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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 274

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 274

Very quickly, Lin Xinyan understood Zong Jinghao’s intentions.

“Would the next step be me going out alone to lure him out?”

“No need for that.”

He would never let Lin Xinyan take this risk even if he was confident he could get He Ruize with this one shot. No matter how, he could not let Lin Xinyan be the bait.

“I’ll find someone to stand in for you.”

“You think He Ruize is stupid?” Lin Xinyan interrupted him. “We have known each other too long. He knows me too well. Even if you can find someone who looks like me, he might not be fooled.”

She could have no peace of mind if He Ruize was not caught. He was like a time bomb and it was unknown when he would blow up.

For her own safety and that of her two kids, she wanted to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

“Just let me do it.” She looked at Zong Jinghao solemnly. She knew what he was worried about. She was willing to trust him, believing that he could protect her.

Seeing him hesitate, Lin Xinyan said deliberately, “Is it because you lack confidence in yourself?”

Zong Jinghao gazed at her for a while. Softly he said, “Don’t agitate me. No matter how foolproof our plans, there is always the risk of something unexpected. I cannot put you at risk.”

Lin Xinyan cuddled up in his embrace. “I have faith in you. His existence distresses me.”

Zong Jinghao leaned backwards. His face was hidden in shadows and his facial expression could not be seen. Lin Xinyan was silent, quietly lying on his chest, letting him digest the implications of this matter.

After some time, he spoke suddenly, “Go back to sleep.”

For the past two days, she hardly slept. That was why she could fall asleep on the sofa just now. Besides, she did not sleep for long. Lin Xinyan knew that he was going out to discuss the matter with Shen Peichuan and so she laid down obediently.

Zong Jinghao put a blanket over her, saying, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Yeah.” Lin Xinyan did not feel sleepy at all. Nevertheless, to give Zong Jinghao a peace of mind, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Zong Jinghao waited for her to fall asleep before getting up and leaving the room. As soon as he left, Lin Xinyan who had fallen asleep opened her eyes again. She was tired but she couldn’t sleep after learning about Zong Jinghao’s plan.

Wrapped in a blanket, she got up and walked to the window. Through the window, she could feel the biting cold wind outside.

Whoosh, whoosh. The wind swayed the branches of the trees.

Knock knock…

Someone was knocking on the door. Lin Xinyan collected herself and spoke gently, “Come in.”

The door was pushed open. Qin Ya stood there, hesitant and unsure for a moment what to say.

I am sure I had something to say to her when I made my way here.

Lin Xinyan came over, “Do come inside. Don’t stand there.”

Qin Ya felt a bit shy. Do all newly married women feel such awkward emotions?

Lin Xinyan poured some water for her and sat opposite her on the sofa. She did not have any experiences to share.

“My marriage is a mess. I cannot share any experiences with you. I can tell you this- if we have come to this point of walking side by side as partners in life, then it is destined. Treasure each other well.”

Qin Ya lowered her head and softly replied, “Mm…”

“I would like to address you as an elder sister like before.” Su Zhan and Zong Jinghao were like brothers. He addressed Lin Xinyan as his ‘sister-in-law.’ Hence his new wife Qin Ya was expected to do the same. Nonetheless, she did not want to.

She wanted to be with Lin Xinyan like how they used to be.

Lin Xinyan laughed, “Of course, you may.”

She thought it did not matter how they addressed each other, as long as they were the same persons. Their friendship would not change. What names they used for each other was unimportant.

Just at this moment, the old lady came in bringing with her Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi. Seeing Qin Ya there, the old lady smiled wider. “Ya is also here.”

Qin Ya stood up hurriedly, “Grandma.”

The old lady waved her hands, “Sit, sit.” In her eyes, Qin Ya was perfect in every way.

Lin Xichen rolled onto the bed and studied his Rubik’s Cube. Lin Ruixi threw herself into Lin Xinyan’s arms. It was unclear if she was sleepy or tired. She laid lazily in her arms.

The old lady sat down beside Qin Ya, holding her hand and she spoke, “Ya, from now on, we are one family. If Su Zhan bullies you, you must tell me.”

Qin Ya pursed her lips and lowered her head a little as she was shy then replied, “He doesn’t bully me.”

