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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 278

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 278

With a muffled bang, He Ruize’s eyes widened as he turned around slowly. He could see a tall figure with his coat like he was rooted to the ground. He remained prideful and arrogant standing against the cold blasts and there was a gun in his hand.

He Ruize’s eyes opened wider and wider. He looked even more ferocious. The corners of his mouth twitched as he spoke, “You…”

Unable to stand, he collapsed and fell in a kneeling position.

Lin Xinyan watched him fall right before her eyes.

A sigh of relief gushed out of her lungs and her body swayed in the wind. Soon, she came back to her senses and she unbuckled the belt around her hands and went to the old lady lying on the ground immediately and called out, “Grandma.”

Holding the old lady in her arms, Lin Xinyan checked for her breath and found that she was still breathing.

“Grandma,” Su Zhan rushed over. Lin Xinyan summoned the last bit of her strength, “Send grandma to the hospital quickly.”

Su Zhan cast a glance at her and hurriedly carried the old lady into the car. He shouted at the bodyguard, “Hurry up!” as he was worried about his grandmother’s condition

Pressing one hand against the ground, Lin Xinyan tried to push herself to her feet. Suddenly someone grabbed her other wrist. A pair of shiny leather shoes came into her view. Her gaze moved upwards and she could see a pair of long slender legs and then, a distinctive angular face.

With a firm and gentle pull, Zong Jinghao lifted Lin Xinyan up. In the next instant, she was held in his warm strong chest.

She lifted her head and the strong wind pulled at her long hair in every direction.

Zong Jinghao brushed aside the hair from her forehead and pushed it behind her ears.

She smiled for she was finally safe. “We are safe now. Thank god you arrived right on time.”

Her words did not relieve Zong Jinghao’s tensed expression but rather he seemed more stressed. He embraced her hard, squeezing her body against his.

She could sense his somber mood vaguely. She wanted to ask him but she saw two bodyguards carrying He Ruize before throwing him into the car.

Lin Xinyan had never seen Zong Jinghao so violent before so she did not ask him why he had a gun. Instead, she asked him a question in a low voice on something she was more concerned about, “Will he die?”

He Ruize had done wrong, no doubt. He should be punished by the law. It would be a costly mistake if Zong Jinghao were to take the law into his own hands.

If He Ruize died, he too would have broken the law.

“I don’t know.” He was not sure. When he saw He Ruize grabbing her throat; he lost his usual sense of reason. He had always been a rational person.

Lin Xinyan sighed, wondering how the old lady was doing.

“Let’s go back. I feel cold,” she said, clinging to him.

Zong Jinghao bundled her into his coat as they walked towards the car. The bodyguard opened the door for them with respect. Then, he got in and sat inside while holding Lin Xinyan in his arms.

The car door closed.

All the way, they were silent as they had much to think about.

Lin Xinyan had not fully recovered from the frightening episode while Zong Jinghao was still asking himself, what if he came one moment late? Would she…

Soon they were back at the hotel. Qin Ya had gone to the hospital, she should be waiting for news at the hospital since she was Su Zhan’s wife. The old lady’s condition was still not known.

“It was my fault. I was careless.” Shen Peichuan said, gloomily.

If he had watched the old lady, this would not have happened.

Indeed, he did not feel they were in danger. How much of a ruckus could He Ruize create? It was truly unexpected that he would strap himself with explosives which led to a series of events later.

“We didn’t see that coming,” Lin Xinyan tried to comfort him.

“Both kids are in the room, I’ll go and take care of He Ruize.” Shen Peichuan was about to leave when he seemed to remember something. He looked at Zong Jinghao and asked, “Where’s my gun?”

Shen Peichuan always carried one.

Lin Xinyan understood now where Zong Jinghao got the gun from. It was Shen Peichuan’s.

As the gun was registered, he would be answerable if he were to lose it.

Zong Jinghao took out the gun and returned it to him. Then he went past him and went into his room.

Zong Jinghao looked troubled so Shen Peichuan wanted to ask what went wrong.

Lin Xinyan held him back, shook her head and said, “He is not in a good mood. Why don’t go and do your best to save him.”

Shen Peichuan nodded his head.

Lin Xinyan turned around and entered the room. She took off her down jacket and hung it on a hanger. Zong Jinghao’s did not take off his coat but he hugged Lin Ruixi straightaway. Lin Xinyan came over and told him, “Take off the coat.”

It was warm inside the house He would feel hot if he continued to wear the coat. He put down his daughter, shook his shoulders and the coat slid down. Lin Xinyan took it with both hands. Then she walked over to the hanger and hung it up.

“Papa, where did you go?” Lin Ruixi hugged his neck and ask him sweetly.

Zong Jinghao pinched her tiny nose and replied, “Papa had to go and do some work.”

The little girl lay on his shoulders with her small face buried there. Then, she said, “I thought you were going out on a date with Mommy. Can you take me with you next time you go out? It’s boring to stay in the room every day. When can we go back?”

Zong Jinghao rubbed her back, replying, “We have to wait a little longer.”

Actually, they could return the moment they were done with He Ruize, .

However, the old lady was now in the hospital and her condition was still unknown. So, they could not leave now.

“Papa, can you play with me?” She pouted, “I miss grandma.” (She was referring to Lin Xinyan’s mother.)

Zong Jinghao kissed her on her forehead and agreed, “Okay. I’ll spend more time with you in the future.”

The little girl was overjoyed that she giggled as she planted a big wet kiss on his cheek, leaving saliva all over his face.

He finally smiled after seeing how happy she was.

At the hospital.

The old lady had been sent into the examination room while Su Zhan anxiously paced the corridor outside.

Qin Ya felt dizzy watching him walking up and down. She knew he was anxious, but this was not going to do his grandma any good. She walked up to him and held his hand, “Don’t worry too much. Grandma is going to be fine.”

Su Zhan spoke through his gritted teeth, “That bastard. I’m going to kill him…”

Qin Ya instantly covered his mouth. This was a public place with many people around. If anyone heard his words, they would think that he was a gangster.

“I know you’re upset…”

“How could I not be upset?” Su Zhan raised his voice. After that, he realized he was too emotional and he should not be shouting at Qin Ya. “I’m sorry. I’m too anxious.”

He turned around and sat down on the bench, covering his face with his hands, “She’s all the family that I have. She matters a lot to me.”

Qin Ya came over to him and embraced him. “Yes, I know.”

He put his arms around her, then buried his face on her tummy. She was standing while he was seated so their positions fitted. In a low tremulous voice, he spoke, “My parents passed away early and she brought me up single-handedly. It’s my fault…”

Qin Ya stroked his head, “You are not to blame. Nobody could have predicted that. It came unexpected.”

Su Zhan embraced her in silence.

With that, the surrounding quietened down.

After a while, the door of the examination room opened and a nurse walked out with the medical report sheet in her hand. She asked, “Are the patient’s family members here?”

Su Zhan stood up from the bench and hurried over. Qin Ya followed him and they held each other’s hands tight as they were afraid of any bad news.

“How is my grandma?”

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