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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 321

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 321

After Lin Xinyan came out of the menswear store, they continued on their shopping spree and she bought Cheng Yuxiu a nice fur coat. When they passed by another boutique, Lin Xinyan spotted a black cashmere coat that would suit Aunt Yu perfectly. She then asked the shop attendant to get the coat for Aunt Yu to try on.

Aunt Yu waved her hands in shock. “I don’t need this! I have enough clothes to wear myself. Don’t take it for me.”

“Your daughter just wants to be filial to you, so you should try it. Nice clothes would make you look younger.” Judging from Aunt Yu’s age, the shop attendant assumed that Aunt Yu was Lin Xinyan’s mother and not her mother-in-law, as it was rather rare for women to shop for clothes with their in-laws.

From the shop attendant’s experience, it had always been a mother-daughter duo, which was why she had said as such, to persuade Aunt Yu to try on the coat.

Aunt Yu’s face paled at her words as she scolded the shop attendant. “What nonsense are you speaking of? This is my young mistress, and I’m her servant. How can you say such words to embarrass me?”

Lin Xinyan patted Aunt Yu’s shoulder soothingly. “Don’t be mad, it’s fine! You’re about my mom’s age, anyway.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” The shop attendant was stunned momentarily before she soon apologized to them. This was the first time she had actually seen someone buying clothes for their maid; a coat of good quality, in fact.

How is it possible that there’s still such a kind-hearted, rich woman in this world? The shop attendant thought internally.

This is a real eye-opener for me.

“Then you should take her offer and try on the coat! There are not many people who are lucky enough to be employed by such a kind-hearted young mistress.” The shop attendant was desperate for her commission, hence she really wanted Aunt Yu to try on the coat and buy it.

“Go and try it on.” Lin Xinyan smiled.


“Come with me then! I’ll bring you to the changing room.” Without further ado, the shop attendant dragged Aunt Yu to the changing room.

Aunt Yu was a petite lady, which was why the short coat that she had tried on looked really good on her.

“See how good you look in this coat!” The shop attendant praised.

“Then I’ll take this one.”

“I really have enough clothes to wear. I don’t need such a nice coat.” Aunt Yu grabbed the attendant to stop her from wrapping the coat.

“Oh, I’m not buying this as a gift for you. I expect you to take good care of Xichen and Ruixi in the future,” Lin Xinyan uttered purposefully.

“Taking care of them is my responsibility,” Aunt Yu answered. “Besides, I’m paid to do so.”

Zong Jinghao had always been kind to her. Throughout the years, all the credit cards that he had given her had no spending limitations.

That only served to show how reliable and trustworthy she was, in the eyes of Zong Jinghao.

“You are so lucky! I’ve never come across such a kind-hearted boss myself. I’m so envious, you know.” The shop attendant joked, “Shall I work in your stead then?”

Aunt Yu waved her hands frantically. “Oh, no way.”

She was worried that others could not take care of the family well. It was not because she was reluctant to let go of such a high-paying job, leaving her kind employer.

The shop attendant quickly wrapped the coat whilst Aunt Yu was distracted.

By the time Aunt Yu realized the coat was wrapped up, she knew that she couldn’t reject the gift anymore and left the store with it after Lin Xinyan had paid for it.

After three hours of shopping, their hands were now full of shopping bags.

When they descended downstairs, Lin Xinyan passed by a winter clothing store by the name of AQ. Back when she was still living in Country A as a kid, she was terribly afraid of winter months, as Zhuang Zijin was poor and couldn’t afford to buy warm winter clothes for her.

When she was twelve, Zhuang Zijin had used all of her earnings for the month to buy a down jacket for her, and she could still remember that it was bought from AQ.

That was the warmest piece of clothing that she had ever worn.

Lin Xinyan turned around to face Aunt Yu. “Wait for me in the car.”

Aunt Yu nodded and left with their bags.

Lin Xinyan entered AQ once Aunt Yu had left.