The old lady was glad. Perhaps she was in a good mood and so she looked bright and alert. She patted Qin Ya hand and said emotionally, “I feel like I am dreaming.”

She was prepared to be sad. She had thought that Su Zhan was lying to her like before each time he told her he would marry at the end of the year.

She never imagined this time it would turn out to be real.

“I’m getting old. I hope you and Su Zhan will always be happy together. Can you promise me something?” The old lady suddenly became solemn.

“Please tell me,” Qin Ya said.

“No matter what happens in future, please do not leave him. Look after him well for me. Can you promise?”

Qin Ya thought the old lady’s request was very strange but she could not pinpoint where or how. In order to give grandma her peace of mind, Qin Ya replied solemnly, “I promise you.”

The old lady was overjoyed. Hearing this from Qin Ya, her mind was at rest.

In the evening, Lin Xinyan left the hotel alone. The weather since December had not been warm and the north wind was chilly at night.

The wind on one’s face was like knives and it felt as painful as cuts.

Lin Xinyan pulled her down jacket tighter around her.

The New Year was round the corner. Zong Jinghao wanted to capture He Ruize as soon as possible and then return to B City. This was the first year Lin Xinyan came back and so, he wanted the family to enjoy a peaceful reunion without any disruption.

This was Lin Xinyan’s desire too. If the uncertainty was not dealt with, she simply could not have a peace of mind.

To trap He Ruize, Lin Xinyan pretended to quarrel with Zong Jinghao. She came out at night alone, sitting by the flower pond.

To make it realistic enough to convince He Ruize, Qin Ya came out to persuade her, “Ms. Lin, all couples quarrel but President Zong is a good man. Please forgive him for the sake of your two children. Let’s go back inside. It’s so cold here.”

Lin Xinyan covered her face and refused to talk.

Qin Ya continued, “Both the children are waiting for you. Let’s go back.”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head, “I want to be left alone. You go back inside. Take care of the two kids for me.”

“But I’m worried if you are out here alone.” Qin Ya pulled her, “Come inside with me.”

“I don’t want to see him. You go inside. Leave me alone for a while. I need to think.”

After a few fruitless attempts at persuading her, Qin Ya had no choice but to leave her there.

She kept looking back at her, looking really concerned and worried.

Entering the hotel, she did not go back to her room. Instead, she went to meet Su Zhan who was with Zong Jinghao. The two men were in a secret room surveilling everything outside.

Seeing Qin Ya entering the room, Su Zhan got up and came over to her, “You go upstairs. Grandma, Xichen and Ruixi are there.”

Qin Ya was worried. “Can this really lure He Ruize to come out of hiding?”

“As long as he is still obsessed with sister-in-law, he is sure to come out. If not this time, then the next. He will come out sooner or later.” Su Zhan was sure that He Ruize was suffering from paranoia or else he would not be so persistent.

Qin Ya was worried, “Will he be a threat to the children’s safety?”

Su Zhan caressed her face, “Don’t worry. Shen Peichuan is upstairs keeping watch.”

As for Shen Peichuan, Qin Ya had faith in his ability. Her work here was done and she had better leave instead of being a nuisance.

Qin Ya went upstairs and Su Zhan went back to the room. Zong Jinghao had not left his place by the window. In fact, he did not even change his posture. This went on for three hours. Lin Xinyan sat in the wintry wind for three hours. There was no sign of He Ruize.

“Sis-in-law has been freezing out there for three hours. Should she come back and continue tomorrow?”

With every passing second, the tension on Zong Jinghao’s face increased. As Lin Xinyan battled the cold outside, his heart ached more than anyone else. Yet, he was a sensible logical reasoning being.

Even if He Ruize was watching Lin Xinyan from a hidden position, he might not show up. It’s because there was no way he could confirm if Lin Xinyan really did quarrel with him.

If she sat there longer, it would confirm Lin Xinyan really felt bad. If he did not go out to comfort her, He Ruize would be convinced that there was a quarrel.

The moment He Ruize was certain that Lin Xinyan had really quarreled with him, He Ruize would certainly come out from hiding.

Another two hours passed. Lin Xinyan’s legs were numb and her hands felt frozen.

At exactly the moment when she felt that He Ruize would not show up, a little girl popped up in front of her.

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