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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 338

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 338

Cheng Yuxiu replied in the affirmative with a faint hum.

“Then is he willing to stop?” Lin Xinyan asked eagerly.

Cheng Yuxiu took a deep breath and shook her head. “No. He seems to be aware of Jinghao’s identity, but I will not let him continue to investigate.”

Before Lin Xinyan could tell her that Zong Jinghao found out about Bai Yinning, her phone vibrated on the dining table.

It showed Shen Peichuan’s number.

Lin Xinyan looked at Cheng Yuxiu and said, “Excuse me while I answer the call.”

She walked to the window and pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

“It’s me. I investigated what Jinghao asked me to.”

Lin Xinyan’s nerves tensed, and she straightened her back. “Go ahead,” she prompted.

“It might not be clear over the phone. Let’s talk about it when we meet.”

Lin Xinyan thought for a while and said, “Okay.”

After hanging up the call, she put her phone in her pocket and walked back to the dining room. Seeing that Cheng Yuxiu was looking at the sea cucumber in her bowl, she smiled and said, “Mom, you must be hungry too.”

She took a bowl from the kitchen and transferred some sea cucumbers from her bowl. “Please don’t mind it. I haven’t touched it yet.”

Cheng Yuxiu grabbed her hand to stop her. “I’m not hungry. Look how thin you are. You should eat more. And don’t get involved with Bai Yinning. He is trouble personified.”

Lin Xinyan agreed to her request.

Knowing Zong Jinghao’s temper, she didn’t want to be involved with Bai Yinning, anyway.

Cheng Yuxiu returned to her room, and Lin Xinyan forced herself to finish the sea cucumbers. After downing the last of it with a mouthful of water, she put on her clothes and went out.

She drove to meet Shen Peichuan at the designated located.

They were meeting at a bar, and because it was daytime, there weren’t many people. Shen Peichuan was sitting in a booth, drinking.

Lin Xinyan entered the bar, and he asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Just give me juice. She sat down.

Shen Peichuan asked the bartender to pour a glass of juice. Lin Xinyan glanced at him and asked, “Why did you choose this place?”

“It’s quiet and I want to have a drink,” he said and took a sip of alcohol.

He put down the glass on the table, but continued to fiddle with it. “The words ‘despicable’ and ‘shameless’ cannot describe humans’ nasty and insidious nature.”

Lin Xinyan asked cautiously, “Did something upset you?”

He wouldn’t have been so emotional otherwise.

Without replying to her, Shen Peichuan handed Lin Xinyan the file he had placed on the table. “See for yourself.”

Lin Xinyan had a rough idea of what was in the file.

Seeing how Shen Peichuan was behaving, she had a bad feeling about it.

Nevertheless, she opened the file with curiosity and unease.

It contained more than a dozen pages of information about Liu Feifei’s past, as well as a few photos. There were photos of Liu Feifei alone and her with a man appearing at high-end venues.

Lin Xinyan put down the photos and read the pages of information, but her heart sank deeper as she read page after page.

Su Zhan shared that Liu Feifei told him she left him in the past because she couldn’t give birth and didn’t want to hurt him. But she went to the hospital for numerous abortions in these years?

“How can she be so shameless? Is she still a woman?” Shen Peichuan grimaced. If it weren’t for his remaining sense of logic telling him not to fight a woman, he would have gone to beat up Liu Feifei.

She had left for a rich man and was even willing to be his mistress!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

He wasn’t angry about the things Liu Feifei did. He was angry that she returned to look for Su Zhan after doing those things. How could she?

Why should Su Zhan be the scrap picker?

After reading the last page, Lin Xinyan threw the documents on the table. She knew why Liu Feifei was back. The latter was aging, and her beauty was declining. Moreover, the man had a new wife. Seeing that there was no hope of staying with him, she returned for Su Zhan.

Shen Peichuan packed up the documents. “I have to look for Su Zhan lest he is deceived.”

“Wait.” Lin Xinyan stopped him.

