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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 32

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 32

“Shut up!” Qiu Yi was interrupted by Bai Zhuwei as soon as she opened her mouth. Bai Zhuwei scolded, “We should be friendly and helpful to each other since we are in the same company. Just because she spilled some water on you and you didn’t want to let it go. Do you think you did the right thing?”

Qiu Yi was worried that the game would be up, yet dared not disobey Bai Zhuwei due to her status in the company.

She might possibly save herself if she kept quiet.

Lin Xinyan surreptitiously observed the interactions between Qiu Yi and Bai Zhuwei.

She felt that it was cold.

It wasn’t her body that was cold.

But her heart was cold instead.

So many of them hated her just because she’s married to Zong Jinghao.

She used to think that it was just a simple trade, yet was followed with so much trouble.

She couldn’t understand why they couldn’t tolerate her even though they knew the marriage between Zong Jinghao and her was merely a trade.

Qiu Yi glared at Lin Xinyan.

She acted as if she didn’t see her.

She believed she was just a cat’s paw and hadn’t realized it yet.

Qiu Yi was stunned for a minute before she said, “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“You know exactly what you have done.” Guan Jing turned around and glanced at everyone in the room. The lookers-on strained their necks to listen to what Guan Jing wanted to say.

“If you really want to know, watch the CCTV footage when you get off. This is our company and not a market, and so we do not want employees who are not united. I wish everyone can take it as a lesson.” Guan Jing dismissed everyone once he finished speaking and said, “Go back and do what you have to do.”

Everyone returned to his or her seat, and so was Lin Xinyan. When Zong Jinghao left his office to get to the meeting room, Qiu Yi saw him and rushed towards him.

“Mr. Zong, I didn’t mean to do that.”

Zong Jinghao wasn’t interested to listen to her. He walked past her and continued to stride towards the meeting room.

Qiu Yi was pulled and stopped by Guan Jing when she was about to followed him. Guan Jing said to her, “You know exactly what you have done, and you should also know that Mr. Zong isn’t very good-tempered.”

“But…” Qiu Yi wanted to explain to him, yet realized that there was virtually nothing for her to explain.

Guan Jing glared at her warningly and went to the meeting room.

Qiu Yi didn’t want to lose her job and had to beg Bai Zhuwei’s for her help. Considering the close relationship between Bai Zhuwei and Zong Jinghao, she’s confident that what’s done could still be undone as long as she could plead for her.

She waited at the entrance of the meeting room.

After conducting the meeting for about one and a half hours, the meeting room opened. Zong Jinghao was standing imposing at the door with Guan Jing and Bai Zhuwei behind him.

They appeared to be frowning when they saw her.

Qiu Yi sprang upon Bai Zhuwei, grabbed her arm and said, “Zhuwei, you must plead with the boss for me. I picked on Lin Xinyan for you….”

“What are you talking about?” Bai Zhuwei pushed her away sternly.

“But she said you didn’t like her.” Qiu Yi never thought that Bai Zhuwei would turn her back on her so quickly.

“I might not like her, but did I ask you to do what you have done?”

Zong Jinghao was aware that she didn’t like Lin Xinyan.

She couldn’t deny that.

Bai Zhuwei didn’t say it specifically, yet her hint was clear. Qiu Yi said, “But…”

“You must pay for what you have done.” Bai Zhuwei called the security guards, “Drag her out!”

“Zhuwei, I beg for your help to plead with the boss for me. I really can’t lose this job!”

Bai Zhuwei didn’t turn softhearted at all. What would Zong Jinghao think about her after hearing such nonsense from this woman?

Save her?

Forget it.

As it was obviously hopeless to save her job, Qiu Yi screamed at Bai Zhuwei ferociously, “You are an ungrateful jerk who pretended to be kind at the while! You made me lose my job! Bitch!”

“Can’t you see she is disrupting the order here. Drag her out already!” Guang Jing scolded and the security guards immediately did their job. Her screams eventually faded away.

Zong Jinghao appeared to be disgusted by the whole farce and walked away swiftly.

Bai Zhuwei immediately followed him.

Once they entered the office, Bai Zhuwei put her arms around his waist from behind and said, “Hao, listen to me…” She rested her head on his strong back and continued, “I did say I didn’t like her, but I really didn’t ask anyone to find fault with her…”

Zong Jinghao looked down at her hands around his waist and said, “I said I will accord the status you deserve to you. But why are you so impatient?”

After finished speaking, he loosened her arms and said, “I slept with you and no matter what, I will be responsible for what I have done with you. But you mustn’t find fault with her.”

“Hao, I really didn’t do it. Even if I have done something wrong, I must have done it for you. Is it wrong for me to love you?” “Do you not know me yet after being with me for so long?” Bai Zhuwei stared at him tearfully, “I am willing to give you my body, not to mention my life even if I have to. I fell for you, love you, and am afraid to lose you!”

Zong Jinghao seemed to be slightly touched, not because of her sincerity but rather due to the fact that they slept together.

He wiped his tears and said, “I didn’t scold you, but why are you crying? Are you trying to make me softhearted?”

Her tears dropped slowly as she wept and said, “I’m afraid that you will abandon me. I do not have any relatives ever since I was young and grew up in an orphanage. To escape the life in the orphanage, I worked hard to study and live. I am fortunate enough to meet you, and now you are my one and only relative and lover. I can’t afford to lose you…”

“You won’t. I will give you everything that I have promised to you.” He drew back her hands, turned around without looking at her, and then said, “Go do your work.”

Bai Zhuwei found it harder to understand him.


“Just go.” He began to feel impatient, and obviously didn’t want to delve into the topic.

Bai Zhuwei had no choice but to leave his office.

It became increasingly harder for her to understand Zong Jinghao. A ripple of unease flowed up her spine.

She went into the ladies’ room and made a phone call.

“Didn’t you say you have done it?” “Why is she still in the company, as if nothing happened to her?”

“We missed.” Lin Yuhan was infuriated too.

Bai Zhuwei nearly wanted to berate her but held her temper as she could still use her. She then said, “Why did you miss?”

“My mom and I were too careless. We found only a man and she escaped!”

Bai Zhuwei almost couldn’t stop herself from calling her an idiot!

“So you just let her go?”

“My mom said she must be alarmed now, and we can hardly take any action in the short term.” “Plus, after something happened in the company, Lin Guoan didn’t treat mother so well as he used to treat her before.”

Now they had to first get Lin Guoan.

They would only be finished after being sent away, exactly like how Zhuang Zijin and her mother were sent away eight years ago.

Bai Zhuwei was rather impatient, yet she couldn’t do it by herself and had to wait patiently. She then said, “Just do it quickly.”

“Why are you even more impatient than I am?”

Bai Zhuwei was stunned and realized that she was too anxious. She immediately replied, “That’s because I’m worried about you.” “How could Lin Xinyan deserve to be with Zong Jinghao, am I right?”

“Certainly, I was supposed to marry Zong Jinghao. Who does that bitch Lin Xinyan think she is?”

Bai Zhuwei sneered and thought to herself, “Lin Xinyan surely doesn’t deserve him, neither do you!”

Bai Zhuwei didn’t really want to talk to her if it wasn’t because she could use her.

“Don’t you ever miss again.” Bai Zhuwei hung up once she finished speaking.

Two days ago…

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