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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 292

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 292

Liu Feifei wore a white down jacket with a pair of blue jeans along with a pair of black boots. Her jet-black hair was worn down, and it made her look as animated as she had been when she was younger.

At that time, she left without a warning or goodbye. He ran to the airport to ask for the reason as to why she had broken up with him, but she did not even want to meet him.

She then disappeared for ten years.

Su Zhan used to think that when he met her again, he would lose his sanity as he would question her about why she had left so determinedly.

Why she did had not even given him a reason.

But in reality, he never thought that he would be so calm when he met her again. Maybe the time had healed his wounds.

He averted his cold gaze and opened the car door.

His grandmother gave Liu Feifei a side-eye as if she never saw her. She held Qin Ya’s hands and urged, “Let’s go.”

Qin Ya felt how nuanced the atmosphere was, so she looked at Su Zhan to try to ask him what was happening. But before she could do that, Su Zhan interrupted her, “Someone unimportant. Let’s go in.”

“Su Zhan, are you angry at me?” Liu Feifei asked Su Zhan.

Su Zhan laughed, and his laughter was as cold as the harshest winter.

Qin Ya, who was standing by his side, could feel his immense rage at that moment.

Her hands trembled unwittingly, and Su Zhan’s grandmother noticed. Su Zhan’s grandmother held her hands and explained, “This is Su Zhan’s ex-girlfriend. They broke up a long time ago.”

Qin Ya took a look at Liu Feifei. Sure enough, Su Zhan’s temper rose because this woman had a relationship with him. After Qin Ya had found out of the woman’s identity, she started to feel uneasy.

Su Zhan’s grandmother gave Liu Feifei a dirty look and announced, “Ah, the mood is spoilt so early in the morning. Ya, let’s go. We’ll go inside.”

She pulled Su Zhan along as well and stated, “You’ll come too.”

Su Zhan did not want anything to do with Liu Feifei anymore. It had been ten years already, so he had lost all of his feelings for her. All that was left in him was the indignance that he had felt ten years ago.

Liu Feifei bit her lip, “Su Zhan, I had a reason as to why I’d needed to leave ten years ago…”

“You have already broken up with Su Zhan, and he is already married. Please don’t disturb him anymore. Ms. Liu, I think that you’re not an immoral person that wants to be a mistress, right?” Su Zhan’s grandmother interrupted Liu Feifei.

“Grandma, I…”

“Don’t call me ‘Grandma’. I can’t handle that,” Su Zhan’s grandmother’s stance was firm. She only recognized Qin Ya.

This woman caused Su Zhan to be depressed for a very long time because he couldn’t move on from the breakup, and now she wants him to take her back again?

Fat chance!

Su Zhan will never marry you!!

“Su Zhan…”

“We broke up ten years ago, so I don’t have anything to do with you anymore. I also don’t want to ask or talk about what had happened then.” Su Zhan held Qin Ya’s hands, “Let’s go.”

Liu Feifei frowned. She had heard that Su Zhan was unmarried and did not even have a legitimate girlfriend after all these years. How did a woman just appear out of nowhere? And besides that, they’re even married?

No matter whether he’s married or not, I’ll get him back this time.

I’ve already made the wrong choice once, so I can’t lose him again!

She had just come back and she wanted to pick out some furniture, but now she did not have the mood to do so anymore. She turned around and left.

Upon Liu Feifei’s sudden appearance, the atmosphere between the three of them had changed. Qin Ya could feel that Su Zhan was more silent than he was before. When she asked for his opinion, he would say distractedly, “Whatever you like,” humoring her.

Qin Ya looked down and suggested, “I think that we shouldn’t spend our time here anymore. I want to go to the clothing store. I want to check on it since I’ve left it for a very long time.”

“Just buy something since we’re already here.” Su Zhan’s grandmother tugged on Qin Ya.

Qin Ya looked at Su Zhan, “If the heart is gone, no amount of expensive furniture or cozy decorations can keep it.”

Su Zhan looked up and met Qin Ya’s clear gaze. He froze for a moment. Qin Ya had never said that she had wanted anything, even after I’ve married her. Furthermore, I was the one who had tried to marry her by hook or by crook.

I shouldn’t neglect her feelings after I’ve met Liu Feifei.

He gulped and explained, “She was my first love, and we used to love each other a lot. But, we broke up, so now we have nothing to do with each other anymore. I’m feeling emotional now not because I still love her, but because I’m shocked at this reunion after ten years.”