“It won’t hurt as much if you tell him about it!” Lin Xinyan squinted her eyes in thought. The man in the photos must be rich. Otherwise, he won’t be able to keep a mistress for such a long time. It takes a lot of money to keep a woman on the side.

Zong Jinghao is acquainted with some rich people, and he might be acquaintances with that man.

She quickly thought up a countermeasure. “I’m leaving now.”

Shen Peichuan called out, “Don’t forget to call me!”

He also wanted to see how Su Zhan would look when he finds out about Liu Feifei’s true colors.

Lin Xinyan nodded and left.

She was back inside her car/ Instead of going back to the store, she went to find Zong Jinghao.

He was in a meeting, so she went to his office to wait for him.

His office was spacious and well-lit, which made people feel comfortable. She walked to the French windows and looked outside. It was the city’s most bustling area, and it was still as brilliant in the daytime even without the neon lights that lit up at night.

The sun started to set outside. Lin Xinyan reached out to catch the last rays of sunshine. Unfortunately, no one could catch ever catch it.

Zong Jinghao ended his meeting and returned to his office. As he pushed open the door to his office, he saw her standing in a halo of light. Her slender silhouette resembled a heroine in a comic.

He approached with light footsteps, encircled her waist from behind, and rested his chin on her shoulders. “Miss me?” he asked.

Without moving, she ignored his question and instead asked, “Do you know someone named Lu Yuan?”

Zong Jinghao didn’t know Lu Yuan personally, but he knew the man was acquainted with his dad.

He buried his face in her hair and asked in a dull voice, “Why are you asking me about him?”

Lin Xinyan turned to look at him very seriously. “I want him to meet Liu Feifei.”

They had been together for a long time. Naturally, he understood her intentions.

If Su Zhan saw them with his own eyes, it would be more convincing than any other evidence.

“Did Peichuan finish his investigation?”

Lin Xinyan responded affirmatively and recounted what Shen Peichuan had found out. After Lin Xinyan finished, Zong Jinghao didn’t have any change in his expression. He simply said, “I’ll arrange it.”

He didn’t like to deal with such matters, but it concerned Lin Xinyan’s friend and his buddy, so he had to intervene.

Lin Xinyan trusted he would make the arrangements and thanked him earnestly.

Zong Jinghao put his hand into her clothes and gently squeezed the flesh on her waist. He said hoarsely, “How do you want to thank me?”

Lin Xinyan felt ticklish and shifted her body uncomfortably. She reminded him in a serious tone, “This is your company, your office. What if someone sees us?”

Zong Jinghao smirked, “No one will enter casually. Are you willing to do it with me here?”

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

How could he be so thick-skinned?

She pushed him away. “You have no shame, but I have it.”

Zong Jinghao deliberately bit down on her neck with force, causing Lin Xinyan to scream, “Ah!”

Very quickly, she closed her mouth, clenched her fists, and pounded on the chest. Zong Jinghao stood still like a mountain and did not budge. Suddenly, he caught both her hands, raised them over the top of her head, and pressed her against the French windows. As if he was possessed, he kissed her passionately.

When Lin Xinyan struggled, he bit her with force, causing her to moan in pain.

He laughed. “Wail all you want.”

She glared at him, knowing that it was deliberate on his part.

Zong Jinghao kissed her eyelids and licked them, leaving wet trails around them.

Meanwhile, Qin Ya had a severe bout of nausea. She vomited almost everything that she ate and threw up gastric juice when she had nothing left in her stomach. Left with no strength, she had no choice but to go to the hospital and ask the doctor for a prescription.

The doctor prescribed her vitamin B6 and anti-nausea medication. When she was heading to the pharmacy to collect the medicine, she saw Su Zhan helping Liu Feifei walk out of the orthopedics clinic.

The corridor was empty, and there was no place for her to hide or avoid them.

“Does it still hurt?” Su Zhan asked in concern.

Liu Feifei shook her head. “Sorry to trouble you…” She paused when she saw Qin Ya and held more tightly onto Su Zhan’s arm.

Su Zhan saw that she was looking ahead and raised his head to find Qin Ya standing there.

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