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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 340

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 340

This time, the pharmacist heard him. Before attending to Su Zhan, she tended to another patient. Then she took the medicine from his hand. After examining it, she told him it was for nausea.

For nausea?

Su Zhan frowned and wanted to ask what illness caused nausea, but the pharmacist walked away to attend to the other patients, so he also walked away with the medicine. He already had a guess. After all, he was already an adult. Even if he hadn’t experienced it, he had heard about it.

He approached Qin Ya with each step and his eyes swept across her abdomen as he asked solemnly, “Are you pregnant?”

Qin Ya’s heart skipped a beat. “What are you talking about?”

Su Zhan handed the medicine to her with no haste, saying, “This is for nausea. Isn’t it because of morning sickness?”

She pretended to be calm. “Su Zhan, do you still think that I will give birth to your child? Even if I have your child, I will not want it.” She grabbed the medicine from his hand and continued, “I had nausea only because I contracted stomach flu. That’s why I came to the hospital to get medicine. Have you seen pregnant women taking antiemetics?”

Su Zhan wasn’t sure about that. He only knew pregnant women shouldn’t take medicine casually.

“But…” he started.

Qin Ya interrupted him, leaving no room for him to speak at all, “But what? Su Zhan, we are separated now, and I have so many years in front of me. Even if I am pregnant, do you think I will want the child?”

He clenched his hands into fists and said, “Do you hate me so much?”

“Yes, I hate you.” Qin Ya finished and left.

Just when Su Zhan wanted to follow her, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took out his phone and saw that Zong Jinghao was calling. Under normal circumstances, Zong Jinghao would not contact him on his own. He pressed the answer button and heard him say, “Go to Lijiang Palace.”

With that, Zong Jinghao ended the call.

Su Zhan looked at the phone for a while, then at Qin Ya, who was walking away. Finally, he sighed. He wanted to get Qin Ya back, but he knew it wouldn’t be easy. He kept his phone and walked out of the hospital, not to chase after Qin Ya, but to head to Lijiang Palace.

When he arrived, a waiter walked over and asked, “Are you Mr. Su?”

Su Zhan nodded. “I’m looking for Zong Jinghao.”

“Please follow me.” The waiter said and led Su Zhan to a VIP room.

In the large private room, Shen Peichuan and Zong Jinghao sat around a large round table.

He pulled a chair and sat down as he asked with a smile, “What occasion is it today?”

Usually, they would gather only when he organized it. Zong Jinghao rarely asked them out because of his busy schedule, and Shen Peichuan also had a lot of work. He had more free time compared to them.

Shen Peichuan twitched his lips before saying, “It’s too early for you to laugh. You might cry soon.”

Su Zhan laughed at him. “What can trouble me more than how I feel now?”

What troubled him at the moment was Qin Ya.

Grandma’s condition was getting better, but Qin Ya was still very cold towards him, and there was nothing he could do to change that since she did not respond to the carrot or the stick.

“Peichuan, drink with me. I’m in a bad mood.” Su Zhan waved for the waiter, but Shen Peichuan stopped him and asked the waiter to leave. “We are not ordering at the moment. Please go out for now. We will call you when we want to order.”

Su Zhan stared at Shen Peichuan and said drily, “Are you planning to watch a movie instead of eating at a restaurant?”

“Yes, I’m here for a movie.”

“Are you kidding me…”

But before he could finish speaking, he saw the display screen hanging on the wall suddenly light up, and he asked in surprise, “We’re really watching a movie?”

However, he realized it was not a movie because the screen was showing the surveillance footage of another room.

There was a man in a floral shirt sitting in the room. Su Zhan took a closer look. “Isn’t this Feifei’s college mate?” he asked.

Su Zhan and Liu Feifei were also college mates, but they were not in the same class. That man in a floral shirt, also a rich second-generation, was in the same class as her.

Seeing him, Su Zhan recalled many things from the past., “Do you remember him, Peichuan?”

Su Zhan pointed to the person on the screen and continued, “He drove a Maserati to school. It was awesome. Why isn’t he bankrupt yet?”

Meanwhile, Shen Peichuan watched him silently.

Su Zhan quickly discovered that something was amiss. He looked at Shen Peichuan and then at Zong Jinghao. “What’s up? Why did you ask me to come to the restaurant but stop me from eating to look at a rich playboy?”

Shen Peichuan was afraid that he could not accept the truth, so he said tactfully, “Have you ever thought about what Liu Feifei has been doing all these years?”

The gears in his head turned, and Su Zhan quickly grasped the situation. “Does it have something to do with this guy?”

Shen Peichuan remained silent.

Suddenly, Su Zhan stood up and said, “I’ll ask him.”

Shen Peichuan held him back and said, “When did you become so impulsive?”

“What’s wrong with me asking him?”

Shen Peichuan let go of him and said, “Just wait. You will have an answer soon.”

Su Zhan began to understand what was happening, and he looked at both of them again. “Have you done an investigation on Feifei?”

As soon as Shen Peichuan heard her name, his heart trembled with anger.

He glanced at Su Zhan from the corner of his eyes, but he said nothing in the end.

Finally, there was a movement on the screen. The door opened and Liu Feifei stepped in. She looked different from her usual innocent appearance in front of Su Zhan. Naturally, she dressed with care to meet her old lover.

She wore a black sling dress which ended at her calves, a fur shawl that rested on her shoulders, and finished her look with a pair of red high heels. Matched with her exquisite makeup, she looked very enchanting.

She thought that Lu Yuan finally missed her since he took the initiative to ask her out. If Lu Yuan would divorce his wife and marry her, she would also be willing to marry him.

After all, it took too much effort to salvage her relationship with Su Zhan.

Su Zhan’s eyes widened. That was the first time he saw Liu Feifei dress that way.

He had only seen her dress in a pure, cheery, and youthful look.

“Did you miss me?” Liu Feifei gracefully twisted her slender waist as she walked over and sat on Lu Yuan’s thigh, which seemed to be a natural habit of hers.

Glancing at the camera lens above, he put his arms around Liu Feifei’s waist. “I missed you, so I looked for you. Don’t you miss me after being separated from me for so long?”

Mr. Lu, Lu Yuan’s father, had always wanted to cooperate with Zong Jinghao on a project. The latter had never agreed to it. Zong Jinghao agreed to cooperate with him finally, but there was one condition, and that was how Lu Yuan appeared in the private room.

Liu Feifei pushed him away. “So what if I missed you? You have a wife, and I’m nothing to you.”

Lu Yuan walked over to her and said, “I have no feelings for her.”

“Then will you marry me?” Liu Feifei looked at him eagerly. At her age, she desperately yearned for a home.

“Feifei, you know very well that my wife comes from a very good background…”

“But I have been with you for ten years. Back then, I left everything and followed you. All these years, how many children did I abort for you? In the end, your wife hired someone to beat me up, and I couldn’t get pregnant anymore as a result,” As she spoke of her sore spot, she became agitated. She grabbed Lu Yuan’s collar and said, “How are you going to compensate me for my lost youth?”

He looked at her quietly. “It was consensual. Didn’t you abandon that poor boy and follow me because of my money?”

Liu Feifei fell silent.

It was true that she was interested in his money. She thought she would definitely marry into his wealthy family with her beauty and wits, but it was not as easy as she thought.

Lu Yuan hugged her from behind and said, “We can still be together like this. Would you like to come back to me?”

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