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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 29

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 29

Lin Xinyan had never thought about it, that one of the reasons that they wanted to hurt her was because she might take revenge on them with Zong Jinghao supporting her.

It was true that she never thought about it, but now it was different.

Now they were a threat to not only her, but also her baby!

In their eyes, her compromise was a sign of being weak.

“So what if you’ve heard it?” Since she could not cover it up, Shen Xiuqing gave up the pretense of not knowing.

“That’s right. What do you think you are? You’re just an abandoned—”

“So noisy in the morning— Why are you here?” Lin Guoan was about to start scolding but changed his topic when he saw Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan took a look at Shen Xiuqing and Lin Yuhan, and finally looked at Lin Guoan. “Didn’t you want the land at Repulse Bay?”

Lin Guoan was stunned. “You’ve got it?”

At the same time, Shen Xiuqing and Lin Yuhan gave her a scathing look.

They seemed surprised. Zong Jinghao was treating her well.

Or else he would not give her the contract for Repulse Bay.

Lin Xinyan took in their expressions. She would have to use the power of Zong Jinghao’s name today.

And pretend that she was powerful too.

She faked casualness, and on her face was the look of a shy woman happily in love. “We’re husband and wife. What’s wrong with him giving me something?”

“Impossible!” Lin Yuhan did not want to believe her words. She had been trying to brainwash herself that what she had seen were all an act.

Zong Jinghao would never fall in love with her!

Shen Xiuqing grabbed onto Lin Yuhan and shook her head, signaling her not to be agitated.

If Lin Xinyan really had the land at Repulse Bay, Lin Guoan’s attitude towards her would have drastically changed.

After all, the Zongs was a large tree.

And it was a tree that Lin Guoan was keen on climbing, now that his company was in trouble.

Indeed, after Lin Guoan heard Lin Xinyan’s words, a smile had crawled onto his face. “Have you had breakfast? If not, do eat here before you leave.”

It was not that Lin Guoan did not smile; it was that he had never smiled towards Lin Xinyan.

Looking at Lin Guoan, Lin Xinyan felt bitter. Did he change his attitude because he saw that he could use her?

In his heart, was she only worth using?

This was her biological father. How sorrowful was this?

“I’ve eaten. I’m just here to tell you to pack up my mother’s dowry and my things. I’ll bring it over tomorrow.”

She turned and went down the stairs. The pain on her leg was nothing in comparison with the pain in her heart.

Lin Guoan followed her and said, “Come back. You haven’t eaten here at home. You should leave only after you’ve eaten.”

“What else are you trying to achieve?” Lin Xinyan turned her head to look at Lin Guoan.

He would not care for her if there was nothing he wanted. That was the kind of man Lin Guoan was.

Even when his intentions were found out, Lin Guoan still softened his tone and said frankly, “Yanyan, there are some troubles that the company has been facing recently. Could you ask Zong Jinghao to help me out?”

Lin Xinyan held onto the handrails as she walked down. “What happened to the company?” She asked with an indifferent tone, not looking at him.

“A real estate we invested in had collapsed—”

The company was facing a lawsuit, and their reputation was taking a hit.

The public had lost interest in anything the company had invested in.

He could barely collect the profits now.

Even if Lin Xinyan had given him the land at Repulse Bay, he had no funds to invest into it.

His priority was to solve the collapse incident.

If Zong Jinghao had appeared to suppress the news then they might be able to overcome the difficulties.

Lin Xinyan looked up the stairs. “I can’t help you for free. We’ll be making a deal.”

Lin Guoan’s expression froze, as if not expecting her to make deals. What did she want this time?

His face turned grim.

“Don’t worry, I won’t want your money. Just return what belongs to me and my mother to me. It’s not a problem for me to help you, but—”

“What is it?” Lin Guoan asked.

“Divorce Shen Xiuqing. Then I’ll help you.”

Lin Guoan was in a dilemma.

Lin Xinyan did not say anything else. She wanted to see how much her father wanted this woman.

More than his company?


“I’m only asking for this. If you’re not interested, I won’t force you.” Lin Xinyan said.

Lin Guoan, did he really fall love?

Lin Guoan was stumped. “Yan Yan, I know you still mind that I sent you away. It’s because Shen Xiuqing was pregnant with a son, that’s why— that’s why—”

“That’s why you sent me and mother away. Did she give birth to a son for you?” Lin Xinyan clasped her hands tightly. Did he know that her mother that he sent away was also pregnant?

The divorce had made her depressed during pregnancy, that’s why her child was autistic.

Lin Guoan felt very sorry about that matter. “She had a miscarriage. So if I don’t want her now, it would be really unfair to her—”

“The company or Shen Xiuqing. Pick one!” Lin Xinyan did not want to hear him say that it was unfair to divorce Shen Xiuqing because she once carried a son.

What about her mother?

She deserved to be abandoned?

She deserved to have an autistic son?

He was nostalgic now that she asked him to divorce Shen Xiuqing?

Did he felt nostalgic when he sent she and her mother away?

Lin Xinyan walked steadily out of the Lins’ villa as her heart broke.

Outside the entrance, He Ruize was leaning on his car. The morning sun was gentle, softly landing on him, and it made him look kind and ethereal.

Lin Xinyan’s footsteps paused.

He Ruize pulled open the door to the backseat when he saw her come out. “Don’t stand there, get on the car.”

Lin Xinyan walked over and entered the car.

He Ruize closed the door and sat onto the driver’s seat. He turned to look at her. “Where do you want to go?”

“Wanyue.” Lin Xinyan leaned on the window. “I’m working there.”

He Ruize frowned. “If I have better jobs—”

“It’s a deal with Zong Jinghao to work there.” So she could not leave.

He Ruize started the car. He felt anxious, he thought that she was too involved with Zong Jinghao.

About twenty minutes later, the car stopped at Wanyue Group’s office building.

He Ruize came down to open the car door, but Lin Xinyan had already pushed open the door. She saw him walk over, and she smiled. “I can do it myself.”

He Ruize supported her. “Don’t you know that you’re hurt? Take care of yourself. Call me if there’s anything you need.”

Lin Xinyan nodded, and walked away from the car.

At this moment, there was another car that stopped at the entrance. A tall figure came down from the car, and Lin Xinyan looked over.

Zong Jinghao was standing beside the car, his gaze at her was like the coldest moonlight. A light touch, and she would shiver from it.

Zong Jinghao look was so unfriendly, that even He Ruize spotted it and moved in front of her to block the gaze.

Zong Jinghao was already angry at Lin Xinyan for not going home last night. And now, He Ruize was there, protecting that woman in front of him.

He just felt the scorching frustration in him, threatening to burn him up.

She had not gone home the entire night, and it was to accompany this man?

The more he thought about it, the more the fire in heart burned…

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