“These are our latest designs. Feel free to have a look here.” The shop attendant welcomed her.

However, Lin Xinyan did not follow her recommendations. Instead, she turned to another area.

For many years, Lin Xinyan could never find the same design that her mother had once bought her. I bet that it’s out of fashion now.

After all, it has been so long.

The shop attendant followed her and recommended, “These are winter wear for people in their middle ages. Are you going to buy it for yourself or as a gift?”

Lin Xinyan spotted a knee-length grey down jacket with a mink coat hood. She remembered that Zhuang Zijin had rheumatism, due to the extreme winter coldness in Country A, which was why she was fond of long down jackets that could cover her knees.

Zhuang Zijin was about 165cm tall, so she would look good in long down jackets.

Lin Xinyan stroked the fine fabric of the down jacket as she recalled her past with Zhuang Zijin. “Is there an M size for this one?”

The attendant shook her head. “We only have L, XL, and XXL. If you really want an M size, I can get it from the headquarters and courier it to you, if you have no time to collect it yourself.”

Lin Xinyan pondered over the suggestion. “Then please get it from your headquarters.”

“Alright. Would you like to collect it yourself or have us send it to you?”

“I’ll give you an address and please send it right there.” Lin Xinyan was afraid that she would quarrel with Zhuang Zijin again if she had met her directly, hence she requested for the store to send it over on her behalf.

“Alright. Please write it down here.” The shop attendant handed her a paper and a pen. “Please leave your contact details too, so that we can contact you once the jacket has arrived at its destination.”

Lin Xinyan hummed in reply while writing down the Lin residence’s address and her contact, before paying for the jacket.

Meanwhile, in the Lin Residence.

The household was sealed by the police cordon, while the maids and Zhuang Zijin were brought back by the cops for further investigation. It turned out that Lin Guoan had died in his bed, and the forensic doctor was doing an autopsy to assess his cause of death.

“There’s no sign of fighting or physical struggle in the bedroom. According to the maid, Zhuang Zijin’s relationship with Lin Guoan had been close, and she would cook for Lin Guoan every day. They were inseparable, so she doesn’t think that this is a case of murder.”

Initially, Shen Peichuan had also suspected Zhuang Zijin of murdering Lin Guoan, as Lin Guoan had been terrible to her before that.

Surprisingly, when he arrived at the crime scene, he didn’t find any evidence of a murder at all.

Zong Jinghao raised his eyes and glanced at Shen Peichuan. “If you were in Zhuang Zijin’s shoes, would you have forgiven a man who has betrayed you, abandoned you for years, and who was indirectly caused the death of your child?”

Shen Peichuan gave it a thought and shook his head. “Of course not! I’m not crazy enough to…”

Shen Peichuan halted midway, suddenly realizing the meaning of Zong Jinghao’s words. “You mean, you’re suspecting…”

“I’m not suspecting.” Zong Jinghao was certain that this was a murder. He didn’t think that Lin Guoan’s death shortly after his remarriage to Zhuang Zijin was a coincidence, especially when Zhuang Zijin had been so insistent on remarrying him.

At that moment, the forensic team came down from upstairs.

Shen Peichuan approached them immediately. “Any clue?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes.”

Shen Peichuan frowned. “What have you found?”

“I can’t confirm the cause of death yet. I can only tell you after the lab test,” the doctor replied.

“Then when will the results be out?” Shen Peichuan asked.

“Latest by the day after tomorrow,” the doctor answered.

“Alright. Time to clear out. Bring the body back.” Shen Peichuan ordered his subordinates.

He then returned to Zong Jinghao’s side. “What if it really is Zhuang Zijin…”

Shen Peichuan trailed off. If it was really Zhuang Zijin who had murdered Lin Guoan, then she would be charged with murder. How is Lin Xinyan going to take this?

“Don’t let this news get out.” Now was not the worst yet, as there was no evidence to prove that Zhuang Zijin was the one who had murdered Lin Guoan.

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