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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 345

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 345

“I won’t bring anybody with me.” Su Zhan dared not risk their lives.

Liu Feifei responded with a laugh, sounding pleased. Then, she gave him an address and emphasized again, “You have to come alone and I’m not joking with you here. If you bring anyone with you, I won’t hesitate to throw them into the sea to feed the sharks.”

“I’ve already promised you I wouldn’t bring anyone with me. If you dare to hurt them, I wouldn’t go easy on you either!”

With that, he hung up on her and set off to the address given by her.

Soon, he arrived at the beach. He received a message from Liu Feifei when he alighted his car: Find yourself a boat and sail toward southwest.

He kept away his phone and began searching for an available boat. When he spotted some fishermen who just returned from a fishing expedition, he approached them. “Can you guys take me to the sea?”

He offered all the cash in his wallet to one fisherman who was mooring his boat to the pier.

The fisherman was a tanned man in his fifties with a scrawny body. Looking at the huge stack of cash Su Zhan offered him, he wondered exactly how much money that would be. As it was not Su Zhan’s habit to carry much cash with him, the stack of cash he was holding only amounted to around two thousand.

“Where do you want to go?” the fisherman queried. He would have to pass if Su Zhan wanted to go as far as to the deep sea.

“Somewhere in the southwest direction,” Su Zhan answered.

The fisherman pondered it over. The sea in the southwest region was near to the mountains, it was rather remote as he and his fellow fishermen seldom ventured there. “What business do you have there?”

No houses or even shelters were built there.

Su Zhan knew the fisherman had his reservations due to safety issues, but he could not tell him the truth. Hence, he had no choice but to come up with an excuse, hoping it could convince him. “I’m going there to look for my friend who hasn’t been back after sailing in that direction. I need to check on him.”

After some contemplation, the fisherman took his cash and agreed, “Fine, just hop onto my boat.”

Two thousand was considered a handsome sum for the fisherman who might not be able to earn that much of money from his fishing expedition.

Su Zhan thanked him and stepped onto the slippery deck.

The fisherman flashed him a sheepish grin. That there was no need for Su Zhan to thank him because he was paid to do this.

Standing on the deck where the air was permeated with a fishy stench, Su Zhan looked into the distance at the vast ocean. He felt uneasy and restless, just like the boat that was floating on the sea.

The fisherman was very familiar with the sea. It took him a short time to steer his boat in the right direction.

After about twenty minutes, Su Zhan spotted a ship ahead of them and instructed the fisherman to steer the boat toward it.

Liu Feifei experienced a mixed feelings when she spotted him. Yet, she soon returned to her emotionless state. There was no turning back for her at this stage.

She couldn’t accept how pathetic her life had ended up to be. While she could only live a lonesome life miserably in the future, Su Zhan would go on to marry another woman and build a happy family with her.

No, that was not what she would like.

She would rather die if she could not get what she wanted in life. However, she had to make sure those who had bullied her before suffered their retribution.

Su Zhan saw her too. “Are you referring to that ship over there?” the fisherman asked.

Su Zhan nodded in response.

The fisherman then steered the boat toward the ship and mounted a wooden plank to connect the two. “Be careful!” he urged.

Su Zhan mumbled a response before stepping on the plank without hesitation.

The wooden plank was narrow and flimsy as it started to waver when he landed his feet on it. Meanwhile, the fisherman tried to hold it still at the side of his boat.

Liu Feifei chuckled. “Did you rush here because of your grandma or Qin Ya?”

Su Zhan landed on her ship and cast her an ominous glance. “Where are they?”

Liu Feifei strolled over to him and adjusted the collar of his shirt. “What’s the rush?” Her hands grazed against his skin in a seductive manner when she continued, “Of course I will let you see them since I’ve asked you to be here.”

Standing with his back straight, he looked down at her hands at his collar. “If you want to take revenge, you should come at me.”

She snickered, “Can’t you see I’m doing exactly that right now? If they aren’t related to you, I won’t even have them here. Don’t you think so?”

He responded coldly, “Just tell me what you want from me. Since I’m already here, shouldn’t you let them go now?”

“Would you still be here talking to me if I let them go?” Liu Feifei prodded his chest with her finger. “Do you think I’m dumb enough to do that?”

“Just shoot. What do you want from me?”

She tugged at his belt trying to pull him toward the cabin, but he refused to budge. “Don’t you want to see your grandma and Qin Ya?” she asked.

Both of his hands were balled into fists.

Liu Feifei knew he was infuriated, but she believed he wouldn’t lay a finger on her because he would want to make sure his grandmother and Qin Ya were safe.

He walked into the small cabin, which was nothing but a filthy mess. Then, he spotted Qin Ya and his grandmother tied to a shelf at the back of the cabin. Noticing Qin Ya’s pale face, he was just about to approach her when he was held back by Liu Feifei. “What’s the hurry…”

He shoved her away before she could even finish her sentence.

“Urgh… urgh…” His grandmother couldn’t wait to tell him that Qin Ya might be pregnant so that he could help her and make sure she was safe.

However, she could not utter a word.

Su Zhan, who had no idea his grandmother was trying to draw his attention to Qin Ya, consoled her, “Don’t worry because I will make sure nothing happens to you.”

In the meantime, Qin Ya’s vision was getting blurry, and she was experiencing an excruciating pain in her lower abdomen. Parting her dry lips, she let out a feeble voice, “Help me…”

Su Zhan failed to catch what she said. Just as he was about to get closer to her to listen to her, Liu Feifei’s voice came from behind. “I’d blast them to death if you go any nearer.”

He froze in his tracks and turned around to find Liu Feifei holding a remote control for a bomb.

Then, he glanced around and spotted a bomb stashed at a corner of the cabin.

“Liu Feifei!” he bellowed as his eyes reddened with fury.

Unperturbed by his murderous stare, she dazzled him with a bright and warm smile. “Don’t raise your voice at me because it scares me.”

Su Zhan suppressed the raging fury in him and said, “Tell me what you want from me.”

She strode toward him, traced her finger across his chest seductively and finally stopped at the collar of his shirt. Then, she opened the first button of his shirt with her eyes glassy with desire. “Do you still remember the first night you spent with me?”

He pursed his lips tightly without answering.

She cast a fleeting glance at Qin Ya before resting her hands on his chest. “You treated me with so much gentleness because you were worried that I might be hurt. You whispered next to my ears that you loved me very much and you would be nice to me for the rest of your life. Do you still remember that?”

Grabbing her hand to stop it from moving around his body, he snapped, “Just tell me what you want me to do.”

How he wished he could just wipe out all the memories he had with her. The night he lost his virginity should have been a beautiful memory, but it was all ruined by her. Now, he was disgusted whenever he thought about that fateful night. He wondered why he even fell in love with such a scheming and paranoid woman like her in the first place.

He believed he must have been blind to be interested in her.

“What do I want?” Liu Feifei pretended to look shy when she proposed, “Why don’t you and I do it again? It must be a very unforgettable memory for you. After all, it was me who made you a man.”

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