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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 317

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 317

After he had finished counting the money, Lin Xichen passed it to his sister and looked at Zong Jinghao. He blinked, his eyelashes fluttering. “You don’t even know my Mommy’s birthday. How can you call yourself her husband?”

Zong Jinghao was rendered speechless.

He could not even rebuke Lin Xichen. Yeah, he’s right. I’m not a qualified husband. We’ve been married for six years. In fact, it’ll be seven years after tomorrow. Our kids are going to be six years old already, yet we’ve not even slept together yet.

Am I not an unqualified husband?

It’s my fault for not giving my wife happiness—in life and in bed.

Although Lin Xichen had already accepted Zong Jinghao, he had never forgotten about how Zong Jinghao had abandoned them. If he wants to win Mommy’s heart, he’ll need to put in some effort.

“Find out yourself.” It was evident that Lin Xichen was unwilling to reveal that piece of information. Crossing his arms over his chest, he announced, “Let me give you a hint. You don’t have much time left.”

Zong Jinghao raised his eyebrows. Not much time left?

Does this mean that her birthday’s going to happen in a few days?

Zong Jinghao crouched down to look his son in the eyes. “Do you believe that I can find out just by asking a single question?”

Nonetheless, Lin Xichen reacted swiftly and slapped a hand over his sister’s mouth.

He was afraid that Zong Jinghao would ask his sister. After all, Lin Ruixi was an easily-swayed person who always clung to Zong Jinghao. If he were to ask her, she would definitely spill the beans.

“Don’t try to coax my sister.” Lin Xichen glared at Zong Jinghao.

On the other hand, Lin Ruixi felt a bit flustered. What’s going on?

Why did Xichen suddenly cover my mouth?


“What are you doing?” asked Lin Xinyan. When she was walking down the stairs, she saw Lin Xichen covering Lin Ruixi’s mouth.

Zong Jinghao glanced at his son and grinned happily. “Just now, Ruixi said that your birthday is on the day after Chinese New Year. Then, Xichen insisted that she was wrong and covered her mouth.”

“It’s on…”

“Mommy!” interrupted Lin Xichen loudly, worried that she would reveal it.

He glared at Zong Jinghao. “You’re playing dirty!”

“I’m not!” Zong Jinghao shrugged. “Aren’t we going to rely on our own capabilities?”

This time, Lin Xichen was at a loss for words.

Puzzled, Lin Xinyan patted her son’s shoulder and told him to release Lin Ruixi. “If you keep covering her mouth, she’ll feel uncomfortable.”

“Mommy, don’t tell him! Let him find out when’s your birthday himself. If he fails to do so, it means that he’s insincere,” explained Lin Xichen to Lin Xinyan.

She blinked, starting to understand the situation.

Although Lin Xichen had faith in Lin Xinyan, he did not trust his sister that much. Hence, he dragged her to the bedroom. “Follow me to the bedroom!”

“What about my money?” Lin Ruixi stared at her brother pitifully. With all that money, I can buy a lot of things for Mommy.

I can’t bear to leave the money there. What if I lose it?

“Mommy, help us pick up the money.” Lin Xichen was adamant in preventing his sister from interacting with Zong Jinghao. He’s such a cunning man. He almost tricked Lin Xinyan into revealing it!

Lin Xinyan nodded.

After the kids entered the room, Lin Xinyan stared at Zong Jinghao and asked, “Why are you arguing with a child?”

Zong Jinghao sat beside her, while she picked up the money. He took the bills from her hands and helped her pick them up. “Your son provoked me first.”

Yeah, I’m actually the victim here.

Lin Xichen bullied me first, okay?

Lin Xinyan rolled her eyes, feeling speechless.

Zong Jinghao placed the money back into the envelopes, which he then put on the table. “Accompany me to a gathering today.”

“What meeting?” asked Lin Xinyan. She could guess that this was the company’s internal gathering instead of a business gathering.

Before Zong Jinghao could respond, Lin Xinyan rejected his offer, stating, “I don’t want to go.”

She knew that Zong Jinghao’s intention of bringing her to the annual gala was to introduce her identity to the company’s staff.

As her relationship with Zong Jinghao was not extremely stable yet, she did not want to be influenced by outsiders.

Still, she acknowledged his goodwill.

Burrowing herself into his arms, she explained, “We didn’t even have a wedding ceremony. When we’d decided to get married, it was very secretive and barely anyone knew about it. If I suddenly appear at the company’s gala, with you introducing me, what would the others think? If they knew about our children, what kind of speculations would they have? Would they say that I’d married into money? Or that I’d used the children to force you to marry me? Someone like you would attract a lot of gossips. I just want to have a peaceful life with my kids. I know that you’re worried about me and that you want me to live openly, but it’s better if we take it naturally.”

She raised her head and glanced at him. “I understand your kind intentions, but I’m not prepared yet.”

Zong Jinghao pursed his lips. He only wanted to introduce her true identity to the others, but he had never considered the negative consequences of announcing it so abruptly. Indeed, if he suddenly declared that he was married, it would invite a lot of speculations.

“What did Uncle tell you?”

Lin Xinyan still wanted to know what Wen Qing and Zong Jinghao talked about, and what they were planning to do.

She needed to know Zong Jinghao’s thoughts about it.

Indeed, he did not know about Yuxiu’s background, nor did he deliberately investigate it.

This time, he learned from Wen Qing that the Tea Silk belonged to the Chengs.

In exchange for marrying Zong Qifeng, Cheng Yuxiu offered them a skill that had been passed down for generations in her family.

As of now, someone had picked this skill up again.

Wen Qing knew that someone had mastered the skill, but he did not know that it was Lin Xinyan.

When Zong Jinghao heard about it, he was surprised.

He lowered his head and planted a kiss on Lin Xinyan’s forehead. Without leaving, he mumbled, “You probably know about the Tea Silk’s background, right?”

Although he was asking a question, his tone was affirmative.

Lin Xinyan’s heart skipped a beat. Lowering her voice, she forced herself to sound as normal as possible. “When Cheng Yuwen taught me, he informed me that it was the Chengs’ ancestral business.”

His kiss moved to the corners of her eyes. “Are you still unwilling to tell me?”

Lin Xinyan’s body stiffened. “I’d promised that I wouldn’t.”

So don’t force me to do as such.

“Does he want you to take action against me?” asked Lin Xinyan hoarsely.

Indeed, that was what Wen Qing had said. “Initially, she promised me, but she’s now going against her words. By breaking our promise, she’s pushed it too far. If I didn’t know about it, I’d just leave it be. However, now that I am aware of it, I will definitely not just stand aside and do nothing.”

Back then, Zong Jinghao did not say anything in defense. He knew that if he had tried to convince Wen Qing against pursuing this matter, it would only serve to raise his suspicion.

Hence, Zong Jinghao tried to shoulder everything himself. Only then could he protect Lin Xinyan and stop Wen Qing from feeling suspicious.

Now, Zong Jinghao suspected that this was all a part of Cheng Yuxiu’s evil plot. She deliberately involved Lin Xinyan in this issue, because neither he nor Wen Qing could do anything to Lin Xinyan.

“With me around, no one can harm you.” Including Wen Qing.

Lin Xinyan knew that Zong Jinghao was currently stuck between a rock and a hard place.

She did not want to put him in a tough position, nor did she want to ignore what Cheng Yuxiu had told her.

Cheng Yuxiu had sacrificed too much for Zong Jinghao’s sake. Did she even have to give up a skill that had been passed down for generations?

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