her clearly. He didn’t know why. When he heard her asking him to leave, his heart ached so much that he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

He had never been afraid of losing anyone before, but he was terrified of losing her at that moment.

“I won’t leave. I promised I will die with you if you don’t make it out,” said Su Zhan, before he tightened his grip on his pliers again. Click! He cut another wire. The bomb didn’t go off. Instead, the timer stopped… for a second before the bomb counted down even quicker. Su Zhan held Qin Ya tightly in his arms when he saw they were about to run out of time.

Qin Ya’s heart was cold. A warm embrace engulfed her, but her heart was still cold.

Su Zhan’s throat was dry, so his voice was raspy when he apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He was sorry for breaking her heart, for letting her get physically hurt because of him, and for potentially causing her death soon.

His words seemed so hollow at that moment.

The unconscious Liu Feifei slowly woke up and saw Su Zhan holding Qin Ya. Liu Feifei was jealous. That man used to only love her. His warmth belonged to her and her alone. However, that love had since been transferred to another woman. That disappointed and infuriated Liu Feifei.

She struggled to get up and reached for the detonator. She wanted to blow the ship up and to kill Su Zhan and Qin Ya with it.

Qin Ya saw what Liu Feifei was trying to do, so the former held Su Zhan’s collar and requested, “Carry me out so I can have some fresh air.”

“Okay,” replied Su Zhan.

The wind carried the scent of the ocean when it caressed the couple that had reached the top deck. The bomb strapped on Qin Ya was counting down, and Su Zhan promised, “If reincarnation is real, I will find you again in our next life, and I promise I will treat you right.”

Qin Ya’s eyes were in a daze. She grinned. If reincarnation is real, I wish we never meet again. Meeting you in this lifetime is a misfortune. I don’t want to go through this again, so let’s not get together again in our next life.

Just before the time bomb went off, Qin Ya pushed as hard as she could, and Su Zhan fell off the boat.

Splash! He landed in the water.

Just before he hit the water, Su Zhan saw Qin Ya sitting calmly on the boat. It was as if she wasn’t facing death. Instead, it was like she was looking forward to being released from her tormented life.

She wants to die!


The ship exploded. The sparks and the fire swallowed Qin Ya whole.

“No!” shouted Su Zhan before the seawater drowned his voice out. It was burning hot, even when he was under the water, and the ship’s wreckage soon surrounded him. The fire continued to glow fiercely above the surface.

Su Zhan swam upward as quickly as he could to find any traces of Qin Ya.

However, the vast ocean only had wreckage floating around. No one was in sight.

“Qin Ya!” shouted Su Zhan.

He grabbed a random piece of floating debris before he searched for Qin Ya.

Surprisingly, Lu Yuan drove his boat over at that moment.

He found the place by tracing Liu Feifei’s number. Things were in a mess for Lu Yuan because Liu Feifei shared a video of his wife on the internet, and that got the news to spread like wildfire. It made the Lu family looked bad, and the share price of the company had fallen because of that. Lu Yuan was furious about it.

He wanted to seek vengeance from Liu Feifei, but he didn’t realize that he would see an explosion instead.

“Is someone there?”

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