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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 293

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 293


Su Zhan did not put a lot of thought into it. He had not thought that it would be Liu Feifei, because they had only just met, earlier. He thought that she would not come to look for him here.

Besides that, he was a renowned lawyer, so there was a lot of people looking for him anyway.

“Make me a cup of coffee and send it in.”

“Alright.” The assistant went to the pantry while Su Zhan stepped into the guest room. He opened the door and realized that Liu Feifei was waiting on the sofa. She was looking at the time, and she seemed to be quite anxious from waiting. She immediately looked up when she heard the door opening.

Su Zhan immediately turned around and left when he saw that she was here.

Liu Feifei caught up to him, “Su Zhan…”

He turned around and warned her, “Don’t come and look for me anymore. I’m a married man.”

Liu Feifei ignored Su Zhan’s repulsion. She grabbed his arms and professed, “I went to your house to find you yesterday, but I couldn’t see you.”

“So what do you want?” His gaze was cold as he glared at her hands which were holding onto his arms. He articulated carefully, “Don’t tell me, you want to get back together with me?”

His voice suddenly turned icily cold, “Liu Feifei, we’ve already broken up”

Why are you looking for me?

“If you want to disappear, disappear from my life completely. Don’t show up for the rest of my life!”

Afterwards, Su Zhan shook her hands off.

“I didn’t mean it…”

Su Zhan refused to listen to her explanation. When his assistant had arrived with the coffee, he bellowed coldly, “Don’t allow this woman to come in the next time”

Su Zhan rarely lost his temper in front of his assistant before, so his assistant quickly agreed.

Liu Feifei held back her tears, “Alright, I won’t ever show up anymore.”

Afterwards, she headed out. She had seen the assistant, but she deliberately ran into him. The cup of coffee was shattered on the floor with a loud Crash, and hot coffee spilt all over her.

The assistant immediately started to help her wipe off the coffee, as he asked, “Are you scalded? This coffee is freshly brewed.”

Su Zhan’s hands clenched into fists on his side, and he seemed to be suppressing something.

Liu Feifei saw that Su Zhan was standing motionless, so she cried out, “If it was before, you would definitely check on me to see if I was scalded or not. Your heart would ache for me. You hate me just because I left, right?”

Su Zhan did not speak.

The assistant picked up the fragments of the shattered mug and retreated quietly. This woman had a relationship with Su Zhan. I shouldn’t be a third wheel here.

“Su Zhan, I love you, and that has never changed. It’s up to you if you believe it or not. Since you don’t want to see me, I won’t show up ever again.” After announcing this, she turned around and left.

This time, she left without any hesitation.

Because she was sure that Su Zhan would chase after her.

He used to love me so much.

Su Zhan’s head throbbed, and there was a voice in his head that told him that he should catch up to her to ask why she had left ten years ago. But there was another voice asking him to not catch up with her. “You’re already married, so you shouldn’t get involved with your ex anymore,” reasoned the voice.

In the end, he followed her out, not because he loved her, but because he had wanted an answer.

Liu Feifei intentionally decreased her pace after she walked out of the law firm because she was deliberately waiting for Su Zhan to catch up.

“Tell me, why did you leave ten years ago?” Su Zhan stood at the door as the cold breeze ruffled his hair.

He looked at the silhouette of the one he had used to love.

Liu Feifei heard him, but she pretended not to. She hurried her footsteps.

At that moment, there was a car speeding down the road.

Liu Feifei’s expression darkened. Su Zhan followed me out after so much hesitation, which means that he doesn’t feel as strongly for me anymore. He is already married now, so the only reason why he wants to stop me from leaving is probably because of the feelings we used to have. It probably won’t be enough for him to return by my side. She then steeled her heart and charged out to the road.

“Feifei-” Su Zhan raced towards her.


The screech of the brakes was jarring enough to almost burst one’s eardrums!

But the car could not stop in time. Liu Feifei’s body was sent flying with a loud Bang.

The driver was so astonished that he froze.

Su Zhan ran over and carried Liu Feifei’s head. There was blood on her forehead, and she had fallen unconscious.

He patted her face and called out, “Feifei, Feifei.”

There was no response whatsoever.

At that moment, the driver stepped out of his car, clearly petrified, and he stuttered out of fear, “S-she’s not dead right?”

Su Zhan casted a cold glance, “How do you even drive?”

“She was the one who ran out to the streets. I didn’t want to ram into her. It’s not my fault…”

“Stop talking nonsense. Send her to the hospital.” Su Zhan carried her up. When he saw that the driver was still standing motionless, he bellowed, “Are you not starting your car yet? Do you see what’s behind you? Do you believe that even if it’s not your fault, I can make it your fault?”

The driver turned around and saw that a law firm was behind him. Is this guy a lawyer?

He immediately opened his car door.

Lawyers are morally ambiguous.

Skilled lawyers are cunning and adaptable, and they can twist the truth around and make falsehoods into truths.

It’s a good thing if they want to help an innocent person. But if they wanted to help a criminal, the criminals will just remain unchecked by the law.

It’s not a wise idea to offend these kinds of people.

The driver immediately drove to the hospital as Liu Feifei was sent to the emergency room. Su Zhan waited outside. The driver was scared that something would happen to Liu Feifei and that he would need to take responsibility for it, so he explained, “I was just driving normally until she suddenly ran out onto the road. It’s really not my fault.”

Su Zhan stared at him coldly, “If she’s fine, it’s not your fault. If she’s not, don’t expect to go away scot-free.”

“W-what do you mean?” The driver pointed at Su Zhan, “Are you bullying me?”

Su Zhan smiled coldly and put the driver’s outstretched finger down, “Do you know that being so reckless is very incriminating?”

The driver immediately retracted his hand. He was so terrified that he did not dare to speak anymore.

After a while, the emergency room’s door opened and Liu Feifei was pushed out. Her wounds had been cleaned, but she was still unconscious.

The doctor walked out and remarked, “There are no serious injuries on her. She just had a mild concussion, and we have already treated her wounds. I prescribed some medicine, so just go take it from the pharmacist. She’s in the ward now, and she can be discharged once she wakes up.”

“Alright. Thank you,” addressed Su Zhan.

The driver patted his chest, “Thank God she’s alright. Thank God she’s alright.”

The driver was scared that something might happen to Liu Feifei and that he would need to pay for it.

Su Zhan took a look at him and threw the doctor’s prescription into his arms, “Go and take the medicine and send it up here.”

“About the money…” The driver looked at Su Zhan, “You should’ve seen it too. She was the one walking onto the street, and it has nothing to do with me. I shouldn’t be paying for this.”

Su Zhan took out his wallet and gave him some cash. It really was Liu Feifei’s fault. She seemed to walk away quickly because she wanted to avoid me. She must’ve been very angry to not see the car speeding on the road. ”Keep your eyes on the road the next time,” Su Zhan said to the driver.

“Yes, yes.” The driver hurriedly agreed when he received the money. He could agree to anything if that meant that he did not need to pay.

Liu Feifei only woke up in the afternoon.

Su Zhan had asked the driver to leave.

After all, the driver was not responsible for the accident, and Liu Feifei was alright.

Su Zhan stayed because he could not walk away from an injured person, regardless of the problems between them.

“Urgh, it hurts.” Liu Feifei frowned as she reached for her forehead.

Su Zhan stopped her, “Don’t touch it. There’s a wound there.”

Liu Feifei looked at him, “Su Zhan? -You’re concerned about me?”

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