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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 331

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 331

Lin Xinyan walked in with a grim expression. She patted her back and asked, “Are you okay?”

Qin Ya shook her head. “I’m fine. Perhaps it’s something I ate but recently…”

She suddenly stopped. It looked as though a thought had just struck her.

Lin Xinyan had prior experience and could read between the lines. She quickly suggested to Qin Ya, “Let’s get you checked out at the hospital.”

The latter’s hands were trembling sightly. She seemed to have difficulty processing the situation.

Lin Xinyan wrapped her arms around her friend and patted her shoulder gently, quietly showing her support.

“Ms. Lin, can you promise me one thing?” Qin Ya’s voice was hoarse.

“Go ahead,” Lin Xinyan replied.

“Maybe… Just maybe, if I really am pregnant, can you promise not to tell Su Zhan?”

I don’t want to be with someone due to societal pressures. I know exactly what I want.

Lin Xinyan understood her friend’s point of view and nodded. “I won’t say a word. But if you really are pregnant, you’ll eventually have to plan for your future.”

It was necessary for every parent to consider the environment in which their child was going to grow up. A wholesome and complete family was imperative to a child’s development.

Lin Xinyan drove Qin Ya to the hospital.

As the sun had already set, the check-up at the emergency room went by quickly. Qin Ya took an ultrasound and a urine test. The ultrasound showed that she was indeed seven weeks pregnant The urine test corroborated the ultrasound with a positive result.

Qin Ya sat by the hospital’s pond. Her eyes were trained on the test results as she wordlessly hung her head.

Lin Xinyan did not know how to comfort her friend. If only her relationship with Su Zhan is stable. The existence of this child would be a blessing then. But it’s clear that they aren’t doing well.

“I don’t want it.” Qin Ya had been silent since the completion of the tests.

The first words out of her mouth floored Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan did not dissuade her. She’s just emotional and impulsive at the moment. I know all too well how it feels to be a mother.

The moment she tries to step into the operating room, she’ll definitely regret it.

It’s human nature.

Qin Ya expected Lin Xinyan to talk her out of it and was surprised when she did not. She looked up at Lin Xinyan and asked, “Do you think I should abort it?”

Lin Xinyan answered in an extremely serious tone, “I know you won’t.”

Qin Ya was momentarily speechless. She’s right. The moment I said I didn’t want it, I felt something jab at my heart. What should I do now?

“It’s cold outside. Let me take you home.” Lin Xinyan helped her up.

The moment she rose to her feet, Qin Ya embraced Lin Xinyan. “I’m so grateful to have you in my life.”

She has always a reliable and objective voice in my life. But she never tries to interfere with the way I live. She never crosses the line yet still makes the people around her feel comfortable.

When Lin Xinyan sent Qin Ya home, she assured warmly, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Su Zhan. You can just focus on resting.”

Qin Ya nodded. “I’m heading in.”

Lin Xinyan waved and urged her friend to take shelter from the cold.

Only when she saw Qin Ya enter the building did Lin Xinyan drive off to the office.

When the car drove into the metropolitan financial district, there was a noticeable difference even in the walking pace of the pedestrians. Every person was used to being a participant in the rat race, and they knew time was money.

Lin Xinyan parked the car in the basement carpark of the office building.

She had worked there for a few days previously. Although she was not completely familiar with its dynamics, she was still better prepared. She walked into the lift and pressed the button for the top floor.

On the sixteenth floor, someone entered the live. The person pressed a button before standing off to the side. He would leaf through the documents in hand and appeared to be doing final preparations.

When they arrived at the top floor, the lift doors glided open. It was only then that the man seemed to notice Lin Xinyan. “Which department are you from?”

Regardless of department, company employees would usually cross paths at least once. However, Lin Xinyan was a fresh face.

At this moment, Guan Jing strolled in. Lin Xinyan flashed him a smile and said, “I’m looking for him.”

Realization dawned on the man. “So you’re here to see Mr. Guan.”

Guan Jing hastened his pace when he caught sight of Lin Xinyan.

“Hi. It’s been too long,” she greeted.

“I hope you’re not still holding onto any grudges.” Guan Jing replied, grinning.

He was referring to the matter of him going to Country A in order to investigate her.

Lin Xinyan’s contemplative demeanor unsettled Guan Jing.

“You… you know I wasn’t the one calling the shots. I was just following orders.”

He punctuated the last two words with heightened emotion, as though to remind her he was blameless. The one to blame was the person behind all of it.

The man was a member of the upper management who was on his way to bring Zong Jinghao some documents to sign. When he came across Guan Jing, he asked, “Is this your girlfriend?”

Guan Jing held an executive position at the company. This was the first time he appeared to be intimidated by a woman.

Look at how he’s squirming.

Guan Jing’s expression hardened. He was taken aback by the audacity of the man and was about to explain himself, but the latter had already started knocking on the office door.

A deep voice boomed from the other side of the door, “Come in.”

The man entered and handed the documents to Zong Jinghao.

The company was in the midst of buying over an electronics company that used to be a major player in the market with clients worldwide. However, due to ill management, its revenue had been declining for years. Zong Jinghao planned on breaking into the electronics industry and decided to use this company as a start.

Their previous proposal failed, so they drafted a new one.

The door of the office was left open. The man was waiting for Zong Jinghao to finish going over the proposal when he glimpsed Guan Jing talking to the woman.

Lin Xinyan knew Zong Jinghao was working. Thus, she decided not to go in.

After scanning the proposal, Zong Jinghao found himself pleased with its contents. He signed his name, lifted his head, and also saw the pair outside.

He rolled his eyes when he saw Lin Xinyan. Zong Jinghao pursed his lips. Why didn’t she just come in?

He tossed the documents aside, causing the man to scramble in order to pick them up. The man muttered, “Mr. Guan’s girlfriend sure is pretty.”

Zong Jinghao’s eyes narrowed. Guan Jing’s girlfriend?

The man assumed Zong Jinghao was intrigued and pointed at Lin Xinyan. He continued, “I’m talking about her. When I was in the lift with her, she mentioned she was here to see Guan Jing. They’ve been talking since then.”

Zong Jinghao leaned back in his chair and unbuttoned his cuffs. His expression grew stern and he murmured, “Call him in.”

The man sensed that the atmosphere in the room had become cold. He walked over to the door and called out to Guan Jing, “Mr. Zong wants you to come in.”

Guan Jing glanced at Lin Xinyan. “Shall we go in together?”

She saw the man carrying the documents backed out and figured that Zong Jinghao was done with his work. She nodded.

Guan Jing and Lin Xinyan strolled in. The man was not the nosy type. His comment came from a slip of the tongue.

“I’ll be headed back to work, Mr. Zong,” the man said.

“Stop.” Zong Jinghao rose to his feet. He was dressed in a shirt with its sleeves rolled back, revealing his muscular forearms. He tugged at his tie and ordered, “Tell them what you just told me.”

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