Qin Ya felt that it would be petty of her to press the issue any further since Su Zhan was being so honest with her. Besides that, it has been ten years. Ten whole years. Over three thousand days. I’m sure that even the strongest relationship will dissipate after that amount of time.

She held his arms. Even though she had reasoned it out with herself clearly, she could not help but be afraid, and her voice trembled, “Do you know how much courage it took for me to marry you? If you still love her, just say it. But, you can’t meet with her behind my back or lie to me when you know that you’re still in love with her.”

Su Zhan’s thoughts were in shambles.

“Ya, don’t worry. If he dares to meet Liu Feifei, I’ll be the first one to break his legs. The Su family will only recognize you,” assured Su Zhan’s grandmother sternly.

Su Zhan patted Qin Ya’s hands, “Don’t worry. Even Grandma is on your side.”

“I think that you should change your bed.” Su Zhan’s grandmother walked into a furniture shop that specialized in beds, “Su Zhan’s bed is too narrow. It’s not in trend anymore.”

“Grandma, then what’s the trend nowadays?” Su Zhan approached her, deliberately asking.

Su Zhan’s grandmother thought about it for a while and pointed at a European styled bed with a white leather headboard, “I think that this one is good. It’s suitable for you youngsters.”

“Only youngsters with bad taste will like this,” chastises Su Zhan.

She then slapped his body and questioned, “Then tell me which one looks good?”

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you somewhere.” Su Zhan held onto Qin Ya, and the atmosphere was as light and cheery as it had been before. It was almost as if they had never met Liu Feifei.

“Where are you bringing us?” Qin Ya asked.

Su Zhan lowered his head and kissed Qin Ya on her forehead, “You’ll know when we arrive.”

Afterwards, Su Zhan brought them into a very large furniture shop. Oriental furniture was displayed there, and the furniture had a modern feel.

“This is called the Modern Chinese style, and it’s in trend nowadays. Let’s take a look?” Su Zhan asked.

Qin Ya eyes lit up, “Let’s go.”

Modern Chinese furniture uses a lot of hardwood, and they are often colored in deep tones. Along with their modern design, it made them look timeless, and it grew on Qin Ya the more she looked at it.

“I like that.” Qin Ya took a fancy to a hardwood bed. The headboard was high, but it didn’t have a lot of superfluous decorations on it. The bed was dark in color, so it made it look very grounded and tasteful.

“Since you like it, let’s buy the whole set,” Su Zhan passed her a catalogue and explained, “The whole set consists of everything in a house. Take a look at it.”

Qin Ya took the catalogue and browsed through it, before saying, “But our house’s style doesn’t really fit this furniture.”

“We’ll renovate it after the new year,” said Su Zhan’s grandmother. New year’s day is coming soon, so there is no time to renovate the house before then.

Su Zhan thought about it and suggested, “Let’s buy a villa. It’s big enough for our kids to have space to play around in the future. There’s a lot of memories in our old house as well, so let’s keep it still.”

Su Zhan’s grandmother looked at Su Zhan’s belly and was so excited that she stuttered, “Y-Ya is pregnant?”

Qin Ya blushed and glared at Su Zhan, “You’re spouting nonsense again and that made Grandma misunderstand you.”

Su Zhan smiled, “It’s only a matter of time.”

“Yes, yes. I want to carry my grandchildren soon.” Su Zhan’s grandmother agreed.

Su Zhan decided to buy a new house simply because Qin Ya had taken a liking towards the set of furniture.

They were not browsing through furniture anymore. Instead, they were now buying a house.

After they stepped out of the furniture shop, Su Zhan sent his grandmother back home, before bringing Qin Ya to her shop. He looked at Qin Ya and said, “Just call me when you get off your work. I’ll pick you up.”

Qin Ya nodded, “Alright. Drive safe.”

“Mm. I’ll leave once I see you get in.” Su Zhan’s hands were placed on the steering wheel as he looked at Qin Ya.

Qin Ya smiled softly and headed to her shop.

Su Zhan only left after Qin Ya went in.

The law firm could still function without Su Zhan because all the lawyers inside were very competent. Su Zhan just wanted to check on it because he had not been there in a while.

“Boss, there’s a lady looking for you. She’s in the guest’s room now.” Su Zhan’s assistant announced once Su Zhan stepped in.

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