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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 342

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 342

“Who’re you guys?” Looking horrified, Qin Ya stared at the two men. They obviously were a bunch of jerks who harbored malicious intent against her.

It was clear that she was their target, judging from how decisively and swiftly they seized her.

While she was under their supervision, the driver behind the wheel ignored her.

Meanwhile, she tried to wiggle herself out of their control while constantly screaming hysterically, “Let me go!”

The driver, who seemed to find her voice irritating, yelled at the two men, “Do me a favor by keeping her mouth shut!”

They immediately covered her mouth with their hands and warned her, “You’d better be a good girl.”

Her mind went blank with fear. The only thing she wanted to do was run away from this terrifying situation, but the little remaining logical sense in her mind told her she stood no chance.

Hence, she could only stay calm for the time being and bide her time.

The further away from town they went, the more panicked she became.

However, she knew her chances to free herself from the two burly men were slim.

After around an hour, the vehicle left the town area and reached Repulse Bay.

There was a construction ongoing by the beach, and many fishing vessels docked at the bay. When they pulled up to a stop, the two strong men hauled Qin Ya off the car callously when she tried to put up a fight. They seized her by her arms and dragged her to one of the fishing vessels.

Panic-stricken, she started shrieking at the top of her lungs, “Is someone there who can help me? Please, help me! Help…” Smack!

One man slapped her and issued her a stern warning in a menacing voice, “I’d kill you right now if you dare to utter a word again!”

Her head tilted to one side due to the impact of the slap and the right side of her cheeks was burning with pain; she could taste blood in her mouth. “Are you guys after my money? I’m willing to offer all the cash with me if you guys let me go.”

Considering that she had no kins nor enemies in the country, she had not the slightest idea who would want her here.

Therefore, the only possibility she could think of was that the guys did this for her money.

However, they were unfazed by her offer. One of them threatened her with an intimidating look. “You’d better be good and stay quiet. Mind you, we aren’t gentlemen, and if we decide to punish you, you will end up being injured or dying. So, I guess you know what to do right now.”

A sense of despair washed over Qin Ya as the blood froze in her body. If they are not after money, what did they want?

Colors drained from her face as her tongue went numb. It was only after some time did she manage to pose them her question, albeit stammeringly, “Can you tell me why you kidnap me? I want to know the reason because I don’t want to die in confusion.”

One of the guys was fed up with her badgering. Pinching her jaw, he raged, “B*tch, what’s your issue? You will know everything when we arrive later! So now, you’d better keep your mouth shut!”

Qin Ya was immediately deterred from probing any further because she didn’t want them to hurt her. The baby in her womb was her priority.

Soon, she was hauled to a battered-looking fishing vessel. There were fishing nets scattered all over the deck with some dried-up dead fishes caught inside. They then threw her into a filthy little cabin which reeked with a horrible stench.

She started feeling nauseous as her insides started churning.

At last, she had no choice but to dash over to an open window and vomited.

Other than casting her a disgusted glance, the two men did nothing to help her. The cabin only came with a door and a small window, which was only large enough for one’s head. Anyone who tried to sneak out through the window would fall off into the raging waves and die.

Qin Ya stuck her head out to inhale fresh air from outside.

As she was physically exhausted and mentally drained, her head felt heavy and her mind was in a turmoil.

After some time, she felt the cabin swayed before she heard a string of footsteps from outside. Feeling alarmed, she immediately spun around to find Liu Feifei standing by the door. Just as she was about to speak, her eyes widened in shock as she spotted Su Zhan’s grandmother, who was tied up behind Liu Feifei. “What are you trying to do?”

Liu Feifei sneered, “Isn’t that very obvious?”

She was left with nothing now. Lu Yuan refused to have anything to do with her, and Su Zhan too resented her.

If it weren’t for Qin Ya, she could have been able to salvage her relationship with Su Zhan!

She hated Qin Ya for snatching Su Zhan away from her and she loathed his grandmother who had always preferred Qin Ya over her.

Since he cared so much about them, she kidnapped both of them.

She then waved her hand at her subordinates to let them tie them both up.

As Qin Ya was struggling to stop them, she yelled, “Liu Feifei, are you crazy?”

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, Liu Feifei glanced at her contemptuously and taunted, “Crazy? Haha, I’m more sober than ever right now. I have nothing to lose and nothing to be scared of! I’m going to drag everyone down with me!”

She strutted into the small cabin, producing a crunching noise along her way when she stepped on seashells on the floor. At last, she stopped in front of Qin Ya and pinched her chin as she confronted her, “Are you the one who plotted against me?”

If Qin Ya didn’t plot against her and investigate on her, how did Su Zhan know so much about her past?

Qin Ya looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

Liu Feifei pinched her chin even harder. “Stop playing dumb with me!”

Other than her, who else would dig out the dirt in my past diligently and reveal everything to Su Zhan?

Who would have the motive to do such a thing?

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about.” Qin Ya’s voice came feebly from her throat.

Liu Feifei refused to believe her innocence because she was adamant that she was the culprit.

Other than Qin Ya, no one else would gain a direct benefit from her misfortune. Su Zhan would naturally return to her side when he resented Liu Feifei.

Qin Ya still had no idea what Liu Feifei was talking about, but there was one thing she was sure. The latter hated her. She felt bitter thinking that Su Zhan was most likely the reason behind her sentiment.

That man brought nothing but endless pain and suffering to her.

“Since I’m the one you hate, why do you bring Grandma, who’s still sick over here? Shouldn’t you be nice to her since you and Su Zhan dated before?”

Be nice to her?

Did Su Zhan treat me nicely when he dumped me?

Liu Feifei’s face distorted with hatred. She patted Qin Ya’s young and beautiful face. Slowly, she started exerting more force on the latter’s cheeks, slapping her so hard that it looked like she was trying to disfigure her.

“Please be patient. We’re about to play a very interesting game soon.”

With that, Liu Feifei let loose a wicked and frenzied guffaw.

In the meantime, Qin Ya was trembling. Deep down inside she was sure Liu Feifei must have gone mad or she wouldn’t do something as crazy as this.

Having lost the ability to speak, Su Zhan’s grandmother glared at Liu Feifei, wishing she could attack her with her eyes.

That woman is indeed a vicious one, and she is finally showing her true colors!

Just as Qin Ya was racking her brain trying to convince Liu Feifei to let them go, another person was thrown into the cabin.

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