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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 333

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 333

Liu Feifei hung her head but peered at Su Zhan using her peripheral vision.

Although he displayed little emotion, she knew she did not abhor him. I came on too strong in the past, which turned him off.

I forgot to consider the fact that we were apart for too long. We drifted apart and all feelings between us dissipated.

If I want him back, I would have to start by reclaiming his heart.

I need to let him experience joy while I’m by his side. We have so much history between us and that’s something Qin Ya can never replace.

She smiled faintly. “Do you hate me?”

Without waiting for Su Zhan to reply, she went on, “It’s fine if you resent me. It’s my fault, after all.”

Su Zhan had nothing to say.

They walked over to the car, where he unlocked the door and opened it. “Get in. I’ll send you home.”

Liu Feifei cracked a smile. “You haven’t eaten, right? I’ll call a cab. There’s no need to bother you.”

Just when she was about to turn and leave, Su Zhan stopped her. “Your leg is injured. Let me drive you.”

Liu Feifei continued to protest, “There’s really no need. You’re already married. It won’t look good if someone sees us so close together. I don’t want to repeat old mistakes.”

Liu Feifei limped to the sidewalk.

Su Zhan stood rooted to the ground as he watched her.

“If you want to go, just go. What’s with the hesitation?” A derisive voice chimed out from behind him. Su Zhan turned to see Lin Xinyan there.

He was startled by her appearance. Did she see everything?

He anxiously explained himself, “We met by coincidence. A pervert was after her. Was I supposed to leave her in the lurch?”

Lin Xinyan chuckled. “A knight in shining armor. You acted as any man would. You did nothing wrong. I’m the one who’s wrong. I must have been crazy to have wanted to set you and Ya up. She was right. You’re a womanizer through and through.”

Su Zhan stepped nearer to her. “This really is a misunderstanding…”

“What misunderstanding? You were so sympathetic that you absolutely had to drive her home. In what way did I misunderstand?” Lin Xinyan glowered at him.

“Her leg is injured…”

“Doesn’t she have any other friends who can help? Does it have to be you?” Lin Xinyan interrupted him.

She finally understood why Qin Ya was unwilling to keep the baby.

Does he not understand what I’m getting at?

Lin Xinyan snapped her mouth shut in an attempt to calm down. She sucked in a deep breath. “Su Zhan, if you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend, just promise me you’ll stop seeing Ya.”

Su Zhan was alarmed by her words. He reached out to touch her but stopped himself after one stern look from Zong Jinghao. “Qin Ya is the one I like.”

Lin Xinyan wanted to laugh but could not bring herself to in front of the ignorant Su Zhan.

“You like Ya?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Have you seriously considered this though, if she loves you, why would she leave you? She was away for some time, yet you don’t seem to be curious about what she was up to all that time. Don’t you want to know about the people she met? The possible relationships she forged?” Lin Xinyan hissed.

As a lawyer, shouldn’t he be smarter than most people?

But he seems to be even dumber than the average Homosapien right now!

He’s an absolute disappointment.

It was true that Su Zhan had never thought about those questions. But Liu Feifei mentioned why she left him.

“She said she was just deadweight since she couldn’t conceive. So she left.”

Lin Xinyan found his response ridiculous. If you really love a person, how could you leave them without so much as a warning?

A love like that is just selfish.

She wasn’t doing this for them. If she loved him, she wouldn’t have been able to leave. If she left, it would have been excruciating for her. Su Zhan is right. She left because she felt bad about not being able to conceive.

After being gone for so long, why did she come back?

Does she not feel like a burden anymore?

Highly unlikely. This is just plain illogical!

“I now support every one of Ya’s decisions. You’ve let me down!”

Lin Xinyuan immediately spun around and climbed into the car without speaking so much as another word to Su Zhan.

She was fraught with worry over Qin Ya and detested Su Zhan’s attitude.

Zong Jinghao had his hands in his pockets as he strolled over. He solemnly reminded Su Zhan, “She rarely treats people this way. You should reflect on yourself.”

His hand landed heavily on Su Zhan’s shoulder. When he heard Lin Xinyan’s request to meet Su Zhan, Zong Jinghao knew something was off.

Something must have happened to Qin Ya. That’s the only reason she would ask to see Su Zhan. She’s definitely trying to push both of them together. But seeing him with his ex-girlfriend must have greatly disappointed and angered her. That’s why she ripped into Su Zhan.

Su Zhan was dealing with his own troubles. Qin Ya might be willing to see me now, but she’s so distant. No matter what I say, she reacts in such a subdued manner.

Even the hottest of fires burn out after being drenched repeatedly.

Matters of the heart were solely between the involved parties.

It was up to Su Zhan to comprehend its meaning.

Zong Jinghao entered the car but did not start it up. Instead, he twirled her hair with his fingers. “Let’s go eat.”

Lin Xinyan was still fuming over Su Zhan.

The solution to the problem couldn’t be more simple. If he loves Qin Ya, he should sever all ties with his ex-girlfriend. At the very least it’ll give Qin Ya a sense of security.

If he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, then he should just leave Qin Ya alone.

Yet he claims to love Qin Ya, while at the same time meeting with his ex-girlfriend.

She snapped her head toward Zong Jinghao and blurted, “Qin Ya is pregnant.”

Zong Jinghao had guessed as much after seeing her outburst.

He smiled warmly at her. “What do you plan to do? Do you want me to hire someone to beat Su Zhan up?”

Lin Xinyan shook her head. I can’t do something so impulsive. Beating him up will just temporarily quell my frustration. It wouldn’t be a long-term solution.

“I want to investigate his ex-girlfriend. I want to know where she’s been and why she’s suddenly back.” If she really left Su Zhan because she couldn’t conceive, it means she really loves him. I need to get Qin Ya out of the country for now.

Whether Su Zhan gets back together with his ex-girlfriend or not is up to him.

All I can do is keep Qin Ya from getting hurt even more than she already has.

Zong Jinghao heaved a sigh. She might be nosy, but it can’t be denied that she’s righteous as well.

Lin Xinyan seemed to read his mind, and her lip curled into a bitter smile. “Ya has been with me all this time. She only returned to the country because of me. If she didn’t come back, she wouldn’t have met Su Zhan and landed herself in this situation.”

This is my responsibility.

Zong Jinghao tried to keep himself from grinning. If she didn’t come back, what would have become of me?

He helped her out of the car. “Let’s get something in our stomachs for now.”

Lin Xinyuan followed him distractedly. As Zong Jinghao made a reservation beforehand, the waiter immediately led them to a table. Once they were seated, Zong Jinghao fished out his phone to send a text to Shen Peichuan and instructed him to look into Liu Feifei. Guan Jing was going to be too busy to help.

He could only turn to Shen Peichuan, who had the resources and worked efficiently.

The waiter served the food.

Zong Jinghao preferred lighter food. This restaurant specialized in nutritious cuisine and did not serve many oily or meat forward dishes.

He spooned some soup for Lin Xinyan. The main ingredient in the soup was chicken, with an assortment of healthy ingredients. It was light, fresh and nourishing.

He remembered Lin Xinyan mentioning her body was not in the greatest condition. When he was ordering, he asked the waiter which soup was most suitable for women and was recommended this dish.

Lin Xinyan put a spoonful into her mouth. The ginseng flavor was especially salient. Every ingredient added had its purpose.

It was light but perfectly suited her palate.

Zong Jinghao still had not touched his food. He leaned back and let his gaze drift to her abdomen.

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