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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 297

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 297

“Yan…” Zhuang Zijin held her hands together. She was anxious because she had never thought that Lin Xinyan would come here.

She knew why Lin Xinyan was here even before she had said anything.

“Sit down,” Lin Guoan ushered them along enthusiastically.

Lin Xinyan sat down and took a look at Lin Guoan, “If I was not married to Zong Jinghao, would you have remarried my mother?”

Lin Guoan’s expression changed instantly, but he recovered in no time, “What are you saying? Even though we were divorced, we still have feelings for each other.”

Lin Xinyan smiled coldly, “Really?”

“Of course,” Lin Guoan sat in front of Lin Xinyan and tugged the standing Zhuang Zijin to make her sit beside him.

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask your mother.”

Lin Xinyan casted her gaze onto Zhuang Zijin.

Zhuang Zijin looked at her daughter and sat down beside Lin Guoan, before saying, “I still have feelings for your father…”

‘Did you forget how he had treated you in the past? Did you forget how Xinqi died?” Lin Xinyan was livid. He had hurt her so much, and now she dared to say that she still had feelings for him?

Is she not hurt enough?

Does she want a second round?

Zong Jinghao held Lin Xinyan’s trembling hands.

Lin Guoan was dumbfounded, “Who’s Xinqi?”

Lin Xinyan smiled coldly, “What now? Did she not tell you…”

“Yan!” Zhuang Zijin suddenly stood up to interrupt Lin Xinyan. She then bellowed, “Am I not living a good life now? The reason why I remarried your father is because I still love him. It’s that simple!”

She wanted to hide the fact that Lin Guoan had a son from him because she wanted him to suffer and regret!

Zhuang Zijin rarely raised her voice at Lin Xinyan.

But now, she was this agitated for Lin Guoan.

Lin Xinyan’s lips trembled, “Do you r-really want to remarry him?”

“Of course!” Zhuang Zijin did not dare to look at Lin Xinyan’s expression of hurt.

“Ok, ok, ok! I’ll give you my blessings!” Lin Xinyan stood up, “Just pretend that I never came here today.”

After which, she had hurried out of the villa with Zong Jinghao tagging behind her in suit.

However, Zhuang Zijin still followed her out because she was worried.

Zhuang Zijin knew that she had really hurt Lin Xinyan today.

She must be heartbroken right now.

“I think she needs some time alone.” Zong Jinghao looked at Zhuang Zijin.

Zhuang Zijin stood motionless as she looked down. She did not dare to meet anyone’s gaze because she had felt guilty, “I’ll leave it to you to take care of her.”

“She’s my wife, so I definitely wouldn’t make her sad.” His voice was very low, “You can tell me if you have any troubles, and I can help you…”

“I don’t have any.” Zhuang Zijin still did not back down.

If Zhuang Zijin doesn’t want to say it, no one can help her.

But Zong Jinghao still felt that Zhuang Zijin had her reasons, it was just that she could not say it out loud.

Zong Jinghao took a look at her and got on the car. Throughout the whole trip, Lin Xinyan was silent as she leaned on the window, and it was as if something had really affected her. She thought that she could somehow reverse this situation, but Zhuang Zijin had let her known that all of this was just her wishful thinking.

This situation is immutable.

Judging by how I couldn’t convince Zhuang Zijin, it’s obvious that she had made up her mind to be together with Lin Guoan.

Whatever I say is useless.

Zong Jinghao could not console her using words, so he just held her hands and offered his soundless support.

Lin Xinyan wiped her eyes and said, “I’m fine.”

I was just too agitated by it.

“As long as she’s happy.” She had her reservations, but she could only accept it because she could not change Zhuang Zijin’s mind.

When they arrived, Zong Jinghao saw that there was a car parked in front of their entrance, so he frowned.

Lin Xinyan recognized the car too. It’s…

Zong Jinghao and she exchanged a glance.

They both knew.

Their car stopped, so they opened the door and stepped out of it.

Zong Jinghao’s expression was quite gloomy. He opened the door to their house and Mr. Feng was sitting on the sofa in their living room. Mr. Feng heard the door open, so he looked at its direction and stood up when he saw that it was Zong Jinghao. He greeted, “Young Master.”

“It’s already so late. What’s the matter?” Zong Jinghao casually asked this question, but he knew that something must have happened. If that was not the case, Mr. Feng would not have come over.

More accurately, Zong Qifeng would not have sent Mr. Feng here if something did not happen.

“Isn’t it New Year’s Day soon? Mr. Zong asked you to bring your children to celebrate at his place.” Mr. Feng acted as if he did not see Zong Jinghao’s gloomy expression, as he smiled and announced this.

“We didn’t go in the previous years.” Zong Jinghao helped Lin Xinyan out of her jacket and asked her to go to the room.

But Lin Xinyan did not follow his instructions to go to her room. Instead, she looked at Zong Jinghao and suggested, “Maybe we should just go there.”

Afterwards, she added, “Xi and Rui had always wanted a complete family, and that is something that we haven’t been able to provide them. Now, they can have a complete family, so we shouldn’t take it away from them, right?”

Lin Xinyan knew that Zong Jinghao had his reservations about Cheng Yuxiu, so she could never convince him if she did not mention their two kids.

Zong Jinghao pursed his lips.

Lin Xinyan continued, “I know that you’re prejudiced against her, but you can’t take away the right of our two children to reunite with their grandfather.”

“That’s right. Mr. Zong has aged quite a lot as well, so he should be enjoying his life right now. In the previous years, you were the only who didn’t want to go back, so Mr. Zong didn’t want to force you. But, this year is different.”

Zong Jinghao still did not agree.

Lin Xinyan sighed. Why is this man so obstinate?

“Then I’ll ask the two children to let them decide for themselves? Are you coming?” Lin Xinyan deliberately said because she knew that the kids would definitely agree.

They would agree not because they had a close relationship with Zong Qifeng, but because they looked forward to having a complete family; complete with their parents and grandparents.

The more they had lacked something, the more they would crave for that thing.

They had been lacking in love since they were young.

Even though Lin Xinyan could not fill the void left from their childhood, she could let them experience the warmth of a normal family.

And this coming new year’s day was the perfect opportunity to do that.

To reunite the family.

“Just agree to it.” Lin Xinyan tugged on Zong Jinghao’s hands.

“And if I don’t?” He squinted slightly.

He never thought that Lin Xinyan would behave like that.

She had been mentioning the kids the whole time, but I could feel that she is trying to convince me to go.

Besides that, she does not seem to hate Cheng Yuxiu.

She had always been wearing the bangle Cheng Yuxiu gave her.

His hands clenched unwittingly.

Lin Xinyan bit her lip and suddenly steeled her heart, “If you don’t agree, I won’t give you any more children.”

She left right after she said that.

Mr. Feng was astonished, but he chuckled. He felt that her personality was quite good.

There aren’t a lot of people who dare to show their temper to the Young Master. She’s one of the rare ones.

Zong Jinghao gave him an icy glare, and he was immediately silenced. He did not even dare to let his gaze wander after that.


“I’ll bring them tomorrow,” said Zong Jinghao coldly. He then took a look at Mr. Feng, “It’s very late now. You should get going.”

“Alright,” replied Mr. Feng. He was happy that Zong Jinghao had agreed to his proposition, and that made it much easier to explain to his employer. However, the most important thing was he felt that this was an interesting situation.

Lin Xinyan actually managed to threaten Zong Jinghao.

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