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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 34

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 34

Zong Jinghao’s office was particularly modernized, spacious and plainly furnished, making it look imposing and magnanimous. At both sides, French windows were placed at the front wall to allow in sufficient sunlight.

Standing there, she could overlook the entire city.

Zong Jinghao was reading his document and didn’t look up.

Lin Xinyan stood in front of the desk and handed the document over to him.

Zong Jinghao didn’t take the document but merely said coldly, “Put them on the desk.”

Lin Xinyan had no choice but to put down her document. She wanted to open her mouth but couldn’t find the right words to say to him.

How should she start?

Should I say, “Mr. Zong, can you go home with me?”

Lin Xinyan knew that he would definitely refuse her request.

Zong Jinghao thought it was Bai Zhuwei and asked her, “Any problem?”

He flipped a page, yet his eyes were still focusing entirely on his document.

“I would like to ask Mr. Zong a favor.” Lin Xinyan mustered up the courage and said.

As she didn’t sound like Bai Zhuwei, he looked up and saw Lin Xinyan standing nervously in front of his desk.

Lin Xinyan immediately smiled and said, “Mr. Zong.”

His eyes sparkled with excitement when he saw her, yet it was only short-lived.

He seemed to be surprised that she would be in his office.

Zong Jinghao closed his document, leaned back on his chair and stared at her body. He didn’t refrain himself from scanning every inch of her body parts, including her face, neck, chest and waist.

“You want to say something?”

Lin Xinyan avoided his gaze and said, “Mr. Zong, did you realize that you have brought me a lot of troubles.”

“Oh?” Zong Jinghao was surprised to hear that.

Lin Xinyan shook her hands and said calmly, “I’m sure Mr. Zong knew that Bai Zhuwei always finds fault with me. Also, I was almost hurt by someone just because I’ve married Mr. Zong. So, can Mr. Zong go to Lin’s house with me for my safety.”

Zong Jinghao held his forehead with his hand while massaging his temple. He seemed tired and didn’t want to say anything.

Standing still, Lin Xinyan was bewildered and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“What did you just said?” he asked.

“Can you go to Lin’s house with me?” Lin Xinyan immediately repeated.

He answered in a deep and low voice, “Oh.”

Just answer yes or no.

Lin Xinyan was having butterflies in her stomach.

She wanted to ask him directly but immediately thought that it might not be suitable. When she was still contemplating, she noticed that he kept massaging his temple.

Since Lin Xinyan was asking him a favor, she made up her mind, walked past the desk, came up to him and said awkwardly, “Let me help you.”

He put down his arms and closed his eyes, acquiescing to her offer.

Lin Xinyan didn’t have any relevant experience but was merely trying to massage his temple for him.

His muscle was obviously tense at the moment when their skin touched each other.

Lin Xinyan thought he was uncomfortable, and so she massaged him gentler and asked, “Is this okay?”

He answered in a slightly rough voice, “Hmm.”

Lin Xinyan massaged his temples by exerting the same force. As she looked down, she realized that his muscles were sturdy and bouncy. His face, neck and Adam’s apple looked particularly hot.

Lin Xinyan dared not look at him anymore. She averted her eyes from him and tried to ask him, “It’s nothing special for you to go to Lin’s house with me.”

He slightly opened his eyes in disbelief and replied teasingly, “Is that so?”

She got nervous and knew that she couldn’t hide it from him.

She opened up to him, “I just want to let Lin Guoan see that you actually ‘like’ me. I want to take back something that belongs to me from him. So, Mr. Zong, can you go with me?”

Lin Xinyan was worried that he might refuse, and then added, “Mr. Zong, I was almost splashed with boiling water today. If it wasn’t for Mr. Zong’s woman who thinks too highly of me, such a disaster won’t happen to me at all.”

She stopped for a while and continued, “As for the document that I spent the whole night to translate for you at home, you haven’t paid me yet even though we agreed on the price. Now, I don’t want the money but only hope that Mr. Zong can do me a favor.”

He finally opened his eyes and said, “Since you said so, it seems that I can’t refuse.”

“Thank you Mr. Zong…”

Knock, knock…

Before Lin Xinyan could finish thanking him, someone knocked on the office door.

Feeling tense, she consciously stopped massaging for him, put down her arms and stepped aside.

Zong Jinghao glanced at her, yet didn’t say anything and acquiesced to it.

Lin Xinyan looked down and rubbed her fingers. Her palms were sweaty.

She would never dare flatter Zong Jinghao if it wasn’t for the purpose of using him.

She’s all alone and could only use his ‘husband’s’ power now to take back things that belong to her.

Bai Zhuwei came in with her document but frowned immediately when she saw Lin Xinyan. Before she wanted to ask why she was here, Zong Jinghao said, “You want to see me?”

“Please sign the document.” Zhuwei smiled stiffly.

He took and glanced through the document, and then said, “You may leave now.”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head and left the office.

Bai Zhuwei turned around and glanced at her. She couldn’t wait to slap her on her face. Is she trying to seduce Zong Jinghao when she was not around?

This is her territory, and Lin Xinyan must never think about crossing the boundaries!

“Hao, she…”

“I asked her to hand over the translated document to me. Anything wrong?” He was completely emotionless.

She couldn’t tell at all if he was lying.

He subconsciously shouldered all of the responsibilities.

He could tell that Bai Zhuwei wasn’t friendly to her.

But he could do nothing to Bai Zhuwei.

He had to responsible for her.

“Nope.” Bai Zhuwei walked over to massage his shoulder and said, “Just let me handle such tasks next time.”

Zong Jinghao agreed to it calmly.

After getting off from work, Lin Xinyan stood at the roadside outside the building.

She stood straight once she saw a black car coming out of the garage.

That’s because she knew to whom the car belonged.

The car soon pulled over near her, and the car window was rolled down. He was driving the car by himself and Guan Jing wasn’t with him today.

Zong Jinghao stared at her.

She was wearing a red boat-neck sheath dress that was knee-length, showing her fair-skinned and thin calves.

Lin Xinyan felt his gaze and explained, “I’m worried to be a disgrace to you if I don’t dress myself up, since I’m your ‘wife’.”

She had an ax to grind as she didn’t want Lin Guoan to figure out that Zong Jinghao and her were not in love.

She returned to the villa during lunch hour to get the dress. It was a gift given by He Ruize when she was 18, and she hadn’t worn it ever since then.

Since Lin Xinyan was fair-skinned, she looked particularly gorgeous as the red dress perfectly matched her skin, collarbones and slim neck.

It was unforgettable.

Zong Jinghao averted his gaze slightly and said calmly, “Get in.”

Since they were going to Lin’s house, she had to sit on the front passenger seat to look like a real couple.

Zong Jinghao looked extremely calm, and Lin Xinyan couldn’t read his mind.

Did I pick the wrong dress?

She seldom wore bright-colored dress.

He Ruize used to say the dress was becoming on her.

Everything outside of the car moved backwards as the car moved forward, and their reflections were flashed across Zong Jinghao’s handsome and tough face like a series of enchanting fantasies.

It was so unreal and far away.

It was just like the distance between them. So near, yet so far.

Lin Xinyan hesitated for a while before she asked him about her doubts, “Did I dress badly?”

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