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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 339

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 339

Su Zhan’s body tensed. He didn’t expect to meet Qin Ya so suddenly. Almost instinctively, he wanted to let go of Liu Feifei. However, as soon as he let her go, Liu Feifei held onto him, pretending that her feet were hurting, as though she would fall.

He didn’t push her away. At that moment, he also wanted to see if Qin Ya would be angry at the sight of him and Liu Feifei together.

Although Qin Ya occasionally went to visit Grandma, her indifference toward him made him feel that she had no feelings for him.

Now that Liu Feifei was by his side, he wanted to take this opportunity to test her. If Qin Ya were angry, it would prove that she cared about him.

Liu Feifei glanced at Su Zhan secretly. She didn’t expect that he didn’t push herself away. She was delighted but pretended to look sad. “Ms. Qin, don’t get me wrong. I hurt my leg, and I can’t walk, so Su Zhan accompanied me to the hospital.”

“There is no misunderstanding,” Qin Ya said as she clenched her fist, crumpling the prescription. Her nails pierced through the paper and sunk into the flesh of her palm. She could only stay sane by inflicting pain on herself.

She smiled lightly and said, “We… I mean, Su Zhan and I, we are not in a relationship. It’s his freedom to be with whoever he wants to be with.”

Su Zhan’s pressed his lips tightly together, and his muscles were also tense. He couldn’t accept how calm Qin Ya was.

The calmer she was, the more it showed that she didn’t care about him.

On the other hand, Liu Feifei was elated, but she didn’t dare to express it on the surface. After all, she was still unsure if Su Zhan had given up on Qin Ya.

This time, she must capture his heart.

Su Zhan suppressed the hurt he felt, put his arms around Liu Feifei’s waist, and simply said, “Let’s go.”

When he passed by Qin Ya, whether intentionally or unintentionally, he bumped into her shoulder.

Qin Ya vomited so severely that she had no energy left and almost fell over due to the impact. Fortunately, she supported herself against a window.

Slowly, she knelt as she clasped her hands to her chest, trying to suppress the overflowing pain. His action cut her deeply.

She wondered if she would die from the pain.

Maybe she had been too agitated, as she felt a violent roll in her stomach. Immediately, she covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom.

Outside the hospital, Su Zhan put Liu Feifei in a taxi and sent her back without him.

Liu Feifei wanted to hold on to him, but she didn’t dare to. She was afraid her eagerness would turn Su Zhan off, ruining her efforts of building herself a good impression in front of him.

“Do you still have some other matters to tend to?” Liu Feifei took another approach.

Su Zhan hummed in response and didn’t say more. As he shut the car door, Liu Feifei panicked. It was obvious that he wanted to go back to find Qin Ya.

She immediately lowered the window and asked, “Are you going back to explain to Ms. Qin? Do you want me to make it clear to her? After all, there is really nothing between us.”

Su Zhan grew impatient. “No need.”

With that, he sent Lin Feifei on her way.

He turned and walked into the hospital lobby back to the corridor where he met Qin Ya earlier, but she was nowhere to be found. He frowned and went to the lobby while looking for her in the crowd to no avail. He couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Just as he was about to give up, he saw Qin Ya coming out of the bathroom. She was clasping her abdomen, looking very sick.

He quickly walked over to her and held her. “What happened to you?”

Qin Ya raised her head to look at the person in front of her, but her sight was fuzzy. Soon, she got a clearer sight. After seeing that it was Su Zhan, her throat suddenly tightened, and she was on the verge of tears. She lowered her head. “Why are you back? Are you here to see what a joke I’ve become?”

Su Zhan was also stubborn. He replied to her in the affirmative, instead of telling her honestly that he was worried she was sick since she came to the hospital.

Qin Ya laughed until tears escaped from the corners of her eyes. “Aren’t you afraid that your ex-girlfriend… No, your current girlfriend, who you got back with, would be angry that you came to look for me?”

“She’s not that petty,” he replied.

Is he implying that I am? Qin Ya scorned, then laughed bitterly. Was I wrong to care and get angry? Am I supposed to be generous and tolerating to show my love for him?


She felt that her values were being dissolved by Su Zhan.

“Go. I don’t need you,” Qin Ya said and broke away from his grip.

However, Su Zhan didn’t let go. “Are you sick? What did the doctor say? What is the problem? What is the treatment?”

After being bombarded by a series of questions, Qin Ya froze for a moment before recovering her senses. She looked up at Su Zhan and suddenly laughed. “The doctor said I was injured here. Do you know how it was hurt?” she asked, clutching her heart.

Su Zhan looked at her and asked, “Is it because of me?”

Qin Ya stopped laughing and said, “No, it’s because of myself. I used to think that I was not stupid, but after meeting you, I found that I was stupid indeed. I believed your honey words and trusted you to love me forever. Haha… You are good. You successfully deceived me.”

Su Zhan shook his head and said, “They weren’t lies. I really love you…”

“Save that for your girlfriend,” Qin Ya cut him off. She was really hurt by Su Zhan and didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

She pushed him away, but he was unwilling to let her go like this and grabbed her wrist, saying, “But I want to say it to you.”

“Let me go!” Qin Ya tried to shake his hand away, but he firmly grasped it. She didn’t have the strength too, and she was obviously struggling in vain.

Su Zhan grabbed the prescription from her hand and pushed her into a chair. “Sit here and wait for me,” he said.

He was afraid she would leave without saying anything and warned, “If you dare to leave, I will go to the store to pester you.”

Qin Ya didn’t even have the strength to get angry. “Su Zhan, when will you grow up? Don’t you find yourself childish?”

Su Zhan smiled. Indeed, he was the most relaxed in front of this woman, and he could be himself in front of her. Even when he was with Liu Feifei in the past, he did not feel as relaxed as when he was with Qin Ya.

“Wait for me,” he repeated before taking the prescription to the pharmacy for the medicine.

After collecting her medication, Su Zhan looked at it and asked the pharmacist, “Excuse me, what are these for?”

There were too many people in the hospital, and the pharmacist did not hear him.

He raised his voice and asked again, “Excuse me, what are these for?”

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