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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 346

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 346

Qin Ya was experiencing a nauseating feeling that she had never had before. She only managed to hold back the urge to puke by biting her lips hard.

The elderly lady sitting next to her could feel her body shaking, but there was nothing she could do except feeling anxious.

“Are you going to turn me down? Don’t forget your grandma and your girl are still under my control.”

Looking grim, Su Zhan seized her neck and seethed. “You’re digging your own grave right now.”

His hands caused so much pain to her neck.

She was having difficulty breathing as she felt like her neck was going to be broken by him any minute. Her face contorted with bitterness as she tried hard to speak intermittently, “Go ahead and strangle me to death.”

Su Zhan did not relax his hold on her because it was true that he harbored the intention to finish her off at the moment. Snatching the remote control from her, he remarked icily, “Liu Feifei, do you even have any idea how disgusting you are?”

She cackled, her hoarse voice sounding awful and jarring. “Do you think I’m so stupid that I don’t have a backup plan ready? You can try killing me and then see what happens to them after that!”

Su Zhan hesitated.

Not daring to gamble with the lives of his grandmother and Qin Ya, he shoved her away, reluctantly.

When her body landed on the floor, producing a loud thump, two guys immediately dashed into the cabin holding a detonator and a knife in their hands. That was the backup plan she just mentioned. In the event she was in danger, they would trigger the bomb in the cabin.

Slumping on the floor, Liu Feifei placed her hands on her chest and gasped for breath. It was only when fresh air filled up her lungs did she feel better.

She then looked up at Su Zhan and chuckled. “You really do care about them a great deal.”

Yet Su Zhan was staring at the two guys who just barged into the cabin.

She got to her feet and stood in front of him. “Are you desperate to get them out of here?”

He felt so frustrated by her question that he wished he could kill her on the spot. Of course he wanted to get them out of there.

Liu Feifei fixed her messy hair before looking up at him. “Yes, you may get them out of here.”

She threw a look at the two guys who immediately understood her instruction and carried it out by mounting their knives at Qin Ya and the elderly lady’s neck.

“Now, I’ll let one of them go and you have to make the choice.” She laughed triumphantly.

She knew how close Su Zhan was to his grandmother. Therefore, there was no way he would choose Qin Ya over her, no matter how much he fancied Qin Ya.

“I’m bringing both of them with me!”

“I know that’s what you want. Since I might not be alive after today, I have to find myself a companion or I would be very lonely on my way to afterlife.”

Not to mention that she had already spent all her savings, she had also offended Lu Yuan and Su Zhan. She had prepared for the worst-case scenario. The two would not go easy on her, even if she could make it back to the shore alive.

Su Zhan’s anger hit the ceiling as he gritted his teeth and thundered. “Liu Feifei!”

Liu Feifei cringed in fear. It was the first time she witnessed him having an angry outburst.

Yet, she recovered quickly because she still had the situation in her control. As long as he cared about the two women, he would have no choice but to play by her rules.

“Make your choice,” she spoke like a winner of the game.

The elderly lady got agitated trying to ask Su Zhan to choose Qin Ya over her. At her advanced age, she didn’t mind having her life shortened, but it was a different case for Qin Ya. She was very young, and it was highly likely that she was pregnant with his child.

From all aspects, choosing Qin Ya over her would be the wisest choice.

Meanwhile, Qin Ya remained very quiet. Her messy hair covered her face and her despair deep down inside. She could feel the puddle of sticky, warm fluid beneath her. She knew what it represented without having to check it out. A pain so intense that it was beyond description was coursing through her and it came not from her body but from her heart.

She once thought of giving up her child, but at the same time, she looked forward to welcoming the baby into the world. However, she knew it very well that her child had left her for good at the moment.

Back then, she had often come across how people experienced heartache in novels and dramas, but she assumed it to be a mere way of description. She only realized it was real because she was feeling it at the moment. It was a numbing and stifling sensation which made her breathless.

“If you hesitate any longer, I’d let both of them perish together with me,” Liu Feifei said impatiently.

That was one tough decision for Su Zhan because he didn’t want to give up any of them. With his eyes bloodshot, he croaked, “Let both of them go and you’ll be free to do anything to me.”

“No way. I want you to make your choice so one of them will live and the other will die. No matter who you’re going to choose, you will live the rest of your life in self-reproach. That’s exactly what I would like you to suffer! You will live a life worse than death haunted by nightmares every night in the future!”

That was the reason she kidnapped both his grandmother and Qin Ya.

“Save… Ya…”

It was with much effort that the elderly lady produced the two words. Su Zhan understood what she said, but how could he give up his grandmother who had nurtured him and raised him up?

He shook his head, deciding that he couldn’t do such a thing or he would really live his entire life in self-reproach as pointed out by Liu Feifei just now.

He looked at Qin Ya and saw how pale her face was. If anything happened to her, he was sure he would spend the rest of his life in pain or he might even kill himself just to free himself from the torture.

At last, he mustered up every ounce of courage in him and pleaded, “Qin Ya, I was raised up by my grandma…”

What he was trying to imply was he couldn’t give up his grandmother in any case.

Qin Ya didn’t think there was anything wrong with his choice. As it was commonly said that it was harder to raise one than giving birth to one, it was not wrong of him to choose his grandmother over her.

However, she still felt an unbearably intense pain in her heart as tears started streaming down her face uncontrollably.

“If anything happens to you, I will…” keep you company.

He couldn’t finish his sentence because his grandmother suddenly fainted.

In that split second, he told Liu Feifei to let his grandmother go.

Qin Ya did not feel any pain because she had expected to hear that from him. She would rather die if she had to live in misery in the future.

Liu Feifei then instructed the two guys to send the elderly lady back to shore. When they walked past her, they secretively passed the detonator back to her, which she hid at her back in a barely noticeable movement.

Pretending as if nothing had happened, she made her way toward Qin Ya. “I bet you’ve seen how heartless a man Su Zhan is.”

Qin Ya lifted her head and stared at her through her fringe. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his decision. Could he still consider himself human if he were to decide to abandon his family member?”

Her comment infuriated Liu Feifei, and she grabbed a fistful of Qin Ya’s hair. “I can’t believe you’re still so stubborn when death is looming ahead of you!”

Thump! All of a sudden, Liu Feifei was sent flying away and then crashed into the wall of the cabin. The entire ship swayed. Su Zhan then dashed toward Qin Ya and untied her hands. “I’ll bring you out of here.”

His hands trembled when he noticed the puddle of blood beneath her. “A-Are you injured?”

Cough, cough. ”Let’s head to hell together!” Liu Feifei pressed on the detonator.

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